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Survivor guide: How safe are double-decker buses?

They are one of the most important cogs in the transport network of Britain and an invaluable way of getting around, either as a commuter or tourist, for millions of people throughout the United Kingdom, but just how safe is the famous double-decker bus?

Are road traffic accidents the most common source of injuries on double-decker buses?

Whilst double-decker buses are involved in considerably less incidents on the road than other vehicles, accidents can, and do, still happen. Specific measures, such as the introduction of bus lanes, were introduced to not only help the bus network keep to the timetable but to also limit the likelihood of an accident on the road occurring.

Unfortunately, some impatient motorists also think they have a right to use bus lanes, rather than wait and queue with everyone else. These sudden and unexpected movements can all too easily lead to traffic accidents and vehicle collisions.

On occasion, double-decker buses have also been involved in road accidents with low bridges and tunnels. One famous example is a tragic, fatal incident in September 2010 when the driver of a Megabus misjudged the height of the vehicle, causing a terrible road accident.

What other hazards can cause accidents on double-decker buses?

The other main danger to safety on double-decker buses is the looming spectre of trips and falls. Negotiating the stairs, especially as the bus is still moving as it nears your stop, can be particularly perilous and care must be taken to prevent painful, not to mention embarrassing, trip and fall accidents occurring.

Also, sometimes double-decker buses can fill up to the point where it is standing room only. Those who are left stood up must ensure they have a firm hold on the rails provided to ensure they do not suffer a trip or fall.

What can I do if I am involved in an accident on the road?

Providing the incident meets certain criteria, you may be due some road accident compensation. The usual requirements are:

  1. The accident occurred within the last three years
  2. The subsequent injuries required medical attention
  3. The accident was demonstrably the fault of someone else

If your road accident falls within this remit, then call Accident Advice Helpline today. Our expert legal team has years of experience in processing personal injury claims arising from accidents on the road, injuries at work and public trips.