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Steps to prevent a crush injury

As the victim of an accident that has left you injured you will want to know what steps to prevent a crush injury should have been taken, and more importantly, why they were not taken. Thousands of people every year across the United Kingdom are injured in accidents where limbs and other extremities were crushed through no fault of their own.

Accident Advice Helpline is a law firm specialising in the pursuit of personal injury compensation for those victims of accidents who were unable to avoid the injuries they sustained. Indeed, in many cases the accidents should have, and could have, been prevented if only more care had been taken.

What steps to prevent a crush injury can be taken?

While in the workplace, your employer has a duty of care to ensure your safety, and the safety of your colleagues and any visitors. Health and safety procedures should be in place from the outset and should be updated regularly, with regular updates and additional training being provided to all members of staff.

In order to prevent crush injuries in the workplace there should be the requisite health and safety procedures, as well as protective wear such as heavy-duty boots. In those working environments where materials are stored in an upright fashion, they should be secured using appropriate moorings and ties.

Equally important is the use of forklift vehicles in the workplace. If you, or another colleague, is in charge of such a vehicle it is absolutely imperative that your training is up to date and that you hold the right certificates and licences in order to operate such machinery.

Allowing you to operate such equipment without the relevant training is not only flagrantly breaching health and safety protocols, but is greatly increasing the risks of accident and injury to all concerned.

You’ve suffered a crush injury, now what?

Contact our team of professional and experienced advisers, who will discuss the nature of your accident and the injuries you have sustained to ascertain if you have a personal injury claim to make. If you have been injured in the last three years, were injured through no fault of your own, and needed medical treatment then you could be eligible for compensation.

If you want our help in pursuing compensation, we will pass your details to our team of no win no fee accident lawyers. Each of them is experienced in securing personal injury compensation and our success rate is second to none. Indeed so successful are we that we are the only law firm in the United Kingdom to be endorsed by Dame 0800 689 5659. Lines are open daily and our advisers will make sure you have all the advice and support you need after your accident.