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Serious injury compensation claim examples

The landscape of English law

Of all areas of the complex legal structure of the common law system of England and Wales, some areas are more familiar to the general public than others. Television dramas, set in the courtroom or otherwise, frequently depict the ongoing sagas of criminal and family law proceedings.

More intuitively, most will have a general feel for the concepts of contract law and an awareness of the existence of intricate statutory regulation systems which govern banking, finance and local government activities. On the other hand, areas of law which are more shrouded and mysterious in their operation such as maritime law, European Union law and the international legal order amongst nations are rarely, if at all, discussed outside of professional legal circles.

In the former category – the category most familiar to the public – can be found the field of personal injury. A general sense of the possibilities in this area can be found from simply watching television advertisements for Accident Advice Helpline, or looking around this very website! Serious injury compensation claim examples are very varied; some are listed below.

Typical serious injury compensation claim examples

  • Slips, trips and falls. These result from a failure of someone responsible for the maintenance of a set of premises to make them safe for users who are invited into those premises. The legal definitions can be broad here, for instance the council has a duty to maintain pavements and pathways safely for the public, but an employer or business has a very similar responsibility. Even private property owners can be responsible for invited guests or working contractors under what is known as occupier’s liability.
  • Car accidents. Controlling up to a tonne of metal on a public road is a heavy responsibility, and one which is not carefully executed by an unfortunate number of road users. Finding this out can be a painful experience, but fortunately the prospects of recovering compensation for an accident which wasn’t your fault are very good with the help of a specialist solicitor.
  • Accidents at work. The British economy is extremely diverse and the average person will hold many positions in the course of their careers. Even in the seemingly safest profession, accidents can and do happen, and employers are under an active duty to protect their employees from harm in any way what they can.

If you have experienced any of these kinds of injury claim examples and suffered injury through the fault of another, you may well be eligible to claim. Just call 0800 689 5659 for a no-obligation chat today. Accident Advice Helpline have over 15 years’ experience in supporting people through the intricacies of personal injury claim examples, and we are trusted every year by thousands of people.