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Sprained ankle or broken – how to tell the difference

Do you have a sprained ankle or broken ankle? Knowing the difference between the two is sometimes easier than others. The key thing to think about is whether you can bear any weight on your ankle. You won’t usually be able to do this if your ankle is broken. A minor sprain will be painful, but you might be able to limp on your ankle, even though keeping your weight off it and keeping it elevated is by far the best thing to do to begin with.

Sprains are graded in three types. These are simply called Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. The latter grade is the worst type of sprain you can have, and this involves a complete tear of the ligament, as it has stretched beyond its capacity to stay whole.

Is it a sprained ankle or broken ankle?

Since a severe tear of the ligament involves severe pain, almost immediate swelling and bruising, you never know whether it is a sprain or whether you have broken it. The symptoms are much the same for both, and you will also be unable to bear weight on the affected ankle.

In this case, you should visit your local A&E department to get your ankle x-rayed. This is the only way to determine whether you have suffered a sprain or a break. You might have felt something tear in your ankle when you fell, or suffered your accident, whereas a broken bone can sometimes be heard to snap. However, you can’t rely on either of these things to determine the nature of your injury.

Could you make a compensation claim?

Do you suspect someone else was negligent and that’s why you suffered a sprained ankle or broken ankle to begin with? If so, it is wise to get some professional legal advice so you know whether you could make a claim or not.

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