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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Sustaining an injury whilst dancing in a nightclub

    You are in a nightclub, enjoying a dance and a drink with friends, listening to the music and generally having a good time. Suddenly, you fall or are bumped into and you sustain an injury. It doesn’t particularly matter whether it is a slip, trip or fall, cut or any other injury, someone else may….

    Being at fault as a landlord

    If you are renting out your house or flat then, as a landlord, you have a responsibility to make sure it is liveable and safe. However, if you are at fault as a landlord what happens next? Slips, trips and falls and other accidents around the home An accident claim could be made by a….

    The dangers of carpooling

    Carpooling is a popular way of sharing the cost and stress of commuting. By reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions, it is also more sustainable and environmentally friendly. There are, however, some dangers of carpooling that all involved need to be aware of before considering getting in another person’s car or indeed inviting others to get into yours…..

    What constitutes a duty of care?

    As part of the service with Accident Advice Helpline, we aim to make the claim process as uncomplicated and transparent as possible. From time to time we post these handy blog articles to help our clients better understand the claim process. In this instance we’ll be having a look at what constitutes a duty of….

    Do you need to be given training to operate a forklift?

    According to, it is believed that every year, around 8,000 accidents at work involving forklifts are reported. Many of these forklift accidents are serious and some result in fatalities. Common causes A great deal of forklift related accidents are caused by operator errors, lack of knowledge concerning equipment and/or the working environment and lack….

    How does the law deal with food poisoning?

    Food poisoning is an umbrella term used to describe conditions which arise as the result of having consumed food that has been infected with one of many types of bacteria. In most cases, food poisoning is not serious and will clear up by itself, however it can be an extremely debilitating illness to children, the….

    Contracting foot and mouth disease at your place of work

    Foot and mouth disease is an illness that is caused by a highly contagious intestinal virus in animals such as sheep and cows. People may become infected through close contact with infected animals, but the illness is not as contagious among humans as it is among animals. Contrary to popular belief, the disease cannot spread through….

    Are you only awarded compensation for physical injury?

    Many victims of accidents at work, road traffic accidents or slips, trips and falls, for example, believe that when they claim for personal injury compensation, they will only be awarded compensation for physical injury. This, however, is not true. Awarded compensation for physical injury How much a claimant will ultimately receive in terms of compensation….

    Children and toys that are said to be unsuitable for their age

    If a child becomes injured through the use of a toy, it can have devastating effects on both the child and parent. Children in particular are extremely vulnerable to the psychological injuries that can occur as the result of being injured by something that is originally designed to bring them joy and happiness. However, if….

    Case Study: 2003 Chancery Lane tube derailment

    On January 25th 2003, a Central Line train derailed at Chancery Lane, injuring 32 people and causing chaos on the London Underground. The train had around 500 passengers on board, and the last four cars of the eight-car train were derailed. None of the passengers were seriously injured, and of the 32 that had suffered….

    Damages when you make a compensation claim and win

    Determining the amount of compensation due if you make a compensation claim and win is not an easy process. There are a number of factors to take into account when making a claim for compensation including to what extent the party at fault was negligent, whether or not the injured party was partially responsible for their own….

    Some examples of situations that can’t be claimed for

    Entitlement to claim for personal injury compensation depends on two critical factors, namely who was responsible for the accident causing your injury and how long ago it happened. Situations that can’t be claimed for The following scenarios are all examples of situations that can’t be claimed for: You sustained a trip injury after tripping over….

    If you step on a syringe at the common, who is responsible?

    Stepping on a syringe is a terrifying ordeal for anyone to endure. The sheer number of injuries and illnesses that can arise as the result of stepping on a syringe can be described as no less than shocking. If however you were to step on a syringe at the common, who would be liable for….

    If you get injured whilst on safari, is the safari company liable?

    Enjoying the spectacle of nature at its finest, going on a guided safari can be the experience of a lifetime. Despite the inherent dangers of travelling the wild plains of the earth, safaris are, by and large, safe and enjoyable. What happens though if you get injured whilst on safari? Who is liable for compensating….

    If you get injured whilst on a plane, is the company liable?

    Plane travel is a popular method of transport these days to travel abroad. Due to the increasing numbers of travellers, flight operators have to make sure they have a good public liability insurance. This means that if you do have to make a travel accident compensation claim you are covered. If you do get injured….

    Injured whilst attending a football ground

    Similar to injuries sustained in other public places, who, if anyone, is liable if you are injured while attending a football ground depends on what happened; where, when and why. Here are some examples of how you may be injured whilst attending a football ground and who would most likely be liable. Slip, trip and….

    What is the fault of the landlord and what isn’t?

    When you are renting a house it can be both a blessing and a curse. It can be good as you don’t need to pay for repairs. However, it can also be a bad thing if the landlord takes a long time to arrange these repairs. So, what is classed as the fault of the….

    How does product liability work?

    Product liability is defined as that part of the law that holds retailers, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers liable for any injuries caused by defective products. Under the CPA (Consumer Protection Act) or common negligence law, if a product or components of a product are defective, the manufacturer may be held liable for any damages caused,….

    If you get ill after attending a petting zoo, who is liable?

    Adults and children alike love a trip to the petting zoo, but what happens if you develop an illness after touching and stroking the animals at a public zoo? If you’ve been injured in a public place or you’ve suffered a slip, trip or fall and you weren’t to blame, it may be advisable to….

    Who determines how much your claim is worth?

    How much your claim is worth is determined by taking two main categories of damages into account, namely special damages and general damages. General damages General damages are concerned with the: Extent of your accidental injury Pain and suffering caused by the injury Potential permanent disability Emotional damage resulting from the injury For compensation claims,….

    What are the most outrageous compensation claims?

    Sometimes the circumstances of an accident require a certain suspension of belief. Here we have compiled a list of some of the more unusual and outrageous compensation claims. The hot coffee case Lieback v McDonalds Restaurants is perhaps the ubiquitous example of outrageous compensation claims. Also known as the McDonald’s coffee case, the facts of….

    Suffering an accident on someone else’s property

    If you slip, trip or fall or you have an accident on somebody else’s property and you were not to blame, you may have a case for public liability compensation, provided that you have evidence to prove you were not at fault in any way. If you think you may have a claim, Accident Advice….

    Health and Safety equipment on a building site

    No matter the sector of employment, employers must always ensure that they take reasonable measures to protect the health and safety of their employees, and prevent accidents at work. In the construction sector, you can be working with specialist equipment on a building site, which presents unique hazards to workers that can cause work-related injury….

    Determining if a car accident is fault of the car manufacturer

    When you are in a road traffic accident, it can be all too easy to look to place blame on a third party driver, or an issue with the road. Yet, there are times when another party may be at fault – could your car accident be the fault of the car manufacturer? Is my….

    Case study: MS Herald of Free Enterprise

    ContentsWhat happened to cause the MS Herald of Free Enterprise to sink?Are ferry journeys safer now?What’s the main danger if you’re on board a ship  that is sinking?Have you been hurt on board a ferry recently?Call now for help and supportFor those old enough to remember, 6th March 1987 was the day the MS Herald….

    What can you claim if you suffer an injury overseas?

    If you’ve been injured abroad as a result of travel accidents, you may be able to claim holiday accident compensation. However, there are restrictions in place and not every incident qualifies for a compensation payout in the UK. If you’ve been involved in an accident abroad and you’d like to find out if you have….

    What are the stages involved in the claim process?

    When you suffer an injury or illness due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may consider claiming personal injury compensation for the harm you have endured. Whether you were involved in a road traffic accident or a work-related incident, for example, you can be worried about the implications of claiming compensation, not to….

    How to determine who is at fault in a car accident

    Determining who is at fault in a car accident can sometimes be quite tricky. Sometimes there is a difference between who caused the accident and who is legally at fault and this is important when it comes to who will be liable for personal injury compensation. Violating traffic law In most cases, the person who….

    Who’s liable for an accident at a public swimming pool?

    It’s normal to worry about the safety of your children, especially when they are using facilities such as a public swimming pool, where a nasty slip, trip or fall could occur. When it comes to determining liability, it is not a simple black and white process as to who is at fault. In this article….

    If you suffer an injury at a car show, who is responsible?

    Who is responsible for an injury at a car show depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident leading to any given personal injury. Injury at a car show Responsibility for an accident involving a vehicle being driven into a crowd, such as, for instance, the incident at the October 2015 car show in Luqa, Malta,….

    Is there always a potential claim after a car accident?

    If you’ve been injured in a crash, it may be worth looking into a potential claim after a car accident. Compensation may be awarded if you were injured in a road traffic accident through no fault of your own; for example, if you were hit by another driver who was going too fast or using….

    Accident hazards for nurses

    Hospitals, nursing homes and other health-related institutions are full of occupational hazards for nurses, as are the homes of patients they visit. Here are some of the hazards faced by nurses on a daily basis. Accident hazards for nurses In addition to the ever-present risk of accidents at work involving slips, trips and falls, manual….

    You had an accident but you’re not sure whose fault it is

    If you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident and you believe that you were not at fault, it may be possible to claim car crash compensation. Compensation can help to cover the costs of vehicle damage, medical fees and lost income. What happens if you’re not sure whose fault it is? Sometimes, accidents happen….

    Making a claim whilst being overseas

    If you’ve been injured abroad and you were involved in travel accidents, which were not your fault, it may be possible to claim whilst being overseas. Travel accident compensation is usually available in cases where holidays or adventure trips are organised by UK operators and accidents are linked to negligence on their part. If you….

    What are the processes involved in making a claim?

    Making a claim, whether from a slip, trip or fall or accident abroad it can be a stressful time for some. You may still be recovering from the injury or accident you had which may make proceedings involved in making a claim harder on you What are the processes involved in making a claim? Whether….

    If your child swallows a toy and chokes, who is liable?

    If a child swallows a toy and chokes it can be a traumatic experience for parent and child alike. However, answering the question as to who is liable is a tricky one because a variety of factors will decide this. There isn’t only one answer to this question. You would need to take into account….

    If you injure yourself at a public skate park, who is liable?

    When it comes to liability for injuries suffered, it’s not always black and white as to who’s at fault. Sports such as rollerblading, skateboarding and mountain biking carry a higher than usual risk of injury, and injuries such as fractures and sprains can be expected when taking part in these sports. What happens, though, if….

    Accidents at an acrobatic gymnasium, who is liable?

    While participants in acrobatics naturally have a duty to protect their own health and safety by adhering to instructions and safety procedures, property owners, coaches and other staff have a duty of care towards visitors and participants to prevent accidents at an acrobatic gymnasium. Possible accidents at an acrobatic gymnasium Accidental injuries at a gymnasium….

    What constitutes a hazard?

    What constitutes a hazard in any given specific area of life (work, leisure, home, etc.) may vary slightly, but speaking as a whole, a hazard is basically any kind of situation or practice with the potential to expose one or more individuals to health risks or cause them mental or bodily harm. What constitutes a….

    Appropriate precautions to take during an earthquake

    Living in the UK, we aren’t typically exposed to the severe natural disasters experienced by people in other parts of the world. That being said, it is always wise to be aware of how to react to a natural disaster and the precautions to take during an earthquake. Just a few simple precautions can help….

    Is it always the fault of the pedestrian if they get hit by a car?

    When you are involved in a road traffic accident, it isn’t always clear who is at fault for the incident that has occurred. When we use roads – and roadsides, for that matter – we all must adhere to The Highway Code to minimise the risk of road traffic accidents. We have all heard tales….

    Can you claim if injured by a bike rider on the pavement?

    According to the Highways Act, it is illegal to cycle on pavements; if you’ve been injured by a bike rider or involved in a road traffic accident and you believe that it was somebody else’s fault, you may be able to claim personal injury compensation. I’ve been injured by a bike rider, can I claim….

    If you make a claim, will you get fired from your job?

    If you’ve had an accident at work and you make a claim, you may be worried about losing your job. However, everyone has a right to claim work accident compensation in circumstances where injuries are sustained as a result of negligence on behalf of an employer. If you’ve been injured at work and you wish….

    If you’re injured on the train, is anyone liable?

    The fact of the matter is, if you are injured on the train, someone will always be liable, even if it is yourself. Should you sustain an injury by tripping over your own shoelaces on a train, for instance, no-one else could be held liable for your trip injury. In other instances, however, the train….

    Rules behind food poisoning and compensation

    Food poisoning is caused by contaminated food items, water or other drinks. Contaminants may, for example, consist of: Campylobacter E. Coli Hepatitis A virus Listeria Salmonella Ranging from mild to severe, even fatal, food poisoning symptoms depend on the bacteria or virus present within the contaminated food and the affected individual’s general health. The age….

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