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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Safety precautions to take when on a safari

    Do you know what precautions to take when on a safari? Safari park owners and managers nearly always provide guests with a set of rules for complying with to keep you safe, but there have been many occasions where people have come to harm even after following these instructions to the letter. You will normally….

    Safety checks when zip lining

    Safety checks when zip lining ensures your adventure stays memorable for all the right reasons. Zip lining is a thrilling, exciting, adrenaline-fuelled activity. Like all extreme sports, care must be taken to avoid zip lining injuries. Safety checks when zip lining – the basics In order to avoid serious sporting injuries, the following safety precautions….

    The importance of doing a safety check when purchasing your first car

    It’s essential to carry out a safety check when purchasing your first car. Many people ask their parents or other experienced drivers to help them check cars over before they make a purchase. Read on for advice about buying your first car and avoiding investing in a vehicle that might cause an accident. Checks to….

    The need to safety check rental cars

    When is the best time to safety check rental cars? When renting a car on holiday or for work, you might assume that all safety checks have been done. You would think that the car is safe, roadworthy and good to go. Whilst this obviously should always be the case, you can never be too….

    Safety when using scissors

    ContentsStay safe when using scissorsHairdressers and scissorsAccidents involving scissors can cause serious cuts and deep, potentially lethal puncture wounds, so safety when using scissors is imperative. Here is how to use scissors safely. Stay safe when using scissors To stay safe when using scissors and prevent personal injuries to yourself and others, you should never:….

    Why you should always safety check scuba equipment

    When it comes to activities on holiday, few are as capable of providing thrilling sights, stunning scenery and breath-taking memories as scuba diving. Plunging far below the surface of the sea will reveal a magical underwater kingdom, a living, breathing kaleidoscope of colour teeming with life. Scuba diving is far and away the best way….

    How to safety check a boiler for carbon monoxide

    We at Accident Advice Helpline advise you to safety check a boiler once a year, to minimise the risk of problems arising. There’s no two ways about it, carbon monoxide is a serious threat in the home. At the highest levels of concentration, carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death in a matter of minutes. Whilst this….

    Why maintenance on gym equipment is essential

    Gym owners, like the owners of other establishments frequented by the public, have a duty of care to protect their employees and customers against accidental injuries. This includes proper, regular maintenance on gym equipment. Here is why maintenance on gym equipment is essential. The importance of maintenance on gym equipment Regularly checking and keeping gym….

    The need to regularly check skydiving equipment

    Skydivers using their own equipment and operators providing equipment for amateurs must regularly check skydiving equipment. Here is why checking equipment regularly is of utmost importance. The need to regularly check skydiving equipment It is imperative to regularly check skydiving equipment. Failure to do so could result in failing equipment causing potentially fatal skydiving injuries…..

    Why you should safety check your bike

    Cycling is a fantastic way to commute as it’s cheaper and more eco-friendly than driving or taking the train. As with anything, however, there are certain things to be aware of that could make cycling dangerous and potentially fatal. In order to ensure a hassle-free commute, you should safety check your bike. We at Accident….

    Fixing a fuse in your power box

    Blown fuses typically indicate faults in the wiring of your home or faulty electrical appliances. Overloading sockets may also trip fuses. It is therefore necessary to turn off all lights and appliances before fixing a fuse. Safely fixing a fuse Having turned off the lights and appliances, turn off the main fuse box by setting….

    How to make sure you have a fire safety plan

    As a homeowner, the best way to make sure you have a fire safety plan is to draw up the plan yourself, rather than hoping that someone else will do it. Fire safety at work As an employer, you are required by law to: Carry out fire risk assessments of the premises Regularly review risk….

    Ensure your house is safe to work in for hired help

    It is well known that all employers must take reasonable measures to protect the health and safety of their employees to minimise the risk of accidents at work. However, what isn’t so clear is your responsibility to ensure your house is safe to work in when you hire self-employed help. Ensure your house is safe….

    The dangers of swimming in flood waters

    Despite being dubbed as one of the warmest years for quite some time, 2015 saw its fair share of torrential downpours. While heavy rainfall can increase the risk of accidents such as slips, trips and falls, depending on your location and the severity of the floods, there are other dangers involved with walking and swimming….

    Taking due care as a landlord to ensure a property is safe

    Taking due care as a landlord basically means ensuring that the health, safety and welfare of tenants and visitors to a property are not at risk. Taking due care as a landlord Aimed at the prevention of personal injuries from slips, trips and falls, explosions, fires and other accidents and health risks, a landlord’s duty….

    Alarms for the elderly

    More accidents occur in the home than anywhere else and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to injuries should an accident occur. Thankfully in the modern world, a number of technological aids have been developed to ensure that you have a choice of alarms for the elderly in order for help to be summoned should anything….

    Is an Aga safe to have?

    ContentsToo hot to touchNatural gasDefective AgaWhen first introduced to Britain in 1929, Aga cookers were a kitchen revolution. Designed by the Swedish Nobel laureate Gustaf Dalén, Agas work on the principle that the cast iron stove stores heat from a continuously burning source and the accumulated heat aids in the cooking process, creating a slow-cooker…..

    Trained to clean a piece of machinery at work

    Thousands of people in the UK sustain injuries as a result of accidents at work. If you’ve been injured after a slip, trip or fall at work, you’ve suffered injuries after being asked to clean a piece of machinery or you’ve developed a work-related illness as a result of working in unsafe conditions, you may….

    A broken fixture after a light bulb blows

    Changing a light bulb may not be the most complex task, but even the simplest tasks can be dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re not aware of the risk of electrical injuries. It is possible to change a bulb safely within minutes, but there is a risk of injury and….

    Accidents when a slippery surface sign is out

    The purpose of a slippery surface sign is to warn passers by and customers that an area has had a recent spillage and could cause a slip injury. However, if someone does suffer a slip, trip or fall around the slippery surface sign who would be liable? Slips, trips and falls where no sign exists….

    Can you leave a fire burning overnight?

    ContentsWould it be safe to leave a fire burning overnight?What about electric fires?Preventing fatalities and injuries from occurringThousands of people receive burn injuries each yearIn the winter, the temperature can easily drop well below freezing at night. It often struggles to get much above that during the day in a cold snap, too. If you….

    Are handsfree sets whilst driving allowed?

    It is a fact that using your mobile phone whilst driving drastically increases the chances of being involved in a road traffic accident. As a response to the dangers of using a mobile phone when driving, handsfree sets have become an almost ubiquitous driving aid for those who need to stay connected whilst on the….

    Safety checks to make on a car before a long road trip

    If, for whatever reason, you need to undertake long road trips reasonably often, it’s vitally important that you plan ahead and ensure your car is in good working order before you set off. This will help reduce the risk of breakdowns and road traffic accidents. Safety checks to make on a car before your road trip….

    Is there such a thing as overloading power circuits?

    Electrical injuries may be caused by overloading power circuits. Circuits have limited amperage and if you exceed this, there is a risk of accidents at work and potentially dangerous situations in the home. If you’ve sustained an injury at work and you were not at fault, you may be able to claim work accident compensation…..

    Is there such a thing as keeping earphones in for too long?

    If you love listening to music you may often listen to it on the go whether it’s through your phone, mp3 player or tablet. However, can you damage your ears by having earphones in for too long? What level of sound causes damage to your ears? The minimum level that your ears and hearing can….

    The danger of exposed wiring in the household

    Many of us attempt DIY jobs ourselves at home, but these efforts aren’t made without some risk to our health and safety. Common DIY accidents such as slips, trips and falls occur regularly in the home, but when it comes to issues such as electrics, the hazards presented can be somewhat more severe. With that in….

    Determining if a car accident is fault of the car manufacturer

    When you are in a road traffic accident, it can be all too easy to look to place blame on a third party driver, or an issue with the road. Yet, there are times when another party may be at fault – could your car accident be the fault of the car manufacturer? Is my….

    Are avalanches common?

    The dictionary definition of an avalanche is “a mass of snow, ice and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside”. These avalanches can be created by a variety of things including earthquakes, freak weather events such as flooding or snow storm or even changes in the formation of the snow due to the sun melting the….

    Potential accidents whilst teaching your child to ride a bike

    Teaching your child to ride a bike is a momentous occasion and the last thing you want is to end up witnessing slip, trips and falls, rather than the sight of your child boldly steering their way into the distance without you running behind and holding them tight. If you’re planning to teach your child….

    Is exercise protein dangerous to your health?

    Many people use exercise protein powders and shakes as part of their training regime. Protein helps to build muscle mass, but is exercise protein dangerous and should you be wary of consuming too much protein in order to prevent injuries? Is exercise protein dangerous? In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the….

    Is a truck’s slipstream dangerous?

    Thousands of trucks and lorries use UK roads to deliver goods and services every day. While many drive from A to B without any issues at all, there is always a risk of road traffic accidents and it’s wise to be aware of the risks of car crashes if you’re travelling on major routes or….

    Are there any dangers of leaving central heating on overnight?

    ContentsDoes leaving central heating on mean higher bills?Do you live in a rented property?Are you at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning by leaving the central heating on?Leaving central heating on should be safeWould you like free initial advice?Have you ever tried leaving central heating on during the night? When the weather is cold, we are….

    Five most common accidents involving mobile phones

    For many people, mobiles are an essential part of their lives and they cannot imagine their life without one. However, slips, trips and falls and other accidents involving mobile phones can and do happen. Common accidents involving mobile phones Slip, trip or fall injury whilst on your phone If you look outside it is likely….

    Staying safe when travelling between Santorini’s Old Port and Fira Town

    The base point of a charming Grecian expedition, Santorini’s Old Port, Skala, is a natural harbour, created in 1650 B.C. by a local volcano eruption. Cruise ships anchor in the old port, where visitors are welcomed onto the Santorini shores by local boatmen. Once ashore, you are free to take in the striking sea cliff….

    Is it safe to keep a pedestal fan going for 24 hours?

    ContentsWhat is a pedestal fan?Are pedestal fans safe to use for long periods?Should you rely solely on a pedestal fan to stay cool?Working in hot weatherHave you been injured by a pedestal fan?Making a claimWhen the weather is warm – or even hot, although it doesn’t seem to happen often in the UK – a….

    London’s most dangerous areas: Newham

    ContentsWhere is Newham?Accidents on the roadsStaying safe while you are out and aboutCan you claim?In 2015, Newham was estimated to have a population of around 332,800 people. The Greater London Authority determined this to rise to around 338,600 people. The area was once known as one of the most deprived areas in England, but it….

    Is it safe to leave a pedestal fan on during summer nights?

    There is a Korean urban legend known as “fan death” which is a belief that leaving a fan running at night in a closed room will cause death. There are no reported incidents of this actually happening but are there some dangers involved in sleeping with a fan on at night? If you have suffered….

    What diseases can I catch when going to Central America?

    A trip to Central America can be the trip of a lifetime but it is worth being aware of the tropical diseases which are present in the area so that you can take the best precautionary measures and avoid having to make a claim for travel accident compensation. Malaria There is no vaccination against malaria….

    The dangers of London smog

    “Smog” a term coined in the early 1900’s as a way to describe the mix of fog and smoke that was prevalent particularly in big industrial cities like London. Now it is more commonly used to describe all sorts of pollutants, often from car exhaust fumes mingled with fog. If you suffer an injury as….

    Safely using an iron

    ContentsHow accidents occur whilst ironingHow to stay safe whilst ironing?Ironing is one of those tasks that although you do not have to do all the time, the pile of washing needing to be ironed soon grows and its time to get the iron out. However, due to the temperature this appliance reaches accidents can and….

    Safe lifting techniques

    One of the main causes of back injuries at work is incorrect lifting or handling of objects. Here is a brief guide to safe lifting procedures designed to prevent manual handling accidents at work. Planning lifts Prevent lifting-related work injuries by planning your lift carefully. Consider where the load will have to be placed; whether….

    Home coffee machines: Convenient but hazardous?

    Home coffee machines have taken the world by storm, promising to recreate the experience of a café-bought coffee in the comfort of your own home. Although home coffee machines may be convenient and represent good value for money, they can also be dangerous and it’s important to use and maintain them properly in a bid….

    Safely operating a deep fryer

    Chefs, kitchen porters and all catering industry professionals work with various pieces of kitchen equipment that put them at risk of accidents at work. As well as the hazards presented by this equipment, the stressful nature of the job, teamed with long working hours, leads to a heightened risk of occupational injuries and illness. All….

    London’s most dangerous areas: Westminster

    According to a report, Westminster has 6,840 reported crimes per square kilometre every year. This means the borough has not only the highest crime rate in London, but in the whole of the UK. Considering the number of commuters and tourists visiting Westminster on a daily basis, it becomes clear that these crime rates are….

    Five things to know before going mountain climbing

    Viewed by many as an exhilarating pastime offering the ultimate challenge by testing their endurance, sacrifice and strength, mountain climbing is an extreme, potentially very dangerous pastime. The dangers Lack of experience, inadequate equipment and poor planning, the terrain (in particular when ice is involved) and poor weather can all heighten the risk of sustaining….

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