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Solicitor in Sowerby Bridge

The days when air travel used to have a soupçon of glamour about it have all but disappeared. Sure, you can still get to feel a little special if you can afford to shell out for business or first-class flights, or if you’re fortunate enough to get bumped up, but for the majority of people, the drudgery of budget airlines or standard class travel awaits. If you have a bit of a look around a budget airline after it’s landed, you’ll probably be horrified about what a mess it gets into, even if you were just on a short flight. People seem to forget all of their manners when flying, thinking that any mess that they make will be tidied away by cabin crew.

Well, the truth is that sometimes cabin crew are unable to clean all of the debris that has been left behind by messy passengers, especially if they have a quick turnaround. In isolated cases, this could put the next plane full of passengers at risk of being injured in an accident that was not their fault. Under such circumstances, there will be a chance that an injured party might be able to hire a decent solicitor in Sowerby Bridge with a view to taking action against the airline in question.

Dirty flight accidents and a decent solicitor in Sowerby Bridge

Imagine that you’re just boarding a cheap flight to somewhere warm in southern Europe. You haven’t paid to be one of the first people to board the flight, so have to trudge on with everybody else. As you’re making your way to your seat, you slip on what appears to be a cream cake that had made it on to the floor.

You realise that the cake must have been left there by somebody on the flight that just landed, as it was on the floor by a window seat you were making your way towards. In these circumstances, there will be a chance that you might be able to make a claim for compensation, as the cabin crew staff should have cleared this up.

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