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Staying safe in a hotel

When you are on holiday, the last thing you expect is that you will be involved in an accident. After all, your vacation is a time to relax, unwind and enjoy time away from the daily grind. It should never end in a visit to the emergency unit.

However, if you are to avoid sustaining an injury, it is important to adopt a sensible approach while you are holiday. That way, you can help to prevent your dream holiday turning into a nightmare.

Staying safe in a hotel

Whether you are staying in a budget or a luxury hotel, you are entitled to expect certain standards of safety. In fact the owners of any type of public building are obliged to take steps to protect their staff and guests from harm.

It is also a good idea to remember a few simple hints about staying safe in a hotel, so that you can minimise any risk to you or your family.

Guests may have left shopping bags, or other pieces of luggage in the middle of the floor. This could cause an unexpected accident if you were to trip over them and fall.

In your bathroom, check for a non-slip mat before you get into the shower

When bathroom tiles get wet, they can become very slippery and dangerous. If you notice that your mat is missing, then contact reception as soon as possible.

Check that all child locks are fully functioning

If you are travelling with your family, then it is important to ensure that the window locks are secure and any other ‘child-proof’ standards are met. If you are in any doubt, contact reception and request assistance.

No-fault accident

Sometimes we just cannot avoid being involved in an accident, if someone else is to blame. Even if we take every reasonable precaution, we could end up sustaining an injury though no fault of our own.

Under these circumstances, the innocent victim may be entitled to claim compensation.

Accident Advice Helpline: The claim experts

Have you been injured in a non-fault accident at a hotel? Did the accident happen within the last three years? Then Accident Advice Helpline wants to hear from you. We are the claim experts and we will work hard to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

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You can talk to one of our advisers and benefit from free initial advice. They would be delighted to chat about staying safe in a hotel, and talk you through the claim process.

At Accident Advice Helpline, we work strictly under the no win no fee agreement, and we will never ask you to pay any cash up-front. So dial 0800 689 5659 phone to connect with Accident Advice Helpline today. You deserve to have the experts on your side.