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Stirling road traffic accidents

If you were injured in Stirling road traffic accidents, no more than three years ago, and someone else caused this, you may be entitled to claim compensation. At Accident Advice Helpline, we can help you to achieve this aim.

Someone is often to blame for Stirling road traffic accidents

Every time an accident happens, someone is often to blame for it. It could be another driver, a local authority, a manufacturer, or any one of countless other people. If the other party admits they were at fault, or if the accident was such that there is no doubt at all who was to blame, then making your claim is fairly straightforward.

However, if the person you hold responsible for your injuries contests the claim, you need to gather as much evidence as you can to support your case. This could be witness statements, photos of the accident scene, police reports and of course you will need medical reports. In fact anything, no matter how trivial it may seem, should be passed to our personal injury lawyers if you want to make a claim after Stirling road traffic accidents.

Dealing with the right people after Stirling road traffic accidents

There is usually some large organisation at the other end of a claim, this could be:

  • Motor insurance companies
  • Motor Insurers Bureau if there is a lack of insurance
  • Product liability insurers if a defect caused the accident
  • Local authorities if a pothole caused the accident
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority if the other vehicle was used as a weapon against you, and the accident was caused intentionally
  • Government departments as they are exempt for the need for insurance

These organisations all employ legal teams to deal with compensation claims, and part of their job is to make sure as little as possible is paid out. It is our job to make sure you are paid as much as possible for your injuries, and also for the way they have affected your life. If your claim is successful, we will also claim any costs and losses that have arisen because of the accident. It is surprising how much money can be accumulated from these costs, and it is not unusual for the expenses to total more than the compensation for the injuries.

If you need childcare assistance, or care for yourself, this is not cheap, and very soon you will find that you have had to pay out a lot of money. This happens at a time when your purse strings could be stretched, particularly if you have had to take time off work and have a reduced income. Even the smaller items like prescription charges and taxi fares to and from medical appointments soon add up. Clearly, it is not fair that you should be out of pocket because of someone else.

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