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What does a sprained ankle burning feeling mean?

If you get a sprained ankle, burning sensations are not uncommon. It is more likely to be experienced if the sprain is a bad one, because the burning sensation is one of several symptoms that can be experienced when nerves in the area have been injured too.

If you get this burning sensation, it is wise to mention it to your doctor. You may have sought medical help following your ankle injury originally, but you may not have experienced the burning sensation at that stage.

Are there other symptoms that may accompany a sprained ankle burning feeling?

Yes. If nerve damage has occurred, you may also get shooting pains in your ankle. Weakness in the joint is to be expected following a sprain, but if this does not resolve in the usual amount of time, it could indicate there is a problem. You should know how long your own degree of sprain will take to recover from, depending on whether it was confirmed as a Grade 1 sprain, or a more severe Grade 2 or Grade 3 sprain.

If your ankle doesn’t seem to be recovering well, or you experience the burning sensation and associated symptoms, do seek further advice. It may indicate problems that must be dealt with if your recovery is to be completed successfully. If you do not seek advice, you may find your recovery won’t be as complete as it may otherwise have been. Proper treatment can enhance the recovery and reduce the symptoms you have been going through recently.

Do you have an opportunity to claim compensation for your sprained ankle?

You may have if you have evidence someone else was negligent and this was the reason why you ended up experiencing sprained ankle burning and other symptoms. Sometimes, people are certain other people were at fault, but this isn’t always true. Even if you are confident you could claim, you may still wish to know what you might be able to receive if your claim succeeded.

Accident Advice Helpline has a team of advisors who can provide some of the essential answers you’re searching for. Fast answers can be found by calling 0800 689 5659. If you do have proof, your compensation will be calculated as per the severity of the sprain.