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Survivor Guide: Brixton

From Brixton Village, Market Row and Brockwell Park to the Ritzy Cinema, historic and religious sites, as well as pubs, clubs and restaurants, Brixton has it all. Add to this an event calendar packed with stand-up comedy shows, circuses and a plethora of concerts and it becomes clear why this South London district is such a popular destination for visitors. Unfortunately, not everything that glitters is gold.

Crime in Brixton

According to Metropolitan Police crime maps, Brixton has a crimes per 1,000 inhabitants ratio of 91.58, which is way above the average crime rate of surrounding sub-wards. Out of 299 reported offences in the ward of Coldharbour in October 2015, 149 offences (not including anti-social behaviour and crimes that cannot be named for privacy/security reasons) were committed in the Brixton sub-ward area.

Notifiable offences included, among others:

  • Residential burglary: 1
  • Thefts from motor vehicles: 1
  • Thefts of motor vehicles: 2
  • Robbery, personal: 3
  • Violence against a person: 49

It appears that many of the crimes in this area are gang and/or drug related.

Staying safe in Brixton

Visitors must subsequently take the necessary precautions to prevent becoming crime victims. Such precautions include:

  • Parking in well-lit areas
  • Not leaving valuables in vehicles
  • Avoiding wandering the streets alone after dark
  • Avoiding conflicts with gangs or groups of drunken revellers

Crime is, however, not the only risk visitors may encounter.

Other dangers

Crowded public areas, like concert venues, pubs, clubs and restaurants, for instance, present visitors with the risk of sustaining injuries by slips, trips and falls. Strolling around markets and shops or visiting the park and other attraction equally exposes visitors to the risk of slip, trip or fall injuries, as do trips on tube trains. In order to prevent injuries by tripping, slipping or falling, it is therefore essential to watch your step at all times.

Noise levels at concerts could cause temporary hearing loss, so spectators are advised to accept the ear plugs offered by many event organisers. In a similar fashion, it is wise to prevent dehydration by taking advantage of the free water offered both at events and in many bars.

Compensation for injuries

If you were injured by an accident in Brixton, you could be entitled to personal injury compensation. Find out how to claim by dialling 0800 689 5659 and having a no-obligation chat with one of our Accident Advice Helpline representatives now.