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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    What are the most bizarre work site accidents?

    Accidents at work happen all the time. Whether you work in an office, on a building site or anywhere else work accidents do occur. Some accidents at work are the standard, common injuries such as slips, trips or falls or damaging your back. However, there are also some strange accidents at work. Here are some….

    What are the most bizarre supermarket accidents?

    Accident Advice Helpline has been dealing with personal injury claims for over 15 years now. In that time we’ve helped many people get the compensation they deserve, from slips, trips & falls to road traffic accidents. Any accident can be a traumatic and scarring experience and it is important to note that all claims are….

    What is the most dangerous fashion appliance?

    While most fashion appliances like hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs have the potential to not only cause heat damage to hair, but also to cause fires, explosions or injuries by electrocution or burning, some are more dangerous than others. Most dangerous fashion appliance Straighteners and curling tongs are particularly dangerous, as they typically have….

    What are the most common bath-related accidents?

    For a lot of people there is nothing better than getting into a hot bubbly bath after a long day at work. However, accidents can and do still happen whilst getting in the bath, getting out and in between. So, what are the most common bath-related accidents? Slips, trips and falls in the tub One….

    Are there any risks of injury whilst changing a light bulb

    ContentsWhat are the risks of injury whilst changing a light bulb?Do I have a claim?People often joke about the simplicity of changing a light bulb, but this seemingly menial task can actually carry a risk of serious injury. If you’ve been involved in accidents at work or you’ve been exposed to risks of injury whilst….

    Taking too much paracetamol after suffering an injury

    Paracetamol is one of the most commonly taken non-prescription drugs in the United Kingdom. It is available in many forms and is taken to provide mild pain relief from a variety of conditions and injuries. What happens though if you take too much paracetamol after suffering an injury? How does paracetamol work? Paracetamol works by….

    The danger of gas barbecues in the household

    While many prefer to have barbecues in the backyard, the climate, especially in the UK, means that enjoying a barbecue outside is only really applicable for two to three months of the year. This also means that people may be tempted to take their gas barbecue under cover into the house or conservatory. The most….

    Is there such a thing as keeping earphones in for too long?

    If you love listening to music you may often listen to it on the go whether it’s through your phone, mp3 player or tablet. However, can you damage your ears by having earphones in for too long? What level of sound causes damage to your ears? The minimum level that your ears and hearing can….

    Can you get a shock from faulty earphones?

    Getting a shock from faulty earphones is a topic which has been discussed at length. Many people claim to have received an electrical shock from using faulty earphones, but is this even possible? Here’s a little look at the science behind how earphones work and the dangers, if any, of receiving an electric shock from….

    Potential accidents whilst walking a red carpet

    Walking a red carpet can be a very special event. It could be for a new night club launch, an awards ceremony or even a film première. Whatever the occasion there are still potential accidents that can occur. What types of accidents could happen whilst walking a red carpet? On nights where the red carpet….

    Potential injuries when thinning out your beard

    Has the beard trend seen its peak? Whether it has or it hasn’t, beards are still being sported in force this winter. While a well-pruned beard can leave you looking stylishly suave, as with all things in life there are risks involved with beard upkeep, for instance, have you considered the potential injuries when thinning….

    What is the procedure to help someone who is choking?

    Choking occurs when a person’s airway gets partly or fully blocked. It can be caused by unexpected foreign objects in food or drinks; sudden coughing, laughing or events, like slips, trips and falls, for example. Providing assistance How to help someone who is choking depends on whether the choking is mild or severe. Note: The….

    Is it dangerous to listen to loud music whilst driving a car?

    This is a question which experts are always debating as to whether if you listen to loud music whilst driving you are more likely to have a car accident. Reasons for the idea of loud music causing a road traffic accidents When you listen to loud music in a confined space for a long period….

    If your child gets injured at a babysitters, can you claim?

    When you put your faith in a qualified childcare provider, you generally leave your child with the peace of mind that they are in capable hands. Although you can expect small accidents such as slips, trips and falls, you generally don’t expect your child to become injured at a babysitters. So, what happens when the….

    If you’re injured on private premises, is the owner liable?

    Many people may assume that if you have an accident such as a slip, trip or fall whilst you are on private premises then the owner of this property is automatically liable. However, this is not always the case. In what instances is the owner liable when injured on private premises? If the accident such as slip,….

    How to determine who is at fault in a home accident

    Determining who is at fault in a home accident can be quite difficult. Due to the fact the accident occurred in the home, there may be no witnesses to the accident and it may be assumed that a person who suffers an injury in their own home is to blame for an accident. This isn’t….

    If you suffer an injury at an air show, who is liable?

    A day at an air show is a spectacle to behold. Amid the dizzying manoeuvres and heart-stopping stunts, air shows are fun for all the family. But what happens if you suffer an injury at an air show? Who is liable for your injuries? Negligence When determining liability, negligence is perhaps the single biggest factor….

    How do you prevent getting sun stroke?

    Sun stroke is the result of prolonged exposure to excessive heat causing the temperature control system of the body to fail. Frequently combined with dehydration, sun stroke is often preceded by heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heat syncope (fainting), but can just as easily strike without any prior warning. People at risk of getting sun….

    Injured during a company fire drill

    When it comes to fire safety, there really is no way employers should be cutting corners. There are comprehensive guidelines available to employers on how to improve fire safety in the workplace to minimise the risk of fire-related accidents at work. With that in mind, if you are injured during a company fire drill, and….

    What are the most severe results from an extremity burn?

    Every employee in the UK has a right to feel safe at work and employers should take the relevant steps to protect their workforce from accidents at work and work-related injuries, such as extremity burns. If you’ve been injured in a work accident and you were not to blame, call Accident Advice Helpline for expert….

    How to make sure a graze doesn’t get infected

    Slips, trips and falls can result in injuries ranging from minor bruises, cuts and grazes to sprains, fractured limbs or even more serious head, neck or back injuries. While most people will immediately seek medical assistance for personal injuries of a more serious nature, grazes are often overlooked as a minor issue not to be….

    The most common first date accidents

    A first date can be nerve-wracking enough, without worrying about the risk of common first date accidents, such as slips, trips and falls. If you’re preparing to go out with somebody for the first time, here are some tips to help you steer clear of first date dramas and avoid slip and trip injuries. Common….

    What are the most outrageous Tinder date accidents

    With millions of users all over the globe, Tinder has taken the world by storm. This innovative dating app has changed the face of online dating, enabling people to meet local people by viewing their profile on social media and either swiping left or right. A swipe right means you’re interested, while a swipe left….

    Potential accidents involving segways

    Segways are a fairly recent phenomenon and a novel, innovative way to explore and travel. Segways have a number of variants that are used for a multitude of purposes, including adaptations for off-roading and use in policing. Although Segways are continuously increasing in popularity, they are still a nascent invention and method of transport. As….

    Walking up the street whilst using a smartphone

    Smartphones have permeated almost all aspects of modern society. Whilst smartphones are a pioneering piece of technology, revolutionising many industries and how we communicate with one another, using a smartphone when inappropriate could result in a serious injury to yourself and those around you. Slip, trips and falls Slips, trips and falls are among some….

    Racing your own car on a professional racing track

    Generally speaking, when you use a professional racing track to race your own car, you are liable for any road traffic accident or damage that occurs during your use of the track. That being said, as with standard road-related accident incidents, if you feel that your driving or car management isn’t to blame, and you….

    If your child swallows a toy and chokes, who is liable?

    If a child swallows a toy and chokes it can be a traumatic experience for parent and child alike. However, answering the question as to who is liable is a tricky one because a variety of factors will decide this. There isn’t only one answer to this question. You would need to take into account….

    Appropriate precautions to take during an earthquake

    Living in the UK, we aren’t typically exposed to the severe natural disasters experienced by people in other parts of the world. That being said, it is always wise to be aware of how to react to a natural disaster and the precautions to take during an earthquake. Just a few simple precautions can help….

    Your child has an accident in a public playground

    When your child has an accident in a public playground, it can cause both your child and yourself immense levels of distress, as well as physical injury. Although accidents do happen, in most cases the park owner should take suitable steps to minimise the risk of incidents such as slips, trips and falls. When you….

    Who’s liable if you seriously injure yourself in a taxi accident?

    As with any other road traffic accident, the answer to the question who is liable for driver or passenger injuries sustained in a taxi accident ultimately depends on who was responsible for causing the traffic accident in the first place. Possible taxi accident causes Vehicle accidents involving taxis can, like other motoring accidents, be the….

    Seriously injuring yourself walking on the footpath

    At Accident Advice Helpline we are commonly confronted with cases of slips, trips or falls that occur while walking on the footpath. When thinking on a slip or trip whilst walking on the footpath, the first injuries that tend to come to mind are cuts, bruises and scratches. However a slip or trip when walking….

    Most common Derby day injuries

    Derby day is a popular event and enjoyed by many. It is a time to socialise, have fun and maybe even make some money on a bet or two. However, like all events, there are certain hazards which can be avoided. What are the most common Derby day injuries? One of the most common Derby….

    Most appropriate clothing when walking a red carpet

    Walking on the red carpet is one of the most exciting opportunities that anyone can ever experience. Amidst the rock star arrivals in limousines, champagne and assembled press, wearing the most appropriate clothing is essential. It must be unique, it must stand out and scream individuality, but above all it has to be practical. A….

    Injuries suffered at motor shows

    A haven for petrol heads, motor shows attract thousands of visitors from all corners of the UK every year. Crowds gather to see the latest models, the most advanced technology, the fastest cars and the finest examples of engineering on the planet and while this is hugely exciting for motoring enthusiasts, it is wise to….

    Potential injuries when being a football manager

    Football is a sport that is enjoyed by many whether that’s watching or playing or both. With any football team, whether it’s semi-professional or Sunday league, there’s always a coach/manager running up and down the park screaming instructions and tactics to players. And while it’s often rare to see given the nature of the position, in….

    What are the worst eye injuries people have claimed for?

    According to the Health and Safety Executive, up to 2,000 people in the UK suffer eye injuries every day as a result of accidents at work. The eyes are incredibly important and even an innocuous accident can cause major damage. If you’ve been injured at work and you were not to blame, the Accident Advice….

    Staying safe in the event of an earthquake

    While major earthquakes are comparatively rare, minor quakes are fairly common occurrences, even in this country. Knowing what to do in the event of an earthquake could help to prevent personal injuries and even save lives. Earthquake safety tips Being prepared for an earthquake includes having a quake readiness plan; consulting professionals with regards to….

    Is it safe to leave a pedestal fan on during summer nights?

    There is a Korean urban legend known as “fan death” which is a belief that leaving a fan running at night in a closed room will cause death. There are no reported incidents of this actually happening but are there some dangers involved in sleeping with a fan on at night? If you have suffered….

    Is exercise protein a danger to my health?

    Containing amino acids, exercise protein can be an important element of getting fit, as it is a key to the building and maintenance of muscle and other body tissue. Available legally online and over-the-counter in the shape of bars, capsules and shakes to be taken with or between meals, protein powders are marketed as having….

    Five far-fetched, yet possible, accidents at a petrol station

    Thousands of people visit petrol stations every day in the UK to top up their fuel, grab a lottery ticket or stock up on last-minute essentials and while most escape unscathed, the garage can be a hazardous place, especially if you’re prone to slips, trips and falls. Here are 5 potential accidents, which may happen….

    Worst Case Scenarios: Running late for a funeral?

    Running late for funerals, especially those of family members or close family friends can place you into a dreadful quandary. The last thing you want is to be seen rushing into a funeral home, church or crematorium panting and sweating. While this may not exactly leave a good impression, it is a far better option….

    Worst Case Scenarios: Car door frozen shut in winter?

    There is nothing quite like getting ready for work or the school run on a cold winter’s morning and finding your car door frozen shut, especially if you are already running late (dark winter mornings do make getting up difficult at times). Trying to get the door defrosted can take time, and you may suffer….

    Worst Case Scenarios: Credit / debit card swallowed by ATM?

    Having your credit or debit card eaten by a cash machine is an unpleasant, stressful experience at the best of times. Should this sort of thing happen late at night, perhaps after a night out, and leave you with no way of getting home other than walking, perhaps for several miles, this unpleasant experience can….

    Worst case scenarios: Dropped valuables down a street drain?

    Dropping keys, jewellery, wallets or other valuables down street drains is not only inconvenient, it can also have more or less serious, and certainly unpleasant consequences. Valuables could, for example, land in something you would really rather not be touching; they could be swept away never to be seen again, or retrieving them may mean….

    Worst case scenarios: Dropped valuables down a sink plughole?

    Anything valuable likely to disappear down a plughole would have to be coins, jewellery or small screws. Some items can be rescued with a strong magnet (assuming the distance from the plughole to the lower part of the U-bend is comparatively short). Gold jewellery or items made from copper or aluminium are, however, not magnetic….

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