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Statistics for 2012/13 show faulty products are all too common

According to statistics published by CAB, approximately a quarter of a million consumers complained about faulty products in the period from April 2012 to March 2013. These complaints mounted up to an estimated cost of around £225 million. It is believed that around 80 per cent of this figure is due to the cost involved in the 10 per cent of claims going to arbitration, mediation or court. Approximately 38 per cent of these complaints involved faulty electrical home appliances. Accidents at work are, however, just as likely to be caused by faulty equipment.

Work related accident statistics

Figures released by the Electrical Safety Council revealed that during 2011/12, around 2.5 million individuals received electric shocks at main voltage levels. A total of 350,000 of these people ended up with serious injuries. Out of 28 low voltage electrocutions/ fatal electric burns, six occurred during workplace accidents.

Injuries and damages through faulty products can just as easily occur in office environments as they can in high risk areas like construction sites, and so on. Statistics do, however, reveal that approximately 56 per cent of reported incidents involved moving machinery within manufacturing environments.

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Faulty products at work can, depending on the surrounding circumstances, result in immediate or gradual injuries and/ or illnesses. A piece of equipment causing excessive vibration, for instance, may gradually result in the operator developing a condition known as Vibration White Finger. Also referred to as HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome), this condition causes loss of dexterity, tingling sensations and discolouration of the fingers.

Immediate injuries may, for example, be caused by electrocution through faulty electrical equipment, falling off faulty ladders or being hit by a forklift with faulty brakes. In any case, falling victim to such an accident may well entitle you to a claim for compensation.

Do you qualify for a claim?

In order to qualify for a claim, your accident must have occurred within the last three years. The accident must also be someone else’s fault or the result of a faulty piece of equipment. If, for example, you did not follow instructions on how to operate machinery safely, tampered with electrical equipment or disregarded other health and safety measures, it is unlikely that your faulty product claim will be successful.

Accident Advice Helpline’s free-phone number is available 24/7 and enables you to speak to friendly, helpful staff able to provide relevant advice. If you qualify for and decide to proceed with a claim, a team of lawyers operating on a basis of no win no fee is available to assist your efforts.