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How to stay safe on a sports pitch

You need to know how to stay safe on a sports pitch to avoid accidents

Staying safe in a public place is, to some degree, our personal responsibility. Looking where you’re going and avoiding dangerous situations should be a natural instinct. How many of us have walked into a lamppost when distracted by something on our mobile phone? If you play sports regularly then you also need to know how to stay safe on a sports pitch.

Personal safety

Sports pitches come in all shapes and sizes from a large grassed area to a badminton court in a leisure centre. If you plan to use a sports pitch it’s always a good idea to check out the terrain and equipment first.

Many leisure centres have large indoor pitches for activities such as circuit training or aerobics classes. Checking to see that the equipment you’re about to use is in good order, can save you from a fall or other injury.

Has someone spilled a drink in one of these areas? This could cause you to slip and sprain an ankle or wrist. Broken glass out on a sports field could cause serious cuts and wounds. Always have a look around, it can save you from getting hurt. Knowing how to stay safe on a sports pitch can help you avoid injury.

What to do when an accident happens

If you’ve been injured on a sports pitch despite your best efforts to stay safe, then it could be someone else’s fault. If you think this is the case then speak to one of our trained advisors at Accident Advice Helpline.

We’ve been helping non-fault accident victims get compensation for their injuries for over 15 years. We know what we’re talking about and can give you some straightforward advice.

It’s important to get some medical attention for your injuries. Even if you think it’s a minor issue, you will need medical evidence if you decide to make a compensation claim.

Local Authorities and sports pitch owners and managers have a responsibility to maintain safe standards for these places used by the public. We can give you some helpful advice concerning this matter.

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