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How you could sustain dog attack injuries

Dogs are among the most popular choice in the UK when it comes to household pets. They are loyal, affectionate and playful, so it is not surprising that they are often referred to as man’s best friend. So you might be wondering how you could sustain dog attack injuries. After all, they have become part of the family.

Although some breeds of dog are considered to be more dangerous than others, it is usually the manner in which the dogs are raised that makes them aggressive, rather than their DNA. For example, a dog who is starved and neglected is more likely to lash out than a well-loved, pampered pooch. Indeed, some people even train their dogs specifically to be fighters, for their own financial gains.

How you could sustain dog attack injuries

If you own a puppy, then you will probably have been on the receiving end of a playful nip or scratch. Although this is never meant to cause pain, an overzealous dog can cause quite a deep wound. It is important to wash the area carefully and to encourage bleeding from the source. This will help to prevent bacteria from entering the wound.

More serious dog attacks can happen if you encounter an animal that is hungry, injured or encouraged to be aggressive. Without any provocation from you, such a dog could lunge at you, baring its sharp teeth. This can be particularly devastating for children or the elderly, as they can easily be knocked to the ground by the sheer force of a large dog.


If you have sustained injuries in a dog attack, then you should seek medical advice or attention as soon as possible. You may need to have stitches to any deep wounds and screening for infections that are transmitted through the dog’s saliva.


Have you been the victim of a dog attack within the last three years? Did you need to see a doctor as a result of your injuries? Then you might be able to make a personal injury claim in order to get compensation.

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