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How you could suffer from animal attack injuries

If you have been injured by an animal in a situation where you should have been safe, you may feel shocked, angry and traumatised. After all, you might wonder how you could suffer from animal attack injuries in the UK, where laws and safety regulations are so tight? This article will discuss two types of animal attack – those by animals that are owned privately and those by animals in captivity.

Attacks by animals owned privately

The most common attack by a privately owned animal is a dog attack. Unfortunately, some dog owners in the UK flout the tight laws around dog control, microchipping and specific control of certain breeds of dog.

A well-trained dog is a joy and can truly be man’s best friend. But dogs are pack animals and a poorly trained or poorly controlled dog can act on impulse to attack other animals or humans. In particular, a dog may attack a child or baby. In many cases, a dog can attack another dog and a person can become injured in trying to intervene.

If you have been the innocent victim of a dog attack, you are potentially the victim of a criminal act and you need to talk to us about your claim for compensation.

Attacks by animals in captivity

It is rare in the UK for an animal in captivity to injure a person, but it can happen. For those working with animals, perhaps in a zoo, there should be strict regulation about the keeping and handling of dangerous animals. A failure to ensure the safety of a zoo’s employees would be a health and safety breach.

Likewise, a visitor to an attraction with animals should be safe from injury. Animals that are not safe to be touched should be clearly marked and visitors should be kept at a safe distance from animals that kick, bite or sting.

If you have been injured by an animal in captivity and you feel that someone else was to blame, call us today to talk about your potential to make a compensation claim.

Wondering how you could suffer from animal attack injuries?

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