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Top 3 injuries caused by falling down the stairs

Falling down the stairs can be both extremely painful and gravely serious. Injuries suffered can take an awfully long time to heal.

Falling down the stairs is one of the most common accidents at work. The reason safety measures such as banisters are now mandatory is because of how serious the injuries can be.

What are the most common injuries caused by falling down the stairs?

Injuries from falling down the stairs can range from scrapes to long-term severe injuries. Falling down the stairs is likely to result in at least one of the following three injuries.


Bruises are almost guaranteed in the aftermath of a falling down the stairs accident. However, and wherever, you land, that part of the body is going to experience significant impact. Bruising is caused when an impact with a hard surface leads to blood vessels bursting. As well as being rather unsightly, they can also be extremely painful.

On some occasions, the bruising will appear almost instantly. Other times, it will take a while to show. To help bring bruises out, use an ice pack. These will also help reduce the swelling around the affected area. You can also experience internal bruising, this is harder to spot and therefore can be dangerous.

Sprains and dislocations

Depending on the severity of your accident, you are likely to experience a sprain or dislocation. Sprains typically happen in the wrists as the instinctive reaction to falling down the stairs is to put your hands out to break your fall.

This means your wrists will bear the brunt of the impact. In more serious accidents where you land directly on a joint – for example your shoulder, dislocations can occur. Another example would be feet getting caught in railings leading to ankle or knee dislocation. These are extremely painful and require lengthy rehabilitation.

Head injuries

Suffering head injuries from falling down the stairs can have catastrophic, even tragic, consequences. If your skull bears the brunt of the impact of your fall, then a concussion is likely to be the least of your worries. If you hit your head whilst falling down the stairs it is advised to get it checked by a doctor, whatever the severity.

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