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Supermarket employee accidents: Checkouts

Supermarket employees in particular are extremely exposed to the risk of an accident at work. Often working long hours, including night-shifts, lifting heavy goods onto shelves, and dealing with slippery floors, supermarket workers have an extremely difficult job. In this article, Accident Advice Helpline takes a look at some of the possible accidents in particular that a person working at the checkout can suffer.

What are the main work accidents that a checkout assistant might have to deal with?

RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury, commonly known as RSI is a particular risk for checkout workers in the supermarket. Working at a checkout can often be monotonous work and the constant scanning and swiping of items can place serious strain on your wrists, leading to a potential case of RSI.

Back and shoulder injuries – Often working at a checkout results in sitting in a chair for an extended period of time with little rest or breaks, especially during busy periods. Often, a chair is not ergonomically designed to be sat on for any length of time and incorrect posture can result in an injury to the back, neck or shoulders.

Is there anything I can do to prevent or help with the symptoms I am suffering from working at a checkout?

If you feel that the tasks you are being asked to do are causing you minor or significant pain, then you should report this immediately. Ask as to whether or not your workplace can be better fitted to facilitate your work such as with a correctly sized chair. If at all possible, try and take regular breaks from your position at the checkout. If it is not possible to take a break from your work, you should enquire as to whether it is possible to rotate duties between working on the checkout and working on the shop floor. Sedentary work can be detrimental to your health and it’s important to take proactive steps in order to reduce the chances of injury.

If you work at the checkout in a supermarket, you’ve suffered a work-related injury within the last three years and you weren’t to blame, contact Accident Advice Helpline today for more information. You may be entitled to claim industrial injury compensation. Our lines are open 24/7, don’t delay!