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Tennis accident claims

Whether you fancy yourself as a contender for Wimbledon or just hit a ball around on the tennis courts for fun on a Monday night after work, it’s unlikely that you consider tennis to be a dangerous sport. Yet Accident Advice Helpline has handled its fair share of tennis accident claims since 2000, and some of the injuries you could sustain from a tennis accident are more serious than you might think.

For example, being struck by a tennis ball can lead to some serious injuries, especially if it strikes you in the face. Since tennis balls can be hit at quite high speeds, it should be obvious they can cause damage if they should strike a player or spectator. Thankfully, such things don’t often happen, and sometimes when they do, they are a mere fluke and bad luck.

But if negligence was the reason why you were injured, you can consider whether tennis accident claims could be the way to go. You are entitled by law to claim compensation if someone else was negligent in some way – and we can provide you with answers and advice relating to that situation.

Playing at a tennis club

If you’re taking tennis lessons, then the role of the coach in preventing a tennis accident is an important one. It’s up to them to show you how to use equipment properly, to check that equipment is safe to use and to ensure you know what you are doing on the court, to reduce the risk of accidents happening.

Some accidents don’t occur as the result of playing tennis. You could be walking from the changing rooms to the court and slip over on a wet floor. You might be using some other area of the tennis club and you could receive injuries in an accident there. It is not common for things like this to occur, but when they do, they can potentially be very upsetting and painful. Only a few people find out about tennis accident claims each year, but you could be among them if you have had an accident while playing tennis recently, or if you were hurt while attending a match.

How to make sure accidents don’t happen

There are other steps to take to prevent an tennis accident too, such as checking the court is free from slip or trip hazards, making sure all players are ready before you serve and treating equipment with respect – never throw your tennis racquet, as it could injure somebody!

The same applies with the tennis ball. If you watch tennis on television, you may rarely see a player hit a ball in anger – something that is forbidden in the rules. Yet if someone loses their cool and hits the ball like this, there is no way to know where it could go. There could be a chance someone in the crowd could be struck by the ball and injured, or someone else on the court. You might be working as an umpire or lines judge, for example, and be hurt in this manner.

If so, the actions of the player could be deemed negligent, and if that is the case, there is a chance tennis accident claims may result from the incident.

How many years do you have for tennis accident claims?

You may have sprained your ankle whilst playing tennis, been hit by another player throwing a tennis racquet or even injured by the handle flying off a faulty racquet. Whether you have suffered a minor or more serious injury, ensuring you receive treatment for injuries sustained from a tennis accident is your main priority. There’s a three-year time limit in place to make a personal injury claim after your accident, and we will need to see evidence that you have received medical treatment in order to assist you with making a claim for compensation.

You could find you’re entitled to compensation not only for your injuries but also for any losses you have suffered as a result of your accident. So if, for example, you’ve taken two months off work after injuring your back due to tripping on a damaged court, you could be eligible to claim compensation for your loss of earnings.

Proof of what happened to you, and the nature of the injuries you ended up with, will make that claim a lot easier to process. You will also likely feel more confident about claiming because you know you have evidence to support that claim. Tennis accident claims can also be handled by our professional lawyers, who specialise in dealing with just these types of cases.

Claiming compensation with Accident Advice Helpline

If you are wondering how to claim compensation for a tennis accident, the good news is that you don’t need to be a professional at the top of your game. Even if you have been injured whilst taking tennis lessons at your local club, you could make a claim if somebody else was responsible for your accident. Even if you were merely a spectator, you might still have a chance to claim, as we have already learned.

The cost of making a tennis accident claim doesn’t need to be an issue either, as Accident Advice Helpline provides s no win no fee service. This means that anybody can afford to make a claim with us. Call us today on 0800 689 5659 to find out more. Alternatively, try the quick test we have provided for you on this page, and see whether your situation does point to a good chance of having compensation awarded to you. When you call on us, we will be there for you.