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Do you need to or like to travel?

Many of us require to travel by plane due to work. Others enjoy travelling and like to visit new and faraway lands. Regardless of why you need to travel by plane, there is always risk involved. Stansted airport, for example, sees thousands of visitors through its doors every single day. These people may be travelling for business, going on holiday, visiting family or setting off on around the world journeys as part of a gap year.

Accidents at the airport

While we don’t like to think of accidents taking place at any time, it can be worse dealing with one just as you are about to set off on a trip of some kind. Airports are generally safe places. But due to the number of people who travel daily, facilities and services can become less than desirable. For example, common area seating can become damaged which could essentially lead you to sustain an injury on your back, neck or legs. Faulty luggage carriers may be faulty which can again, result in you sustaining an injury. In addition to general wear and tear causing injuries, did you know that if you experience food poisoning due to the negligence of someone else, you can claim for compensation?  So if you were to become ill due to food poisoning at Stansted airport, you could enlist the help of solicitors for Stansted to process a claim for you.

Airports should always be suitable and as accident-free as possible for the numerous numbers of visitors every day. So if you were to sustain an injury or become unwell because of experiencing food poisoning, you can put in a claim through Accident Advice Helpline for compensation.

Accidents on board a plane

None of us want to think of the words ‘accident’ and ‘plane’ in the same sentence. However, sometimes accidents do happen. And when they do, you should be prepared.

On-board accidents – there are various accidents that can take place on board an aircraft. Many are older models which means that the seats have been well used. This can mean that the seats are faulty and don’t work correctly which can in turn cause you to endure an injury. Trays, toilets and even the trolley carts have been known to cause accidents in the past as well. Accident Advice Helpline and our solicitors for Stansted are adept in helping claimants win big payouts of compensation for aircraft accidents.

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