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Serious Accident At Work

Have you had a serious accident at work, or perhaps been involved in a road accident? Perhaps you’ve had a slip, trip or fall, or other accident while on work business. Maybe you have been the victim of medical negligence, or you are suffering from an industrial disease. Accident Advice Helpline have personal injury specialists who can offer you clear and expert advice on what you can do next.

Our personal injury experts will assist you to make a claim for compensation for any injuries you may have suffered or expenses that you have incurred as a result of your serious accident at work.

Serious accident at work: more common than you might think!

Did you know that there are over one million accidents in the workplace every year? That’s an amazing figure. Fortunately a great many of these accidents are classed as minor but others are more serious and therefore have greater consequences to those involved.

Consequences can include having to spend time away from work which, as you will realise can inflict financial and emotional strain on families and individuals. For others the physical consequences are the worst with the accident at work resulting in permanent disability or death.

If you have been hurt through no fault of your own then Accident Advice Helpline will help you to make a claim for compensation for your serious accident at work.

You have a right to be compensated for a serious accident at work

You are protected by the law for any non-fault accident at work that you may have suffered. You can make a claim for compensation if you can prove that the workplace accident was someone else’s fault. This could be your employer, someone you work with or even another company based at your place of work. Your accident must have happened within the last three years.

You cannot be discriminated against by your employer for making an accident at work claim so they cannot treat you unfairly or dismiss you. They are also required by law to have insurance for staff accidents so you will actually be collecting payment from the insurance company rather than your employer.

If your accident at work involved;

  • unsafe working practices.
  • equipment that was damaged, faulty or unsafe.
  • your contact with hazardous or dangerous materials.
  • a breakdown in health and safety.
  • poor working practice.

Then you should consider talking to us at Accident Advice Helpline. Call us free on 0800 689 5659. We are available to take your call seven days a week. One of our advisers will take your details and will put you in touch with one of our lawyers who will give you best advice for your compensation claim.