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Solicitor for an accident

If you have been hurt or injured through no fault of your own then you could well be entitled to make a compensation claim.  To do this you will need legal representation.  You may be currently searching the internet in order to find this legal representation and perhaps this is how you have found this particular information page.  Maybe you have typed the term solicitor for an accident claim into google as this is exactly what you are searching for, an experienced solicitor for an accident claim who can help you.

Solicitor for an accident injury

So you have found yourself the victim of an accident and now you need an experienced solicitor for an accident claim. You have certainly come to the right place. Here at Accident Advice Helpline we are a reputable law firm boasting a large team of in-house solicitors who are ready and waiting tio take on your accident claim and provide you with the legal representation that you need.  Our in house solicitors deal with all kinds of accident claims including accident claims from pedestrians who have become accident victims through no fault of their own.

Pedestrian accidents can vary a great deal when it comes to severity of injuries and after effects.  If a pedestrian wishes to make a claim for compensation then they should apeak to Accident Advice Helpline to establish if they are eligible to do so or not.  As with all compensation claim cases, the accident must have been someone else’s fault and there must be another person to blame.

Pedestrian accidents can have many variables, and every single one that occurs is unique with it’s own circumstances.  These circumstances include the cause, the location, the people involved, the injuries caused and the after effects caused.  Pedestrian accidents may occur  for a number of different reasons but here are some common cases that we see:

  • Dangerous driving from a car, lorry or van driver
  • Proximity to a car crash, resulting in an injury
  • An accident when crossing the road
  • A collision with a bicycle or motorbike

Of course there are many other ways in which a pedestrian can become involved in an accident through no fault of their own and find themselves injured, but the above gives an idea of perhaps the most common causes.

To be able to make a pedestrian claim following a pedestrian accident, it must have happened within the past three years, resulted in the need for medical attention and have been caused by another person

In some situations, such as when a minor is involved (a child aged birth – 18 years), some criteria will be waived. A minor can make a claim (or a parent will do so on their behalf) at any point up until their eighteenth birthday, after which they have a further three years to make a claim.

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