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The symptoms of a nose injury

A blow to the face could cause an injury to your nose. Your nose may be damaged in an accident and you could claim compensation if you were not responsible. A nose injury is not usually life threatening, but it can cause a lot of emotional and physical distress. You should understand the symptoms of a nose injury so you know when to get help.

Make sure your symptoms aren’t serious

Any injury you receive as the result of an accident should receive medical treatment as soon as possible. This is not only so that you can provide medical evidence. It also means that hidden injuries are found and that you get the treatment you need to help you recover.

One symptom of a nose injury is bleeding, which should stop after a few minutes. One way to stop a nose bleeding is to tip your head back and pinch the bridge of your nose. Any bleeding which does not stop can indicate a more serious injury.

If your nose is broken you will feel tenderness, and there may be swelling around the nose and eyes. You may also find it difficult to breathe through your nose, which could look misshapen. If you have any of these symptoms, consult a doctor as soon as you can.

Help after the symptoms of a nose injury

If you visited a doctor and you can show that someone else caused your injury, call Accident Advice Helpline. We are a team of personal injury lawyers who could help you win compensation. To make sure you don’t lose out, you must call us within three years.

With a team of professional advisors and legal experts, we will guide you through the claims process, offering free, no-obligation advice.

Our solicitors all work on a no win no fee basis, so even if you’ve had to take time off work to recover, you will still be able to afford to claim. You also won’t have the worry of receiving a bill for our time if your claim is not successful. Of course, we work very hard to make sure it is.

How to contact Accident Advice Helpline

Our advisors are available to answer any questions you have about making a claim and can offer advice about the symptoms of a nose injury. They can even start your claim over the phone. So call us now to find out  if we can help you. you can call us free on 0800 689 5659. We take all the financial risk of making a claim so you don’t have the additional worry after your accident.