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Is there a standard whiplash compensation scale?

Have you arrived on this page because you were looking online for a whiplash compensation scale? If you have, you’ve probably had whiplash recently or some time ago, and you’re wondering if it would be worth claiming for those symptoms.

Not everyone realises there is a three-year period in which an adult can make a claim stemming from a car accident. Some falls can even result in whiplash, so it’s not just car-related claims we see here at Accident Advice Helpline. But what can you expect to win if you succeed?

How might a whiplash compensation scale help you?

Few people know what they might win if they made a compensation claim and the result went in their favour. It’s common for people to ask anyone they know who may have made a claim before and received a payout in return. It’s also common to do some research online – but how accurate will the results of that research be?

There will be a guide to the amount of compensation someone could get for suffering whiplash in an accident. However, the scale goes from smaller payouts to more significant ones. The amount someone might get would depend on wide-ranging factors, including how much that individual’s life was affected by their symptoms.

Is it possible to get a better idea of what you might win?

Yes – and you’re already in the best place to learn more. Accident Advice Helpline has a team of lawyers working on cases like this now. There’s a chance your case could be dealt with soon too, if we recommend you have a claim and you decide to go ahead.

So, while you could carry on looking for a whiplash compensation scale, wouldn’t it be better to have a chat with an advisor working for Accident Advice Helpline instead? It’s simple to call on 0800 689 5659, which you can do free.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve completely recovered from your injuries, providing they occurred within the past three years. One of our lawyers can guide you through what will happen when you claim, so you can learn how your case might go ahead. There’s no risk to calling and we’ll always give you the benefit of our experience at every step.