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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Why you shouldn’t tamper with your septic tank

    Septic tanks should be regularly checked and maintained only by qualified personnel equipped with self-contained breathing apparatus and other necessary safety gear. You really shouldn’t tamper with your septic tank at all. Why you shouldn’t tamper with your septic tank There are many reasons why you shouldn’t tamper with your septic tank yourself. We take a look….

    Dangers of portable barbecues indoors

    Lightweight, easy to move around and store, and typically also easier to clean than larger, more permanent barbecues, portable barbecues are the ideal solution for holidays, picnics, days at the beach or even a quick grilled sausage in your backyard. The one place they should never be used is indoors, be it a house, a….

    Fitting your house for when your parents come to stay

    When your parents come to stay with you, you will want to make sure they are both comfortable and safe. This is particularly important if their mobility is limited. Here are some of the things you can do when your parents come to stay to make your home safe for them and prevent injuries by….

    Tips to avoid falling down the stairs

    Injuries by falling down the stairs can be severe and could range from bruises, cuts or broken limbs to serious head, neck or back injuries. Preventing falling down the stairs is therefore of utmost importance. How to avoid falling down the stairs The following tips should minimise your risk of falling down the stairs: Ensure there is adequate lighting Keep stairs….

    When a house guest makes a claim against you

    Home owners are responsible for the safety of those entering their property. This means you could be held liable for any injuries by slips, trips and falls, electrocution or other accidents within your home that could and should have been prevented by you. Here is what could happen when a house guest makes a claim against you. When a house….

    Most common falls around the house

    Slips, trips and falls are the most common type of accident at work and the main reason people get injured at home. If you’’ve had a slip or trip in a public place, at work, or even if you’ve been involved in common falls around the house, you may be able to claim compensation. Most common falls….

    Are you liable for uninvited guests on your property?

    We all understand that when we invite people into our homes, we should have considered their health and safety, taking reasonable precautions to prevent any accidents. Yet, there are times when people simply call round unexpectedly, when the house is somewhat turned upside down, so are you liable for uninvited guests if they have an accident in your home?….

    Building a wendy house in the back garden

    In the UK, permission is required when building a wendy house anywhere nearer the public pavement or road than your original home. With that considered, it is typically best to opt for building a wendy house in the back garden, and ensuring that it does not cause any obstruction for neighbours. Depending on your plans for building a….

    Where should you keep your cleaning chemicals?

    Slips, trips and falls are common household accidents. More often than not, they lead to minor injuries such as bruising or slight cuts. Yet, there are greater hazards around in the household, and knowing where to keep your cleaning chemicals can help minimise any risks in your home. Where to keep your cleaning chemicals Like many people, you may….

    Common accidents at the pub

    When you consider accidents at the pub on nights out on the town, it is easy to assume that fault always lies with the personal injury victim. After all, when consuming alcohol, the risk of sustaining injuries does increase. Yet, beyond the typical slips, trips and falls that occur when we’’ve had one too many, there are some other common….

    Can you sue for an injury sustained on the footpath?

    Do you have an injury sustained on a footpath? If you’’ve suffered slips, trips or falls in a public place, you may be thinking about claiming compensation. Compensation is a financial sum which is paid to people who have sustained injuries through no fault of their own. If you’’ve had an accident in a public place, for example….

    Who is responsible for the upkeep of a skate park?

    While skate parks have been around since the mid-70’s, alongside the birth of pop punk, it was in the 1990’s that skate parks became commonplace in local parks and playground areas. As their popularity has continued to rise, you may wonder who is responsible for the upkeep of a skate park, especially if you have suffered a skating accident…..

    Is it safe to rollerskate on the road?

    In the UK, it is legal to rollerskate on the road and on pavements. While this is useful to know, it does not necessarily indicate whether it is safe to rollerskate on the road. Of course, slips, trips and falls occur when partaking in any sport, and rollerskating is no exception. That being said, there are ways to….

    If you get hurt at a music festival, who is at fault?

    Answering the question who is at fault if you are hurt at a music festival can be complicated. Circumstances can vary significantly and there are many different factors to be taken into consideration. Factors to consider when getting hurt at a music festival Deciding who was at fault when you were hurt at a music festival includes considering whether:….

    Common injuries in public toilets

    If you’’re heading out for the day, or you’’re looking forward to a shopping trip, a concert or a festival, you’’re probably not expecting to sustain any injuries from accidents such as slips, trips or falls. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere. Here are some common injuries in public toilets to try and avoid this summer. Common….

    Common accidents while on your daily run

    Running is an incredibly healthy and rewarding pastime. The risk of experiencing common accidents while on your daily run is, however, never far away. Common accidents while on your daily run Some of the most common accidents while on your daily run include slips, trips and falls. Injuries by slipping on wet or greasy road surfaces are as likely to….

    Who is liable if you trip on a loose paving slab?

    Slips, trips and falls are the most common type of accident in the UK. Every year, thousands of people injure themselves at work or when out and about in public places. If you’’ve tripped on a loose paving slab, or you’’ve slipped on a wet floor, you may be thinking about pursuing a compensation claim. If….

    3 tell tale signs that a public park is a health risk

    Slips, trips and falls are common accidents on the green, but that doesn’’t necessarily mean to say that your public park is a health risk. Walking, running, and playing on uneven terrain is bound to cause some trips and falls, but there are some more severe hazards that can mean a public park is a health risk. When a public….

    Common injuries whilst surfing

    Surfing may look like a comparatively easy and safe water sport to participate in. In reality, however, dealing with waves and finely tuned surfing boards, as well as rocks, reefs, hard seafloors and all sorts of other risks means injuries whilst surfing are fairly common. Common injuries whilst surfing The most common injuries while surfing include: Lacerations, especially to….

    Are there any poisonous fish?

    The question whether there are any poisonous fish can be answered with a resounding ‘yes’. There are, in fact, many different species of poisonous fish in oceans and rivers all over the world. Whether you are swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving in the sea, there is therefore always a chance that you may come across a poisonous fish of some….

    The dangers of the daily tea round

    When considering accidents at work, we often think of slips, trips and falls, but rarely of the dangers associated with the daily tea round. Considered by many workers as an integral element of the working day, the daily tea round is a common office tradition across many UK organisations. It’s such a calming, soothing part….

    Protocols to prevent office injuries

    Many jobs carry a high risk of injury. You may think that you’d be safe in an office, but offices are actually among the most common settings for accidents at work and work-related injuries. In order to protect employees, company managers must enforce protocols to prevent office injuries. If you’ve been injured at work, and….

    Where to take your child to learn to swim

    Most parents recognise the importance of being able to swim and many children master the skill at a young age. When you take your child to learn to swim, it gives them confidence in the water, enabling them to splash around and have fun on holiday, and also reduces the risk of serious accidents in and around….

    Common wharf accidents

    If you work on the water, you may run the risk of accidents at work. Although working at sea has its benefits, there may also be hazards to consider. If you’’ve been injured at work, or you’’ve suffered wharf accidents, Accident Advice Helpline could help you to claim the compensation you deserve. Common wharf accidents Wharves….

    Survivor Guide: Skydiving

    Skydiving is enjoyed both by experienced sky divers and as one-off experiences by novices trying to raise funds for charities or looking for some holiday excitement. As exciting as skydiving is, there are some risks would-be sky divers should be aware of. Skydiving health issues Before skydiving for the first time, you will be asked….

    Injured whilst doing self defence classes

    When we partake in sports of any nature, including self defence classes, we do expect to sustain injuries of some kind. After all slips, trips and falls occur, and sport-related strains and sprains are relatively common. That being said, if you sustain injuries while attending self defence classes, under the supervision of an instructor, you may wonder who….

    Survivor Guide: Kissing the Blarney Stone

    The origin of the Blarney Stone, at Barney Castle, Cork, is, thanks to an array of different legends, somewhat uncertain. What is certain is that kissing the Blarney Stone is supposed to give those brave enough to kiss it the gift of being able to speak with charm, persuasion and wit. Strength of faith The belief….

    Potential injuries at professional football stadiums

    Every year millions of sports fans across the UK attend football stadiums for sports events and gigs. The sheer magnitude and layout of these venues is terrific, yet, as with all great things, there is a downside to the grandeur. Accidents at football stadiums are common and vary in severity. From slips, trips and falls in the stands….

    How to stop cuts getting infected

    Slips, trips and falls often lead to cuts and grazes. Most of the injuries sustained from trips and falls can be treated at home, without the need for any professional medical assistance. That being said, it is important to know how to correctly treat cuts and grazes to prevent the wound from getting infected. In….

    If you suffer an injury whilst drunk, can you claim?

    Generally speaking, when we have a few too many tipples we expect to sustain a few bumps and bruises. When you have a drink, balance is affected and, as such, slips, trips and falls are common accidents. Yet, if you do suffer injury whilst drunk, that doesn’’t automatically mean that you are to blame for….

    Common injuries in fast food outlets

    Fast food outlets are very popular, especially for those looking to grab some lunch on the run. If you’’re visiting a fast food restaurant, here are some tips to help you avoid injuries and accidents like slips, trips and falls. Common injuries in fast food outlets If you’’re eating in a restaurant or visiting fast….

    Common accidents on the bank holiday weekend

    On the bank holiday weekend, we often kick back, relax, fire up the barbeque or spend time visiting family and friends. While we all look forward to that extra day added onto the weekend, the bank holiday vibe can actually cause myriad public holiday accidents. After all, with more people relaxed, sipping drinks in the sun,….

    Where does liability fall in privately owned gardens?

    In cases of injuries by slips, trips or falls, for example, in privately owned gardens, the owner of a garden may be held liable if they were responsible for said slip, trip or fall injuries. Establishing liability For the owners of privately owned gardens to be held liable for injuries by slipping, tripping or falling on….

    What to do if you have a fish hook embedded in you?

    Having a fish hook embedded in your finger is not only painful, removing the hook could also cause further injury. There is also a risk of infection. Here are some helpful tips on safely removing a fish hook from your finger. Removing a fish hook Start off by cleaning the area surrounding the fish hook injury….

    Making sure your house is childproof

    Many expectant parents spend much of their time reading pregnancy books and baby books, worrying over what is the best way to birth and care for their newborn. That being said, once baby arrives, no one can ever prepare you for what is to come. Once your baby begins to explore the world, it is….

    Safety items for camping

    Camping holidays can be exciting for the whole family. There are, however, some risks you need to be prepared for with safety items for camping. Camping dangers Injuries by slips, trips and falls, sunburn and injuries by fire or explosions are particularly common among campers, as are insect bites and stings. Poorly maintained or defective camping stoves can also….

    Liability for injuries sustained in a community garden

    Many of us enjoy visiting parks and community gardens when it gets a little warmer and the sun appears. If you’’ve been injured after suffering a slip, trip or fall in a community garden, and you believe that you were not at fault, Accident Advice Helpline could help you to claim compensation. Who is liable….

    Accidents that can happen in the supermarket

    For most people, the weekly trek for the ‘big shop’ is most definitely a chore rather than an enjoyable experience. With that in mind, when accidents happen in the supermarket, it can make a bad situation worse, and lead to myriad public injuries. Of course, you can expect that slips, trips and falls do happen….

    The worst recorded accidents at a skate park

    A skate park is a great place to let off some steam, burn excess energy and show off your tricks. If you’’re a skating fan, you’’re probably aware that visiting the skate park comes with risks. Accidents, including slips, trips and falls, are fairly common and injuries can be severe. If you’’ve been injured at the….

    Survivor guide: Going out in Cardiff

    Cardiff is a bustling, lively city renowned for its nightlife. If you’’re preparing for going out in Cardiff for a night on the tiles, here are some handy hints to help prevent accidents, such as slips, trips and falls. Staying safe when going out in Cardiff If you’’re going out in Cardiff, it’s worth bearing some safety….

    Safety devices for the elderly around the house

    Safety devices for the elderly have been developed to help prevent household slips, trips and falls and enable those with physical difficulties to continue to live in their own homes. Those who have safety devices fitted in their home heavily depend on them, and with this in mind, any manufacturing faults or substandard installations can cause….

    Seen on TV: Dangers of mixing mentos with coke

    Wind back a few years, and mixing mentos with coke was nothing short of an internet sensation. Typically the sort of experiment you would be likely to see on a children’’s science show on TV, mixing mentos with coke is a quick and simple way to create an impressive spectacle and wow your audience. While….

    Injuries for nurses

    While our nurses are revered for their work across the country, it is important to remember that despite their hard work and professionalism, injuries for nurses remain a very real occupational risk. The accidents at work nurses experience are extremely varied, leading to myriad illnesses and injuries for nurses. Musculoskeletal injuries for nurses Nurses deal with a….

    5 tips to take care when spring cleaning

    Every year, people everywhere take the spring cleaning reason to give their homes and business premises a good clear-out and overall deep-clean. As a rule, this involves a whole lot of brushing, mopping, scrubbing and clearing out of old clutter. While it is obviously necessary to take care not to sustain any accidental injuries while….

    Suffering an injury around the house whilst being renovated

    When you undertake DIY at home, you expect to experience the odd bump or graze, the common injury around the house associated with renovation. That being said, when you live in rented accommodation and you suffer an injury around the house while it is being renovated by the landlord, or their contractors, you may wonder who is at….

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