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Have you slipped on a wet bathroom floor?

Bathrooms can by their very nature be damp and wet places. Normally they are fine, but when someone has a hot bath or shower, there will be a build-up of steam in the room. Of course, you would expect this and you’d put a mat on the floor to step onto as you get out of the bath or shower in order to stay safe. However, in rare cases, there have been individuals who have slipped on a wet bathroom floor because of a leak or because the floor was cleaned and was left wet.

A slip of this kind is likely to take place in a restricted space. When you think of the size of the average bathroom, you can imagine how painful it might be to slip over in that situation. You could hit your face or head as you go down, or injure some other part of your body.

How to prevent accidents like this happening

Obviously, tiled floors and those made from laminate are most likely to cause problems if there is any water on the floor. If you are staying in a hotel or other accommodation, you would expect the floor to be dry when you first go into your room. However, if it is cleaned and the floor is wet, or it is cleaned during your stay and left wet, you could slip over, not knowing it was wet in the first place.

Additionally, if there is a leak in the bathroom that causes water to flood out over the floor, this too would be a potential hazard. If you report it and nothing is done, or if it is fixed and the leak reappears, causing you to slip over, this could amount to negligence.

What should you do?

If you do suffer injuries in this situation, it is wise to take photos of the floor and the leak, if there is one. Photos of your injuries might also help if you end up able to make a compensation claim following the incident.

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