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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Most dangerous jobs: Charter fisherman

    Deep sea fishing isn’t just a recreational activity – it is also how many highly-skilled people make their living. The activity is also known as charter fishing and far too many people have come to harm whilst partaking in it. Deep sea fishing is known as one of the most demanding professions there is, and….

    Can soldiers claim if they catch an infection whilst on tour abroad?

    Soldiers can be posted just about anywhere in the world and continually face the risk of injuries by training accidents or combat action. Depending on where soldiers are sent, there is also a risk of them catching an infection whilst on tour abroad. Potential infections In addition to the risk of food poisoning infections, soldiers….

    Can firefighters claim for smoke inhalation injuries?

    Dedicated to saving the lives of others, firefighters are continually at risk of sustaining potentially serious, even fatal injuries at work. One of these risks is that of sustaining smoke inhalation injuries. The dangers of smoke inhalation injuries Inhaling smoke while fighting a fire can cause firefighters to suffer carbon monoxide poisoning and: Confusion Dizziness….

    Dangerous careers: Train drivers

    Thousands of people rely on trains to get to work every day or visit friends and family around the country. Train drivers have an important job with great responsibility, a job which comes with a high risk of accidents and injuries. If you’re a train driver and you’ve been involved in an accident at work or….

    Dangerous careers: Zookeeper

    ContentsThe dangers that a zookeeper facesWho is responsible for a zookeeper’s accident at work?Accident Advice HelplineIt seems to be an uncommon profession yet there are plenty of workers out there who are employed within the sector. However, it is the specific role of zookeeper that presents particular hazards that put employees at risk of sustaining….

    Dangerous careers: Professional window cleaners

    Typically working outside and often at height, professional window cleaners are exposed to an array of risks that could result in more or less severe injuries at work. Risks for professional window cleaners Like in many other occupations, slips, trips and falls account for a high percentage of window cleaning accidents. In addition to the….

    Dangerous careers: Nuclear power plant worker

    Some jobs are more dangerous than others and a nuclear power plant worker may seem like one of the most hazardous career choices. While there is always a risk of accidents at work at a power plant, safety in the UK is generally very good because stringent measures are applied to prevent accidents and protect….

    Dangerous careers: Firemen

    All job roles present risks to employee health and safety. That being said, there are some roles that present a higher risk of occupational injury and illness, which is true of the duties expected of firemen. Accidents at work for firemen It is fair to say that firemen are expected to work in extremely hazardous….

    Dangerous careers: Boiler maker

    When you consider dangerous jobs likely to cause accidents at work, it is easy to consider the most extreme roles. However there are some everyday typically ‘mundane’ roles that are extremely hazardous, such as that of the boiler maker. The dangers of being a boiler maker The boiler maker is primarily responsible for building and….

    Dangerous careers: Dock worker

    A dock worker performs an extremely dangerous job in difficult conditions. The loading and unloading of container vessels presents a number of risks and can result in some of the following injuries and accidents: Falls from height Musculoskeletal disorders Slips, trips and falls ­ Repetitive Strain Injury Falls from height Falls from height are one….

    Dangerous careers: Bicycle courier

    Capable of delivering messages and packages quickly, bicycle couriers are a common sight in most cities. Typically travelling at high speeds and often taking risks in order to get to their destination as fast as possible, a bicycle courier is continually exposed to an array of occupational hazards. Bicycle courier risks in traffic One of….

    Dangerous careers: Oil rig worker

    An oil rig worker can be seen as a very dangerous career and the reason for this is that they simply face a higher risk of having an accident at work compared to other jobs on solid land. What types of accidents at work occur on an oil rig? Most oil rigs are based out….

    Dangerous careers: Scaffolder

    Scaffolders are tasked with erecting platforms which ensure that other construction workers can safely reach the areas they need to work. It is an extremely dangerous career despite the stringent health and safety measures in place in order to prevent accidents at work. In this article, we take a closer look at the dangers of….

    Taking extra insurance if a danger of your job is death

    Statistically, some jobs are more dangerous than others. If you’re more likely to be involved in accidents at work as a result of the nature of your job or the location of your workplace, you may wish to think about taking out extra insurance. Should I take out extra insurance if I have a dangerous….

    Dangerous careers: Pilot

    Every pilot faces an array of occupational hazards that can lead not only to work accidents, but also to ill health. Pilot health hazards A pilot carries responsibility for the safety and lives of other crew members and passengers. This kind of responsibility requires constant, top level vigilance at all times. The pressure subsequently put….

    Potential injury claims for paramedics

    Paramedics do an often thankless job in some of the toughest conditions imaginable. We at Accident Advice Helpline would like to commend the courageous men and women who serve at the forefront of the first line of response in medical services in the UK. Being a paramedic is a dangerous job and there are a….

    Potential claims for rubbish collectors

    According to the Health & Safety Executive publication ‘Safe waste and recycling collection services’, the largest proportion of waste and recycling industry accidents at work are accounted for by activities within collection services. Claims for rubbish collectors Potential risks likely to result in work accidents warranting claims for rubbish collectors include: Route or location-specific hazards….

    What are the most dangerous careers in the UK?

    Every profession carries a risk of accidents at work, but statistically, some jobs are more dangerous than others. Here are some of the most dangerous careers in the UK. The most dangerous careers in the UK According to the latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive, these are the most dangerous careers in the….

    Potential claims for prison workers

    Working in prisons can pose many different dangers. After all, you are working within a close vicinity of criminals; their crime could be as minor as shoplifting or as serious as murder or rape. For these reasons there are several potential claims for prison workers. Slips, trips and falls in the cells This could be….

    Potential accident claims for train drivers

    Train drivers are exposed to a number of hazards in the workplace and being a train driver is considered to be a dangerous profession. At Accident Advice Helpline, we’ve been dealing with claims for compensation in all areas of personal injury law for over 15 years now. As a result we’ve amassed an unrivalled knowledge….

    What are the most dangerous careers?

    While accidents at work occur in every job whether you are an office worker or a lion tamer, beyond the realms of common occupational ailments, some job roles are considered among the most dangerous careers in the world and can cause serious work-related accidents. But what are these most dangerous careers? Top 5 most dangerous….

    Accident hazards for bike couriers

    From delivering pizzas on motorbikes to pedalling urgent mail across the city, bike couriers provide in-demand services across business and consumer sectors. The benefits of their service includes delivering items in a matter of hours, or even minutes, across busy areas, which would take larger vehicles a greater amount of time. This service isn’t provided….

    Accident hazards for nurses

    Hospitals, nursing homes and other health-related institutions are full of occupational hazards for nurses, as are the homes of patients they visit. Here are some of the hazards faced by nurses on a daily basis. Accident hazards for nurses In addition to the ever-present risk of accidents at work involving slips, trips and falls, manual….

    Potential accident claims for office cleaners

    When we talk about accidents in the workplace we often think about the office workers such as administration, call centre staff, manager the list goes on. However, there are still many potential accident claims for office cleaners, perhaps even more than your average office worker. Why could potential accident claims for office cleaners occur more….

    Accident hazards for baggage handlers

    Accidents at work occur in all trades and in all professions. They are dependent on the nature of your job role and, sadly, no position is truly exempt from the risk of suffering a work-related injury or illness. Working in an airport may seem like an interesting career, with many glamorous aspects, to the outsider,….

    Are these the world’s 10 most dangerous careers?

    According to the Health and Safety Executive, more than 28 million working days were lost due to injury and accidents at work in 2013/14. Some jobs carry greater risk that others and here are 10 examples of the most dangerous careers in the world: Mining: mining carries a very high risk of work-related illnesses and….

    Most dangerous careers: Snake handler

    No matter the sector, from office work to engineering, there is always a risk of accidents at work for employees. That being said, these work-related accidents tend to vary in severity, with minor repetitive strain injuries, for example, causing much less of a health problem for victims than occupational respiratory diseases. Although all occupations present….

    What kind of dangers does being a tree surgeon bring?

    All jobs carry different types of risk of accidents at work, some more than others. One such job where work injuries can and are incurred is tree surgeon. What types of accidents at work do tree surgeons have? The main job of a tree surgeon is to assess trees to ensure that they are healthy….

    UK’s most dangerous careers: Refuse collection

    According reports, backed by Health and Safety Executive statistics for 2012/13, as of January 2015, refuse collection is the third most dangerous career in the UK. This may be less of a surprise when you take a closer look at the risks refuse collectors are exposed to. Working on busy roads The majority of work accidents affecting….

    Who is prone to industrial deafness?

    Health and Safety Executive statistics show that more than 2,000 people in Great Britain have been affected by occupational deafness in the last eleven years. If you’ve lost your hearing as a result of an accident at work or an unsafe or poorly-regulated working environment, you may be thinking about claiming work injury compensation. Who….

    What kind of jobs can trigger my occupational asthma?

    Occupational asthma can be caused by accidents at work or by prolonged exposure to fumes, dusts, gases or vapours. Trades at risk Jobs and trades most at risk include: Vehicle spray painters Bakers Solderers Woodworkers Healthcare workers Laboratory animal workers Agricultural workers Engineering workers Vehicle spray painters Affecting workers in vehicle repair and motor or….

    What types of industries use arsenic?

    Arsenic is the 20th most abundant component of the Earth’s crust, commonly found as an impurity in metal ores.  In small doses, exposure to arsenic can cause damage to the skin, liver, peripheral nerves and cardiovascular system. In large doses, exposure can be fatal. Although it is known to be an extremely dangerous substance, many….

    Most dangerous careers: Truck driver

    While we are all at risk of experiencing accidents at work, some careers are simply more dangerous than others. This is true for truck drivers, who spend their days on the road, handling and delivering loads, and typically working heavy shifts. This concoction of factors is the ideal recipe for accidents at work. Dangers of….

    Most dangerous careers: Refuse & recyclable collector

    While all job roles come with the risk of experiencing accidents at work, some careers are more dangerous than others. Refuse and recyclable collectors are considered to work in one of the most dangerous sectors. According to the Health and Safety Executive, ‘Waste and recycling is a high-risk industry. It accounts for only about 0.6%….

    Most dangerous careers: Farmers and ranchers

    As we go to work each day, we may not be aware that we are at risk of accidents at work. No matter which sector you work in, there is always an element of risk involved in every task you undertake within your role. That being said, some professions pose a greater threat to workers….

    Most dangerous careers: Police officer

    Accidents at work occur across all sectors, however, some professions come with a higher risk of experiencing a work-related accident and injury than others. The dangers of working in the police force As you can imagine, work within the police force is frequently named as one of the most dangerous careers. The very nature of….

    Most dangerous careers: Skyscraper window cleaner

    While the average window cleaner faces dangers whenever he heads to work, skyscraper window cleaners are constantly at risk of critical accidents at work. Working at such great heights, relying on high-rise equipment and the good nature of the weather, skyscraper window cleaning is not a job for the faint hearted. Potential accident claims for….

    Most dangerous careers: Helicopter cable worker

    Many lines of work come hand-in-hand with an element of danger and a risk of the employee being injured due to accidents at work. From repetitive strain injuries sustained at the office, to manual handling injuries or high-level falls in farming, the scope of possible incidents is enormous. That considered, some careers do pose more….

    Most dangerous careers: Lion tamer

    Life as a lion tamer either in a zoo or as a circus act can serve up different elements of risk, which can cause accidents at work of varying severity. For adults and children alike, the thrill of seeing a lion is something which only comes around every so often in their lives. Whether it….

    Most dangerous careers: Alligator wrestler

    Very little explanation is needed as to why alligator wrestling often falls high in the ranks of most dangerous careers. While accidents at work typically involve slips, trips and falls or issues such as occupational deafness, alligator wrestling shakes up the charts with some stark examples of what work-place injury can really entail. Occupational dangers:….

    Most dangerous careers: Target girl or boy

    The circus is most certainly one of the world’s favourite forms of live entertainment. Enjoyed by children and adults alike, we attend to be tickled by clowns and wowed by a variety of mind-blowing performances. From impressive acrobatics to nerve-wracking impalement artist acts, the circus presents an amazing myriad of  work-related accidents waiting to happen…..

    Most dangerous careers: Construction worker

    Often ranked in the lists of the UK’s most dangerous professions, there is no denying that construction workers are particularly vulnerable to accidents at work. Construction: Just how dangerous is it? While construction is typically recognised as hard-graft, a good honest way to make a living, it poses a number of risks to workers in….

    Most dangerous careers: Linemen and power workers

    When it comes to accidents and injuries at work, it stands to reason that some professional environments are considerably more dangerous than others. Whilst office workers may only have slips and falls, repetitive strain injuries and the occasional manual handling accident to worry about, other jobs can be as dangerous as they are physically demanding…..

    Most dangerous careers: E-waste recyclers

    When it comes to the most dangerous jobs in the world, the mind immediately fills with images of things like film stunts gone wrong, construction site accidents and accidents with machines in environments such as nuclear plants. One job that is relatively unknown, but is sure to feature high on any lists detailing the most….

    Most dangerous careers: Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

    Working as a pilot or aircraft engineer always comes across as an extremely glamorous lifestyle to those of us stuck here on the ground. The idea of jetting across the globe, seeing a different city every day and traversing the skies is one that is enormously appealing. The job also comes with a number of….

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