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T12 fracture compensation

64% of spinal fractures occur in the lower back region. These can often result in a T12 fracture. A T12 fracture is a compression injury, that can be caused by a fall, a car crash, or anything that puts too much force on the spine. These can be the result of an accident suffered at work, or by a car crash which wasn’t your fault, but they all have a serious impact on your life.

In a compression fracture such as this, bone fragments may also be sent into the spinal canal. This is called a fracture burst. Compensation can be a vital step towards recovery from such an injury.

If the injury is caused by an accident, as opposed to osteoporosis, you will experience pain in your back, legs and arms. You may experience weak or numb sensations in these areas if the spinal nerves are injured, and that’s not all.

Physical and emotional effects

In addition to chronic pain, you might also encounter a compression fracture deformity such as a hump, height reduction or loss of muscle mass. You may find your aerobic condition deteriorates too. It’s the kind of injury that could keep you housebound, or even chairbound for a long time. You’re unlikely to be doing as much exercise as usual.

There could be psychological effects too, especially if you play sports or enjoy an active lifestyle. In severe cases, you may be unable to work. If depression sets in on top of your physical injuries, you could be looking at a lengthy spell off work and you need a way of coping with such a trauma.

T12 fracture compensation

Evidence would suggest that this kind of injury would have a severe impact on your lifestyle. If you have suffered in an accident through no fault of your own, then you should seek compensation. Why should someone else’s negligence ruin your life?

Your life could change in many ways following a T12 fracture compensation is a vital cog in your recovery. There should be no hesitation in contacting a solicitor to handle the claim on your behalf. In hard times, you need someone to stand up for your rights.

T12 fracture compensation could mean the difference between a speedy, relatively stress free recovery, and a long drawn out life-changing event.

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