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Stress at Work Solicitor

Did you know that if stress at work causes you to become ill, you may have a valid claim for personal injury compensation? Also referred to as work-related stress, the cumulative effect is a cost of several billion to the UK economy each year. Cases of stress result in an average of 29 days off work every year. It could be you or someone you know who has been subjected to stress at work at some time in their working life.

Do you need a stress at work solicitor?

So, how does a stress at work claim differ from any other claim, and how would a stress at work solicitor present the case? The usual causes of work-related stress are overwork, unreasonable demands, bad working conditions or bullying and threats. Although not an illness as such, this kind of stress is associated with other conditions such as back pain, migraines and gastro-intestinal problems. These conditions can degrade a person’s health over time and lead to more serious complaints.

Naturally, a person would not seek legal advice except as a last resort. If the situation at work has got so bad that a victim has become ill because of it, then they may want to take advice from a stress at work solicitor.

What can an employer do?

An employer has a common law duty to care for their employees at work by providing suitable working conditions and to ensure the health and safety of employees. An employer’s statutory duty includes assessment and monitoring of working conditions to ensure safe standards. Unfortunately, the quest for profit can pressure some employers into treating their staff purely as a “unit of production” and overloading them until they crack up. One in five workers in Britain complains of undue stress at work.

If a stress at work solicitor presents a case for a victim of stress and the court decided the employer could have taken steps to prevent it, then the employer could be liable.

How do I find a stress at work solicitor?

Talk to an advisor at Accident Advice Helpline. If you are not sure whether you have a valid claim, we’ll talk you through the claims process, but the bottom line is that if you are suffering from stress-related illnesses, you’ve been signed off work and you have your medical report, you may have a valid case against your employer.

Our helplines are open 24 hours, seven days a week. You can reach our advisors on 0800 689 5659. If we can’t answer your questions straight away, someone will call you back. Your call is confidential and there is no pressure to start your claim, but knowing the facts will help relieve some of the worry.

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