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The symptoms of a leg injury

Thinking about claiming for a leg injury?

If the symptoms of a leg injury are getting you down, your best option would be to contact Accident Advice Helpline. We are one of the UK’s foremost personal injury law firms and we specialise in fighting for justice. We don’t think it’s right or just that someone who has been hurt or injured through no fault of their own should be left to shoulder the financial consequences of negligent actions. contact us today if you have been the unfortunate victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault and let us help you to secure the compensation you deserve.

Who are Accident Advice Helpline and what can I expect from them?

We have over 15 years’ experience in successfully managing all manner of non-fault accident claims. We are experienced and highly capable but our forte is managing claims which have been brought about because of an:

  • Accident at work
  • Slip, trip or fall
  • Road traffic accident

We understand that for the victim of a non-fault accident the consequences of the accident can be just as traumatic as the actual accident itself – and in some cases far more devastating.

If you are finding the symptoms of a leg injury are preventing you from going about your usual business or lifestyle you could be entitled to financial redress. The best way to establish that you have genuine grounds for launching a legal course of action is to complete our fail-safe 30-second test™. Simply honestly answer the short series of questions about your accident and injuries and in no time at all you will have an accurate answer you can believe in. What’s more our claim calculator will also provide you with an idea of the value of your claim, if it is successfully upheld.

Don’t delay making a personal injury claim due to worries about how much a legal course of action will cost you. Here at Accident Advice Helpline we only accept claims with no win no fee terms so you won’t have to pay us any money upfront. If for some reason we are unable to win your claim you won’t be liable for any legal costs as that is all taken care of under the terms of the conditional fee agreement. It really couldn’t be any easier or straightforward.

Contact Accident Advice Helpline

Don’t suffer the symptoms of a leg injury in silence. Ring our 24-hour helpline and get started with your quest for justice today. If you are calling us the call is free of charge so ring 0800 689 5659 now. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are waiting to hear from you right now.