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    Esther Rantzen

    Top tips to help the elderly stay cool in hot weather

    Are you looking for ways to help the elderly stay cool in hot weather? If so, read on. The older we get, the harder it is for our bodies to respond well to summer heat. Nonetheless, there are many steps that can be taken to help older people make the most of the summer months…..

    Carbon monoxide poisoning at a BBQ

    Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless and highly poisonous gas produced when gas, petrol, charcoal and other fuels burn incompletely. Unless adequate precautions are taken to prevent this gas from entering your living environment, you could end up suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. About carbon monoxide Carbon monoxide may be produced because an appliance is….

    Are you allowed to take disposable BBQs to public parks?

    ContentsDisposable BBQs and public parksStaying safe at the parkSummer is coming, and what better way to enjoy the sunshine than taking a trip to the park. If you’re keen to make the most of the good weather and hang out with friends, you may be thinking about taking disposable BBQs to public parks, but are….

    Symptoms of heat exhaustion

    Everyone loves summer, but when temperatures start getting stifling, the heat can cause all kinds of health issues. One of these issues is heat exhaustion, which can lead to other, more serious problems unless treated immediately. Recognising the symptoms of heat exhaustion and acting quickly to help someone affected is therefore vital. Symptoms of heat….

    Accidents caused by ceiling fans

    ContentsInjuries caused by ceiling fansCan I claim compensation for injuries caused by ceiling fans?As temperatures rise, many of us will be hitting the stores to buy items like garden furniture, barbecues and electric fans. When the sun is beating down, it can be tough to keep cool, but having a fan in your room can….

    Top 3 injuries at parks

    As summer is edging closer, more and more families will take trips to the park. Unfortunately, the rising number of park visitors also means there will be more injuries at parks. Here are some of the most common injuries park visitors sustain. Most common injuries at parks By far the most common injuries at parks….

    Hidden dangers of children’s sand pits

    ContentsBeware of children sand pitsAvoiding the dangers of children’s sand pitsInjuries at playgroundsAccident Advice HelplineSand pits have long been a place children love playing in. Unless adequately cared for, however, they can be dangerous. Here are some of the hidden dangers of children’s sand pits. Beware of children sand pits The main dangers of children’s….

    Dangers of oscillating pedestal fans

    Oscillating pedestal fans are a popular way of cooling rooms during stifling hot summer days. They can, however, be dangerous, especially when they are used around children. Here are some of the dangers of oscillating pedestal fans. Dangers of oscillating pedestal fans One of the main dangers of oscillating pedestal fans is their instability. Unless….

    Does wearing sunglasses when driving affect visibility?

    Summer is just around the corner, and drivers have a new hazard to worry about. After weeks of worrying about ice on the roads and high winds, it’s time to switch your focus to driving in sunny weather. Most of us love cruising around when there are blue skies above, but driving in bright sunshine….

    Children injured on swings at the park

    Spring is finally here, and before we know it, the summer holidays will be in full swing. When the sun’s shining, and the sky is blue, there’s no better way to spend the day than taking a trip to the park with the family and enjoying some quality time together in the fresh air. When….

    Symptoms of heat stroke

    Suffering from heat stroke can ruin your holiday or day out in the sun. Given this, it’s important to know what symptoms of heat stroke to look out for. The consequences of heat stroke can quickly turn a great day into a terrible one, memorable for all the wrong reasons. Such is the seriousness of heat stroke,….

    Why you should keep paddling pools in the shade

    Keeping paddling pools in the shade is one of the most simple ways of keeping children and young people safe from the sun. Playing in a paddling pool is a classic summer activity for millions and millions of families. Taking basic safety steps ensures it stays memorable for all the right reasons. Why is it….

    How to keep kids safe in paddling pools

    Making sure to keep kids safe in paddling pools means you can enjoy and remember summertime for the right reasons without injuries.  Paddling pools can be a lot of fun. They are a great way of cooling off in hot weather and help young children get used to water. However, paddling pools also pose significant and….

    Most common paddling pool accidents

    Common paddling pool accidents can look harmless, but they can have awful outcomes. Whenever water is involved, health and safety is of paramount importance. You should take all precautions necessary to prevent paddling pool accidents. What are the most common paddling pool accidents? The most common type of paddling pool accidents depends on a number….

    Dangers of hiking in hot weather

    Hiking in the summer is a great way to enjoy the holiday and time off but doesn’t come without its own hazards. Most people would think that it’s best to make the most of the clear skies and extended daylight and while this is a commendable attitude, very few people are aware of the risks….

    Best accessories to help maximise sun protection

    Holidays. There’s nothing better, right? Nothing makes the stresses of work, school and general life just melt away better than some time in the roaring sun to the sound of gentle lapping waves. However, this idyllic bliss can be ruined in the blink of an eye if you fail to maximise sun protection. How can….

    Precautions to take to stop children from getting sunburn

    Sunburn is not only extremely painful, it can also lead to skin cancer. It is therefore vital to stop children from getting sunburn, both at home and when on holiday abroad. Steps to take to stop children from getting sunburn To stop children from getting sunburn, you should: Keep them in the shade between 10 AM….

    Dangers of portable barbecues indoors

    Lightweight, easy to move around and store, and typically also easier to clean than larger, more permanent barbecues, portable barbecues are the ideal solution for holidays, picnics, days at the beach or even a quick grilled sausage in your backyard. The one place they should never be used is indoors, be it a house, a….

    Treating severe hayfever

    Summer is here and while this is brilliant news for many of us, it’s not such good news for hayfever sufferers. If you have severe hayfever, the spring and summer months can be particularly challenging. Fortunately, there are some ways of treating severe hayfever. If you’’re suffering at work, make sure you notify your employer,….

    How to prepare for festival season

    The festival season is well and truly almost upon us, but don’’t worry, you still have time to prepare for your weekend away. When preparing for festival season, it’’s important to consider the conditions you will likely be facing, including knee-high mud, cold nights and alcohol-fuelled evenings. When you have the right picture in mind, you’’ll know how to….

    Using portable barbecues

    To prevent barbecue accidents when using portable barbecues, it is wise to follow a few simple safety rules and precautions. Safety when using portable barbecues Safety rules and precautions to follow when using portable barbecues include: Ensuring the barbecue is situated on a flat, safe site at a safe distance from shrubs, trees and garden sheds Never leaving a….

    Injured at a music festival

    A combination of large crowds, alcohol consumption, electrical and electronic equipment and often wet weather sadly means it is all too easy to get injured at a music festival. Common injuries at music festivals The most common injuries at music festivals are those caused by slips, trips and falls. Slip, trip and fall injuries may range from minor bruises, grazes….

    What everyday items can reduce sunburn?

    Some common accidents in the summer involve slips, trips and falls at family barbecues or around the paddling pool. While summertime injuries are usually minor, if you sustain sunburn the effects can be extremely debilitating. If the summer sun catches you out when the shops are shut, it is good to know which everyday items….

    Disposing of coal barbecues

    Slips, trips and falls are common summertime accidents, as we blow up the paddling pools and indulge in a tipple at the back-garden barbecues. Yet, in addition to the common summertime slips and falls, barbecue burns are also a high-risk hazard. Correctly disposing of coal barbecues can greatly minimise the risk of barbecue-related burns and….

    Is getting very sunburnt the worst that can happen in the sun?

    If you’’re heading off on holiday this summer, you’’re probably counting down the days until you’’re basking in the sun and enjoying some well-earned time off. Holidays should be all about rest, relaxation and having fun, not worrying about getting very sunburnt, as well as other travel accidents and injuries. However, it is advisable to take some….

    Hazards during the summer that aren’t present in the winter

    If you’’re a seasoned driver, you’’ve probably noticed that the weather can have a serious impact on driving conditions. Winter tends to be a treacherous time for drivers, but there are most definitely hazards during the summer too. If you’re eager to avoid road traffic accidents this summer, bear these driving safety tips in mind. Driving hazards….

    Common accidents during the summer

    Summer is fast approaching and many of us are looking forward to holidays, lazy evenings in the garden and weekends at the beach. If you’’re eager to avoid accidents during the summer, such as slips, trips and falls and road accidents, here are some tips to help you enjoy a memorable summer for all the right reasons. The most….

    The best sunscreen to use

    Temperatures are rising, and as well as worrying about slips, trips and falls around the pool this summer, it’’s also important to wise up on skin safety. We all know that excessive exposure to the sun’’s rays can cause skin damage and even cancers, but how exactly can this be prevented? What is the best sunscreen to use when the….

    The most bizarre work summer party accidents

    Summer is coming and the last thing you want to be thinking about is avoiding accidents at work parties. If your employer is organising a day out or a celebration of some kind, it’s best to take heed of some advice and avoid recreating horror stories of work summer party accidents from years gone by. The most bizarre work summer party….

    What are the most common accidents when sailing?

    Strange as it may seem, it appears that the most common accidents when sailing are slips, trips and falls, closely followed by being hit by objects. Causes of these common accidents when sailing Slips and trips are usually caused by wet or cluttered surfaces. Injuries by falling overboard, near-drownings and drownings are often the result….

    Navigating busy roads on the Friday that the summer school holidays start

    With the summer holidays in sight, many of us are looking forward to taking time off work and going on holiday. While the start of the summer school holidays can be a time of excitement and happiness, it can also be stressful, especially if you’re planning a road trip. If you’re staying at home in….

    Summer vacation guide: Isles of Scilly

    No matter the level of caution or vigilance you adopt when travelling in and outside the UK, there is always a risk of experiencing an accident on holiday, which could potentially form the foundations of a travel accident compensation claim. The best way to minimise the risk of sustaining holiday-related illness and injury is to….

    What are the most dangerous types of coral?

    While the vast majority of coral species are basically harmless and personal injuries during encounters with varying species are rare at best, as well as typically consisting of minor grazes or cuts, one type of coral, namely fire coral, can deliver quite a nasty sting. Fire coral There are currently believed to be at least….

    If I’m injured watching a pro cricket fixture, can I make a claim?

    If you’ve been injured while watching or playing a game of cricket, you could have a case for personal injury compensation. If you suffered injuries as a result of slips, trips or falls, you were struck by a ball or you developed an illness after eating at a public cricket ground, call Accident Advice Helpline….

    Does hot and humid weather affect driving conditions?

    Statistically, you’re more likely to be involved in road traffic accidents in the winter months, but this doesn’t mean that summer weather is trouble-free for drivers. Whether you’re planning a road trip or you drive to work every day, here are some tips to help you steer clear of road accidents in the hot and….

    Treating extreme sunburn

    Sunburn not only hurts, blisters and peels, it also inflicts wrinkle-inducing damage to your skin. What really makes it a bad idea to get a sunburn, however, is the fact that it significantly increases your chances of developing melanoma, a serious type of skin cancer. Treating extreme sunburn Sunburn is completely preventable with the help….

    Staying safe while operating a coal barbecue

    Summer is the perfect time to invite some friends and family over and have a barbecue. One of the most popular types of barbecue is the coal barbecue as it is both inexpensive and reasonably simple to use. However, as it involves extreme temperatures and fire there are several potential hazards including slips, trips and….

    Safely operating zip lighters

    Invented in the 1940’s Zip kerosene firelighters are formulated to make lighting even very difficult fuels for outdoor or indoor fires and barbecues less troublesome. Naturally, it is imperative to use them correctly and safely in order to prevent personal injuries. Here is how Zip firelighters should be used. General safety Zip lighters should always….

    Five tips to use charcoal barbecues

    Summer is here which means lighter nights, warmer days and lots of fun in the sun. It also means it’s time to get the barbecue out. However, there are several things to remember when using charcoal barbecues. Staying safe when using charcoal barbecues Here are our five tips: Avoid kids coming near the barbecue in….

    Five most common beach injuries

    ContentsCommon beach injuries and illnessesClaiming for your accident on holidayAccident Advice HelplineFor many, there is nothing as relaxing as spending a week or two soaking up the rays on an exotic palm-fringed beach. While many like to steer clear of holiday-related accidents and stick to the loungers with their holiday read, there are a number….

    Five tips to safely use gas barbecues

    While slips, trips and falls in the garden might be a common occurrence among youngsters, and adults after a few too many Pimms, there are various barbecue-related accidents that we should all be aware of, as we head into the sunniest season of the year. Barbecue accidents and injuries As well as slips and trips….

    What kind of heat-related illnesses can occur?

    Slips, trips and falls in the snow and ice are somewhat common during the winter months in the UK, but as we move away from the chilly season, we are not completely free from risk of injury and illness. While the risk of slips and trips may be minimised in the summer months, there are….

    The dangers of drinking alcohol in the sun

    A recent study published by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that drinking just one alcoholic drink per day can increase your risk of skin cancer by up to 20 per cent. In the summer months, when the sun’s rays beam down causing sweltering temperatures and elated moods, it can be all….

    Heat exhaustion: Protecting older family members

    While many of us are aware of assisting our elderly friends and family during the winter months to help avoid any preventable slips, trips and falls due to snow and other adverse weather conditions, the summer months present their own threats to the elderly. Heat exhaustion is a medical term used for the fatigue felt….

    Safety check: Gas barbecues vs coal barbecues

    Summer is in full swing and many of us will be enjoying barbecues in the garden with friends and family. Barbecues are quick and simple and they produce delicious meals, but there is such a vast range of styles and products on offer it can be difficult to choose the perfect barbecue. There are coal….

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