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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Most common accidents on inflatable aqua parks

    Inflatable aqua parks can be incredibly fun, but they can also pose real dangers. Far too many adults and children are still being injured each year at water and aqua parks. Inflatables used at these parks can include giant slides, obstacle courses, water slides and more. They can be far more dangerous than they appear….

    Most common foods that are a choking hazard

    Read on if you’ve been wondering what the most common foods that are a choking hazard are. Whilst choking is heavily associated with babies and children, many adults experience choking whilst eating every year. People who are worried about choking when eating are advised to chew properly before swallowing and to avoid large gulps. It’s….

    The dangers of leaving shoes around the house

    Leaving shoes around the house can be dangerous. Here is why. Dangers of leaving shoes around the house The dangers of leaving shoes around the house are obvious: if left all over the place, shoes represent trip hazards that could cause a potentially serious trip and fall injuries. This is bad enough if you injure….

    Accidents whilst using a shaver in the shower

    Using a shaver in the shower can be convenient and hygienic. However, it can also be potentially dangerous. Accidents with shavers are one of the most common accidents in the home. Whilst it’s a normal, everyday activity, shaving requires the same level of attention every time. Shaving in the shower takes on an extra level….

    Top 3 injuries when using a pogo stick

    ContentsThe most common pogo stick injuriesReady to call?Have you or your child sustained injuries when using a pogo stick? These sticks can be more dangerous than you might think, and many people have suffered injuries due to manufacturing faults. People can become injured when they slip off pogo sticks and when tips become undone, which….

    The dangers of renovating a home

    There’s a growing trend for home renovation. More and more of us are pulling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty to revive and refresh our homes. If you’re attempting some DIY or building your own house, it’s wise to be aware of the dangers of renovating a home. Here are some tips and….

    The dangers of wave pools

    ContentsCommon accidents with wave poolsContacting usWave pools may be fun, but they can also be incredibly dangerous. If you need an explanation of what a wave pool is, it’s normally a large swimming pool with waves that are generated mechanically. Whilst these facilities can draw in visitors from miles around, it’s important to remember that….

    Most common speedway injuries

    Speedway accidents can cause a wide range of injuries of varying severity. Some speedway injuries are more common than others. Here are some of them. Common speedway injuries The most common speedway injuries sustained by drivers and spectators include: Dislocations (especially of the shoulder) Fractures to arms, legs and collarbones Head injuries including concussionsOpen Claim….

    Most common hazardous substances which can cause personal injuries

    Used in many different sectors and industries, hazardous substances can come in many different forms. Here are some of the most common hazardous substances likely to cause injuries. What are hazardous substances? The 2002 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations define hazardous substances as substances that are classified as an irritant; harmful or….

    Most common accidents in a leisure centre

    ContentsLeisure centre accidentsClaiming compensation for an accident at a leisure centreIf you’re heading off to the local leisure centre, you’re probably looking forward to working up a sweat in the gym or enjoying a relaxing swim. Leisure centres are places where we can engage in physical activity, let off steam, and have fun, and we….

    Most common bouncy castle accidents

    ContentsCommon bouncy castle accidentsCommon injuriesResponsibilityWhen accidents happenAccident Advice HelplineOur promiseAccidents involving bouncy castles happen with alarming frequency. Here are some of the most common bouncy castle accidents. Common bouncy castle accidents Most bouncy castle accidents are caused by children: Colliding with one another Falling onto the ground after bouncing off inflatables Landing awkwardly after a….

    Most common scooter injuries for children

    According to data from RoSPA, more than 10,000 scooters are purchased in the UK every week (source: ). As the popularity of scooters soars, sadly, so does the number of children affected by scooter injuries. Scooters are great fun, but they can also pose an injury risk. Here are some of the most common scooter….

    3 most common accidents at a funfair

    The most common accidents at a funfair include things like slips, trips and falls, falling off a ride or getting motion sickness. Funfairs are meant to be, well, fun. The vast majority of the time, they are. Usually, they are the perfect place to enjoy a day or evening with friends and family. However, sometimes,….

    Most common causes of body boarding accidents

    Body boarding accidents can cause significant and painful injuries. The surrounding ocean environment makes staying safe more important than ever. Of course, the primary purpose of body boarding is to have fun. Catching the right wave and rushing into shore provides a fantastic surge of adrenalin. It’s also a great way of getting children used….

    Most common pub accidents

    Accidents in pubs can and will happen. Here are some of the most common pub accidents you are likely to encounter which can cause injuries. Most common pub accidents By far the most common pub accidents are slips, trips and falls. Injuries by trips, slips or falls are typically caused by: Loose, uneven or cluttered….

    Most common accidents caused by fireworks

    Accidents caused by fireworks can have serious and far-reaching consequences. What began as an enjoyable, spectacular display can soon turn into a nightmare. Fireworks may then be only remembered for horrific and painful injuries. What are the most common accidents caused by fireworks? Fireworks are a classic sign of celebration. Bonfire night, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, weddings,….

    Most common gymnastics injuries

    Common gymnastics injuries can cause serious amounts of pain and emotional trauma, given the physically demanding nature of the sport. The sheer artistry from the top gymnasts and the moves they are able to produce leave spectators shocked and in awe. Witnessing the jaw-dropping routines of these athletes, in training and competition will leave the best….

    Most common tree surgeons injuries

    Tree surgeons are continually exposed to the risk of sustaining a wide range of potentially life-threatening injuries at work. Frequently working with chainsaws and other heavy machinery, at height or underneath dead and rotting trees. Common tree surgeons injuries Some of the most common work injuries suffered by tree surgeons include injuries by: Chainsaws (deep lacerations….

    Common factors that lead to children having accidents at nursery

    Accidents are an inevitable and inescapable fact of life at nursery. As children learn, it’s impossible to ensure that they do so whilst totally free from risks and potential hazards to their health and safety. In fact, it’s been proven in numerous studies that risks help children with their learning and development and that mollycoddling….

    Most common symptoms of lung cancer

    With lung cancer, it often goes unnoticed until a later stage. This is due to the fact symptoms often only shown when they have spread to other organs, which complicates matters hugely. Lung cancer is often the result of poor lifestyle habits like smoking or the exposure to harmful matter like asbestos. At Accident Advice….

    Most common symptoms of brain cancer

    The worst thing in life is to find out that a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s made much worse when you learn that it’s a brain tumour due to the complications that often arrive after medical procedures. At Accident Advice Helpline, we understand the need for people to be aware of the….

    The most common martial arts injuries

    Martial arts is an umbrella term, which incorporates a broad spectrum of activities and disciplines. Popular examples include judo, karate, and taekwondo. There are many reasons why people learn martial arts. In some cases, they want to protect themselves and practice self-defence. In others, they want to learn new skills and compete. There are safety….

    3 most common boating accidents

    When considering boating accidents, you are almost automatically inclined to think of wild weather conditions, unpredictable waters and deathly currents, when slips, trips and falls are nothing but unavoidable. Yet many boating accidents occur under far less severe conditions, nearer to shore, especially during the summer when the water is calm, but the atmosphere is relaxed and merry. Common boating….

    Common injuries suffered by road traffic workers

    According to the Highways Term Maintenance Association (HTMA), the UK’’s roads are some of the safest in the world, with accidents at an all-time low on the last 40 years. This doesn’’t mean to say that you won’’t experience a road traffic accident, nor does it mean to say that road traffic workers will not suffer injuries at work. Occupational….

    The most common DIY accidents

    ContentsCommon DIY accidents and laddersOther common DIY accidentsSolvents and paintsSharp objectsDefective toolsAccident Advice HelplineLack of knowledge and experience, inadequate or defective tools, as well as carelessness and inappropriate clothing or footwear, are responsible for a great deal of DIY accidents. Here are some of the most common DIY accidents and how to avoid them. Common DIY accidents and ladders….

    Most common falls around the house

    Slips, trips and falls are the most common type of accident at work and the main reason people get injured at home. If you’’ve had a slip or trip in a public place, at work, or even if you’ve been involved in common falls around the house, you may be able to claim compensation. Most common falls….

    The most common injuries abroad

    For many families, going on holiday abroad is the highlight of the year. Having worked hard all year round to make such a trip possible, it is obviously wise to do everything in your power to prevent accidental injuries from ruining your holiday. It helps to know what kind of hazards to look out for on holiday, so here is….

    Common injuries in unfamiliar work environments

    Data shown by the Health & Safety Executive reveals that, during their first six months in a new job, employees are almost three-and-a-half times more likely to have a workplace accident than they are after five years or more in a job. Unfamiliar work environments is likely a contributory factor. Reasons for the increased risk….

    What are the most common kinds of car accidents?

    Road traffic accidents are fairly common in the UK. Although road safety has improved over the years, there are more and more vehicles on the roads and every time you drive, there is a risk of being involved in car accidents. Common car accidents In the UK, most car accidents occur as a result of driver….

    Common wharf accidents

    If you work on the water, you may run the risk of accidents at work. Although working at sea has its benefits, there may also be hazards to consider. If you’’ve been injured at work, or you’’ve suffered wharf accidents, Accident Advice Helpline could help you to claim the compensation you deserve. Common wharf accidents Wharves….

    Common accidents around university campuses

    If you’’re preparing to head off to university this autumn, you’’re probably experiencing a mixture of emotions. Going off to uni is exciting, but it can also be daunting, especially if you’’ve not been away from home before. If you’’re feeling a little anxious, take these top tips on board to reduce the risk of accidents….

    Common honeymoon incidents

    Honeymoons abroad epitomise the height of romance for many young couples. Unfortunately, sometimes the dream of spending your honeymoon in an exotic location is marred, even brought to an abrupt end, by unexpected honeymoon incidents. Common honeymoon incidents The most common accidents on holiday by far are slips, trips and falls causing injuries ranging from minor….

    Common accidents on the bank holiday weekend

    On the bank holiday weekend, we often kick back, relax, fire up the barbeque or spend time visiting family and friends. While we all look forward to that extra day added onto the weekend, the bank holiday vibe can actually cause myriad public holiday accidents. After all, with more people relaxed, sipping drinks in the sun,….

    Common injuries in fast food outlets

    Fast food outlets are very popular, especially for those looking to grab some lunch on the run. If you’’re visiting a fast food restaurant, here are some tips to help you avoid injuries and accidents like slips, trips and falls. Common injuries in fast food outlets If you’’re eating in a restaurant or visiting fast….

    Accidents that can happen in the supermarket

    For most people, the weekly trek for the ‘big shop’ is most definitely a chore rather than an enjoyable experience. With that in mind, when accidents happen in the supermarket, it can make a bad situation worse, and lead to myriad public injuries. Of course, you can expect that slips, trips and falls do happen….

    Most dangerous careers: Snake handlers

    Accidents at work can happen in any profession, from offices to factories and anywhere in between. This also applies to occupational illnesses like repetitive strain injuries or more serious work-related conditions, like asbestos-related diseases, for instance. Some jobs, however, carry a higher risk of injury at work than others. Snake handlers, for example, are at much….

    Common accidents when island hopping in Greece

    The Greek Islands are a perennial high performer in the tourism stakes. Home to crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches and some of the best traditional restaurants in the world, it’’s no surprise that visitors flock here year on year. If you’’re planning on island hopping in Greece this summer, here are some tips to help….

    Common injuries in a hot air balloon

    Hot air balloon rides are generally considered to be fairly safe. Occasionally, however, balloon accidents can occur. Hot air balloon accidents on or near the ground Incidents like slips, trips and falls while boarding or exiting a hot air balloon can cause accidental injuries ranging in severity from bruises, cuts and abrasions to ankle or wrist sprains, fractures….

    Common accidents whilst driving a boat

    Taking to the waters, driving a boat, is one of the most luxurious ways to rejuvenate in your free time. While, depending on the type of boat, driving a boat may be physically demanding, it is most definitely one of the best ways to escape the humdrum of daily life and refresh the senses. Of….

    Common mobile phone related injuries

    Following the mobile phone boom of the early noughties, many consumers were primarily concerned with how usage adversely affected the brain. Almost 20 years on, with mobile technology now the norm for UK citizens, there are some more practical concerns to consider regarding mobile phone related injuries. From slips, trips and falls to ergonomic issues, what….

    Common accidents when island hopping in Thailand

    For many, island hopping in Thailand is the trip of a lifetime, and generally speaking, when you embark on the trip of a lifetime, accidents abroad aren’’t at the forefront of your mind. That being said, when island hopping in Thailand it is important to remain vigilant. Be aware of threats to your health and safety….

    Common accidents in television studios

    Working in television studios is generally considered as a glamorous area of work. That being said, despite the glitz and glam of showbiz, occupational accidents still do occur for those working in television studios. Accidents and injuries in television studios If you visualise the typical workplace environment, it becomes quite easy to imagine the types of accidents at work….

    Common accidents whilst cleaning your gutters

    The most common accidents at work while cleaning your gutters are falls from height. Common causes of falling from height while gutter cleaning include ladders: Slipping after being placed on uneven or slippery ground Slipping after being positioned insecurely against a gutter, wall or roof Being too short, making it necessary to lean too far to the….

    Common accidents on the footpath

    The most common accidents on the footpath are slips, trips and falls caused by uneven paths or grates, loose paving stones and potholes, not to mention snow and ice. Occasionally, poorly signed holes in the ground, due to roadworks, such as electricity or water main repairs, as well as lack of barriers preventing access to such trip and….

    Common camping injuries

    ContentsExamples of common camping accidents and injuriesAre campsites safe?What should you do if you suffer from campsite injuries?Do you need to seek treatment for your campsite injuries?Seek legal advice if you think a third party was responsible for your injuriesCamping must surely rank as one of the most fun holidays you could have in the….

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