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Swimming accident claims

Not only is swimming a fantastic way to keep fit, it also helps you to relax and reduce stress in your life. In fact, swimming is a popular sport for those with limited mobility, and the elderly, as well as the super-fit amongst us. But as with any sport, there are risks involved in swimming, and if you are injured in an accident at a swimming pool, you could find yourself eligible to claim personal injury compensation if somebody else was at fault. Swimming accident claims can generally be processed over the phone by Accident Advice Helpline, so it’s unlikely you’ll have to go to court to get the compensation you are entitled to after your accident.

That’s good news if you have been through a rough experience with an injury, and you’ve had treatment, pain, and disruption because of it. The last thing you will want, understandably, is to fight your case in court. That’s why it is reassuring to know that very few swimming accident claims ever reach this stage.

If you wish to find out more about these claims, and to learn whether you could make one for something that happened to you, we have the answers you need.

Staying safe whilst swimming

Preventing accidents and swimming accident claims starts with safety in and around the pool area. There’s always the risk of slips occurring when the ground is wet, but with rules about running by the pool enforced and a lifeguard on duty, these risks can be minimised. However, if there is no guard present and you slip and fall, hurting yourself in the process, there could potentially be cause for a claim to be made.

Ensuring the pool is not overcrowded and that nobody is messing around in the water can reduce the risk of accidents further. Swimming pools also need to be clean and disinfected with the right amount of chlorine – too much chlorine and there’s the possibility of a skin reaction or even chemical burns. There are filters and other things in the pool that should also be checked, maintained, and confirmed to be safe, too. If they are not, it may potentially be possible to trap a finger, some hair, or skin in them, thus causing some serious injuries. If someone was pulled under the water by the suction, there could be a real danger of drowning.

What kinds of injuries could you suffer if you had a swimming accident?

Injuries you could sustain from a swimming accident range from minor injuries such as a skin rash from too much chlorine in the water to a serious head injury caused by hitting your head on the bottom of the pool when diving into the shallow end. Proper signage will ensure this does not happen, but if this signage was not present, it could leave the way open for swimming accident claims to be made.

Not all injuries that do happen are serious. Thankfully, injuries in this setting are very uncommon, and when they do occur, they are more likely to stem from someone being reckless and not observing the health and safety rules that are in place to protect them. However, as we have seen, there are rare cases where people have had cause to make swimming accident claims. The question now is whether you could be among them.

Receiving treatment

If you sought treatment for injuries sustained from a swimming accident then you might find you’re able to claim personal injury compensation, provided somebody else caused your accident. The team at Accident Advice Helpline can explore the issue of negligence, as this is the most important element to consider when evaluating the chances of a successful claim.

Getting medical treatment means you can provide evidence of the exact nature of your injuries, as well as when they happened, and how they were caused. While it may still be possible to claim something without such evidence, it does become a lot more challenging. Medical intervention means there is clear professional proof you were injured.

What about swimming accident claims when it’s unclear who is to blame?

It’s not always obvious who is liable for a swimming accident, but even if you’re unsure, you could still be eligible to claim compensation. The best way to approach any accident at a swimming pool is this – always call us if you have your doubts. In some instances, you might be certain someone else was to blame, but as long as you didn’t do anything to cause the accident, it is worth ringing us.

We receive thousands of calls every year from people who are unsure how to claim compensation for a swimming accident, and we offer no-obligation advice to help people decide how to best proceed after their accident. Since you can call us today, you can see it is far easier to seek advice without any obligation to proceed – easier than you’d think, too. We’ve assisted others in making claims already, and secured compensation for them because of the swimming pool accident they had.

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