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The symptoms of burn injuries

Find out more about the symptoms of burn injuries

Have been involved in an accident and suffered burns? If you have then you might have found that you are unable to participate in your ordinary everyday activities as well as work. If this is the case and you want to pursue a compensation claim, you need to know more about the symptoms of burn injuries.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline we have been dealing with clients who have suffered burn injuries through no fault of their own since our inception back in the year 2000 and have a success rate second to none when it comes to securing compensation.

What are the symptoms of burn injuries?

There are a variety of symptoms relating to burn injuries and these vary depending on the severity of the burn. There are many degrees of burn that can be suffered and these are very much dictated by the nature of the accident.

Here is a list of some of the most common burn symptoms:

  • Blisters
  • Thickening skin
  • Boils and weeping sores
  • Damage to tendons and muscles

Of course these symptoms may be accompanied others but this depends on the nature of the burn you have suffered. Continual pain is also something that burns sufferers experience if the burn has been a relatively serious one.

Damage to tendons and muscles are more often the result of a chemical or toxic burn or third degree burn. Burns as normally categorised as first, second, and third degree with third degree being the more serious. Fourth and fifth degree burns are usually only mentioned at inquests, as they are usually fatal.

The effects of burns can be many and the victim of a burns accident may find it necessary to have plastic surgery or skin grafts in order to try and repair the damage. While these procedures are necessary to try and reduce scarring, infection and damage to nerves they also require lengthy periods of time away from the workplace.

As the victim of a burns accident you may also find that your life contracts as you suffer a loss of self-esteem. Many injured in such accidents are often unable to socialise in the way they did previously because of their scarring and because of how they feel others will perceive them.

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