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Supermarket Accidents: Defective Trolley

Shopping trolleys are a very useful item and reduce the amount of effort or load carrying a customer has to do when shopping. Murphy’s Law dictates that we will all get that wonky trolley at some stage – it’s an experience we are all familiar with!

The weekly shopping can be a stressful enough experience without trying to push around a trolley with a defective wheel. However, sometimes a defective trolley can be more than just an inconvenience and can be responsible for a nasty accident in the supermarket.

What accidents can occur from a defective trolley?

It may sound hard to believe, but defective trolleys have been responsible for a number of accidents in the supermarket including slips, trips and falls. As children are usually placed inside the trolley, they are particularly susceptible to injury when it comes to a defective trolley. If the trolley were to lose a wheel for example and suddenly become unstable, a child could suddenly fall out of the seat and be injured. Other examples include:

  • Trolley wheels suddenly becoming jammed or stuck in holes in the floor
  • Failure of brake locking systems on escalators
  • Trolleys becoming unstable and suddenly toppling over spilling goods onto another customer
  • Damaged metal components on the trolley
  • Electric shock from static electricity

If you feel that your trolley is defective, report it to a member of staff and exchange the trolley for another. Do not overload the trolley, as a defective trolley and overloading can be a dangerous combination! Be careful not to overexert yourself when exchanging the trolley.

Is my supermarket obligated to ensure that their trolleys aren’t defective?

Yes. Your supermarket is required by law to carry out regular inspection to ensure that all of their equipment, not just the trolleys, is regularly checked and maintained in order to reduce the risk of an injury.

Can I claim compensation after being injured by a defective trolley?

Yes you can. If you’ve suffered an injury within the last 3 years as the result of a defective trolley then you may be entitled to compensation. Accident Advice Helpline is here to provide friendly and professional advice. Our Free Phone lines are open 24/7 or alternatively you can find out online in less than 30 seconds if you may eligible for compensation.