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    Esther Rantzen

    The dangers of gazebos flying away

    Gazebos flying away can be very dangerous, and when this occurs head injuries, broken bones, concussion and other injuries can result. Many people underestimate the dangers of gazebos, but it’s important to note that a large number of people have sustained serious injuries after being hit by them. Some accidents involving gazebos at parties and….

    Dangers of getting paint in your eyes

    Do you need to find out more about the dangers of getting paint in your eyes? If so, read on. If you get oil-based paint in your eyes, you need to wash it away with clean water straight away and use a clean cloth to dry it. A warm compress can help you reduce discomfort,….

    The dangers of walking and texting

    Walking and texting is one of those everyday activities that, when you really think about it, is actually really quite dangerous. No matter where you are, keeping your eyes glued to you phone instead of your surroundings can have serious consequences. What are the main dangers of walking and texting? Accidents on the road Walking and….

    The dangers of having a thatched roof

    Highly attractive and offering outstanding insulating properties, thatch looks gorgeous and keeps homes warm in winter and cool in summer. It can, however, also be quite dangerous. Here are some of the dangers of having a thatched roof. The dangers of a thatched roof The main risk of having a thatched roof is that of….

    The dangers of not securing inflatables outside

    Easy to purchase or hire and comparatively inexpensive, inflatables are a common sight at events involving children. Unfortunately, injuries related to inflatables accidents are equally common. Some of these accidents are caused by improperly secured inflatables. Here are some of the risks of not securing inflatables outside properly. Dangers of not securing inflatables outside Injuries….

    The dangers of leaving hair straighteners on overnight

    Leaving hair straighteners on overnight is one of the most common causes of a number of accidents in the home. In terms of fire safety at home, turning off electrical appliances overnight is probably the number one rule. What are the main dangers of leaving hair straighteners on overnight? Fire accidents As mentioned briefly above,….

    The dangers when hiking in the Highlands

    Hiking in the Highlands can be a very magical experience, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. A lot of people have had their lives cut short whilst hiking in the Highlands, so read on to find out more about keeping yourself safe in remote rural Scotland. What should I do if hiking in the….

    Why you should cross train tracks at designated crossings

    When you go to cross train tracks, it’s vitally important that you do so at the designated crossings. Accidents with trains have serious, often fatal, consequences. Crossing somewhere without the proper safety precautions in place is simply a risk never worth taking. What are the main dangers to be aware of when I want to….

    The dangers of playing sports in glasses

    Playing sports in glasses can be very dangerous. Whilst wearing spectacles for some sporting activities isn’t like to lead to harm, glasses don’t mix with other sports very well at all. People who wear glasses shouldn’t be prevented from enjoying their favourite sports, and there are steps you can take to enjoy sports to the….

    The dangers of rowing on rivers

    Rowing on a river can be an exciting, rewarding activity. There are, however, dangers you should be aware of. Here are some of the dangers you may face when rowing on rivers. The dangers of rowing on rivers – strong currents Rivers can be unpredictable. There may be strong currents that could cause you to….

    Why you should always wear gloves when using bleach

    You should always wear gloves when using bleach. Here is why. Why you should always wear gloves when using bleach You should always wear gloves when using bleach because accidental skin contact could cause irritation at best and potentially serious skin burns at worst. A highly toxic, corrosive substance, bleach can also irritate your eyes,….

    The dangers of level crossings

    The dangers of level crossings are numerous and extremely serious. We’ve all seen the terrifying adverts and heard the horrifying stories. Yet still, people persist with taking hugely unnecessary risks at level crossings. As road traffic accidents go, they are as serious as it gets. What are the main dangers of level crossings? Trains Let’s….

    The dangers of using hot glue guns in school

    ContentsWhat are the main dangers of using hot glue guns in school?How can injuries from using hot glue guns in school be avoided?Hot glue guns in school have the potential to cause serious injuries. Teachers face a constant battle to combine inventive, fun lessons with pupil safety. Add this responsibility to children’s tendency to ignore….

    Top 3 home appliances never to leave unsupervised

    The main home appliances never to leave unsupervised have the potential to cause serious damage to your house. Furthermore, accidents with these appliances may well cause serious personal injuries. Leaving appliances to run unsupervised can be efficient. It means you can make the most of your time and get on with other things. Of course,….

    Why you should have your boiler checked annually

    There are a number of reasons why you need to have your boiler checked annually. It’s vital that we don’t underestimate how dangerous a faulty boiler can be. Boilers in need of repair can cause carbon monoxide poisoning due to leaking, and official stats from the government say that around 50 people die every year….

    Can you claim if you are hit by a drone?

    Drones are now available in a wide range of options. In addition to their practical applications, people now also use them for racing and other leisure activities. The increasing popularity of drones unfortunately also means the chance of being hit by a drone is now greater than ever. Causes of drone accidents Operating a drone….

    Precautions to take when zip-lining

    Zip-lining is just about the most thrilling activity going. Whether you’re whizzing through the canopy of trees, or descending from hillsides or soaring over beaches, it’s sure to leave you with exhilarating memories for years to come. Like all extreme sports, zip-lining can also be dangerous. If something goes wrong, it’s very unlikely that you will….

    Who is liable if you are injured by a falling lamp post?

    If you are injured by a falling lamp post, do you have the right to make an injury claim? The answer depends on a number of factors. In a general sense, yes you do. Lamp posts are the responsibility of the local authorities. This not only includes ensuring they are lit when required and in good….

    Dangers of climbing Mount Snowdon

    Mount Snowdon is Wales’ highest mountain and a popular tourist destination. Often underestimated, there are many dangers of climbing Mount Snowdon. Sadly this means Mount Snowdon is the scene of many accidents leading to personal injuries of varying severity. Dangers of climbing Mount Snowdon Visited by thousands of tourists every year, Mount Snowdon offers a selection….

    The dangers of buying weight loss supplements online

    Buying weight loss supplements online may be tempting, but care is advised. Many of these products not only do not work, they can also be dangerous. Buying weight loss supplements online Last year, the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) issued a warning against buying weight loss supplements online. It appears many of these….

    Dangers of climbing Ben Nevis

    Climbing Ben Nevis is on the bucket list for millions of people, and it’s easy to see why. The challenge of scaling the highest mountain in the British Isles is hugely appealing. The sense of achievement from conquering it, not to mention the views from the top, make all the effort well worth it. There….

    Dangers of climbing Scafell Pike

    ContentsWhat are the main dangers of climbing Scafell Pike?Making a compensation claimWhen it comes to climbing Scafell Pike, there are numerous dangers you need to be aware of and prepare for when on your ascent and descent. On the right day, the breath-taking views and experiences will make all the effort and exertion worthwhile. However,….

    5 dangerous driving jobs

    Many people drive as part of their day to day job. All of us face a risk of accidents at work, but some occupations are more hazardous than others. Here are five of the most dangerous driving jobs and some tips to help you steer clear of work injuries. 5 dangerous driving jobs Driving always carries….

    Extremely dangerous fishing equipment

    As well as being a challenging profession, fishing is also a favourite pastime for many individuals. Fishing can be extremely relaxing hobby; however, due to slips, trips and falls, as well as dangerous fishing equipment, there is a very real risk of sustaining fishing-related injuries and illnesses. Five of the most dangerous fishing equipment In the right hands, dangerous….

    5 dangerous water sports

    Contents5 of the most dangerous water sportsHow to stay safe when partaking in dangerous water sportsClaiming compensation for water sports accidents abroadAccident Advice HelplineWhen on holiday, it is likely that you will feel inclined to participate in activities you wouldn’’t normally at home, such as adrenaline-fuelled dangerous water sports. While there is no harm living a little….

    Most dangerous kitchen appliances

    If you work in a kitchen, you’’re probably aware that you’’re dealing with some potentially dangerous kitchen appliances and pieces of kit on a daily basis. In order to avoid accidents at work, it’s beneficial to follow health and safety guidelines and take care when using these dangerous kitchen appliances. What are the most dangerous kitchen appliances?….

    Most dangerous electrical gardening items

    Gardening is a relaxing hobby for many, but it can also be dangerous. If you enjoy gardening in your spare time, or you work as a professional gardener or landscaper, it’’s wise to master the tricks of the trade to prevent accidents at work and unwanted injuries caused by dangerous electrical gardening items. The most dangerous….

    Britain’s most dangerous accident blackspots

    Whenever we take to the road, there is always a chance of experiencing a road traffic accident. With this in mind, accident blackspots around the UK only increase the risk of drivers suffering accidents on the road. With an awareness of where these dangerous accident blackspots hide, drive with caution and respect for the road and it….

    Britain’s most busy roads

    According to the INRIX Traffic Scorecard Report for 2015, London was the most congested major city in Europe last year, with drivers wasting an average of 101 hours on busy roads during the reported period. It is of little wonder that occasionally, drivers become impatient and take actions likely to cause a road traffic accident. Britain vs. Europe Although….

    Dangerous careers: Gas workers

    Most people who head off to work on a daily basis face a risk of accidents at work; however, some occupations are more dangerous than others. Gas workers, working with oil and gas, are at a higher risk of injuries than many other professionals. If you’’ve been injured while working as a gas worker, and you….

    The most severe accidents in the kitchen

    Whether you work in a kitchen professionally or you just simply enjoy being in there as a hobby, there is always potential for accidents in the kitchen to occur. That being said, when you are a catering professional and you suffer severe kitchen-related accidents at work, you may be left questioning who is to blame for….

    Most dangerous careers: Snake handlers

    Accidents at work can happen in any profession, from offices to factories and anywhere in between. This also applies to occupational illnesses like repetitive strain injuries or more serious work-related conditions, like asbestos-related diseases, for instance. Some jobs, however, carry a higher risk of injury at work than others. Snake handlers, for example, are at much….

    Dangerous careers: Pilots

    Pilots regularly face a multitude of hazards that could cause them to develop occupational illnesses or sustain injuries in accidents at work. Risks of injury for pilots Boarding, moving around on or leaving a plane can cause injuries by slips, trips and falls. Aircraft crews are also exposed to the risk of asphyxiation or injuries by explosions or….

    The most accident-prone summer locations

    When you embark on your yearly adventures, generally the last thing on your mind is how your choice of summer locations can, or will, impact on your health and safety. Yet, in fact, travel accident compensation claims are common among Britons. From slips around the pool to food poisoning and collisions on excursions to flight-related incidents, accidents on holiday….

    What wild berries can you not eat?

    ContentsThe dangers of eating wild berriesCompensation for accidents outdoorsAccident Advice HelplineAs summer approaches, we are all more inclined to make the most of the outdoors and explore the Great British countryside. That being said, while slips, trips and falls due to uneven terrain are common outdoor accidents, other activities including picking and eating wild berries….

    Dangerous animals: Hornets

    When out and about in the UK, especially in the summer months, you do expect to suffer from one or two insect bites. Usually these do not cause any problems other than a little skin irritation, however, when abroad hornets and other insects can in fact cause severe holiday-related illness, including malaria. The risks of stings from hornets One….

    Dangerous animals: Scorpions

    If you’’re embarking on a travel adventure this year, you may be thinking about packing, planning itineraries and vaccinations, but have you thought about dangerous animals you may encounter, such as scorpions? If you’’re travelling to an exotic country, you may come into contact with potentially dangerous creatures. In order to avoid travel accidents, it may….

    Australia’s most poisonous spiders

    According to, the varying ecosystems of Australia are inhabited by approximately 10,000 different species of spiders. As such, Aus is home to some of the world’s most poisonous spiders. Most poisonous spiders The most poisonous spiders include the Atrax robustus (Sydney funnel web), which is regarded as the deadliest, most toxic spider in Australia, perhaps even the….

    Dangerous jobs: Chef

    It goes without saying when you work in a high-paced, pressure-fuelled position such as cheffing, accidents at work are bound to occur. In addition to the stress-related occupational accidents, when working as a professional chef, you are subject to many kitchen hazards which greatly improve your risk of workplace accidents and injuries. Common chef accidents Stop for a moment….

    Dangerous animals: Bats

    There are over 1,200 bat species around the world, 18 of which are resident in the UK. Dwelling in caves, tree cavities and foliage, attics, old barns and other suitable environments, bats form an important part of the world’s ecosystem. They are, however, also associated with a variety of diseases that could be fatal to humans. Bats and….

    The most dangerous roads inside London’s M25

    After taking an impressive 11 years to complete, the M25, which circles 117 miles around Greater London, quickly became known as one of the UK’s most dangerous roads. Thanks to its impressive road traffic accident stats, year in, year out, not to mention the sheer amount of traffic that uses the road each year, the M25 was not only….

    Dangerous animals: Bulls

    While there are advantages of farming as a career, working in agriculture carries many risks. Some animals are not quite as friendly as they seem and some, such as bulls, can be incredibly aggressive. You also have to contend with long hours and potentially dangerous machinery. In order to reduce the risk of accidents at work, it’s important to comply….

    Dangerous animals: Elephants

    While elephants domesticated by zookeepers or trainers can be fairly peaceful, lovable giants, abused animals and those encountered in the wild can be exceptionally dangerous creatures, especially when agitated. Are elephants dangerous animals? Known to be vindictive and occasionally unexpectedly experience bouts of rage, elephants are quite capable of killing someone when ‘the mood strikes them’. In India, rampaging….

    The most dangerous sports

    Sport can provide us with an adrenaline rush, a welcome distraction from work and a great opportunity to boost health and well-being. Despite the many benefits of staying active, most dangerous sports carry a risk of injury and it’’s always a good idea to follow guidelines to prevent accidents, such as slips, trips and falls. If….

    The most poisonous marine life

    If you’’re jetting off to an exotic holiday destination, the last thing you want is to end up with injuries following a marine life encounter. If you’’re looking forward to trying your hand at water sports and scuba diving, it’’s wise to be wary of any deep sea dwellers which may cause you problems. Here are some safety tips….

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