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Of all the unfortunate accidents people are involved in every year, some are certainly more common than others. For many people, their accident is either a slip, trip or a fall (and of course, many slips and trips lead to falls). Here we take a look at how such accidents happen and how slips, trips and falls claims for personal injury compensation can be won by working alongside compensation claims experts, Accident Advice Helpline.

It’s worth remembering an accident as simple as this can still lead to some unpleasant and painful injuries. Most people don’t think too much about the cause of a slip, a trip, or a fall, and yet in some cases (although not all) it becomes clear someone else was responsible. This might mean failing to take actions that should have been taken, or doing something that was unsafe. Here, we will find out more about slips, trips and falls claims and whether you could make one, too.

How negligence can cause slips, trips and falls claims for personal injury compensation

One of the most common ways people find themselves slipping over is by walking across an unmarked wet or highly-polished floor. We have all seen the yellow warning signs put out to make people aware of a freshly-mopped floor or a roof leak. These are good to have because they alert us to the fact the floor could be dangerous or slippery. Therefore, we are careful to avoid the area and we take care to walk carefully, too.

However, if whoever is responsible for putting out such a sign has failed to do so, people may innocently walk along and suffer a slip along with associated injuries such as a sprained ankle, fractured wrist or concussion. The first action if you were involved in an accident like this would be to put your hands out to break your fall. But you could easily break a finger or two doing this, or sprain your wrist, or cut yourself if you fall on something sharp. Anything like this might be the result of negligence, which in turn could lead to slips, trips and falls claims.

Different examples of potential hazards

Trips are usually caused by some kind of unseen hazard getting in the way of people’s feet. This could be a trailing cable in an office, a box of stock left out on a shop floor, or a piece of torn carpet in a hotel. As you can see, it doesn’t need to be anything major to have the potential to cause injury.

Whoever is responsible for those premises needs to make sure such dangers are taken care of before an accident happens. Regular checks and maintenance can help prevent such things from happening, while risk assessments can also identify possible hazards for slips, trips and falls, so they can be removed or dealt with to minimise the risks to everyone in the area. This would reduce the need for injured people to make slips, trips and falls claims.

Other falls

Falls, of course, can be caused by hazards such as detailed above or by something such as an unguarded balcony, faulty ladder or broken steps. Falls can be at ground level or from a higher position such as from scaffolding or a rooftop. The most serious falls tend to happen in outdoor work settings involving such trades as builders, tree surgeons, roofers and maintenance operatives.

Falls are perhaps most likely to lead to more serious injuries than slips or trips, although any incident can lead to some nasty and very painful injuries that can take a while to heal. A fall from height is the most dangerous thing to have, because the greater the height, the more likely it is the person will suffer severe injuries. These could be life changing, and they could also be fatal. Some have died in accidents involving a fall from height, although they are rare. In these cases, the loved ones left behind have often asked us about slips, trips and falls claims.

Help with slips, trips and falls claims for personal injury compensation

It is not unusual to wonder about what you could claim if you did become one of those who makes slips, trips and falls claims each year. If you have suffered any injury, or had your life disrupted because of those injuries, these elements would be considered if you did go ahead and make a claim. However, it is hard to do this alone, and speaking to a professional about your situation is usually the best way to go ahead and find out more.

Whatever you do, you are not alone. We can assist with no-obligation advice and you need only call us to take advantage of this. Getting some answers is easier than you may think when considering slips, trips and falls claims, since you can ring us now.

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