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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Can you claim if you have an accident due to a market trader’s awning

    Many of us shop online nowadays, but the traditional British market is still alive and kicking. If you like to take a trip to the market from time to time, you should be able to shop without worrying about accidents or injuries. The reality is that as safe as a marketplace seems, there are hidden….

    Most common high street accidents

    The high street is an important symbol of traditional British culture. Every town has a high street, and thousands of us visit local shops, restaurants, and cafés every week. If you’re taking a trip to the high street, and you’re looking forward to a day out, the last thing you want is to return home….

    If you fall in a pothole and injure yourself, who’s liable?

    Who is liable for an injury if you fall in a pothole on a footpath depends on who is actually responsible for the footpath the trip and fall occurred on. If you fall in a pothole on private property Should you be injured by falling into a pothole while walking along a footpath forming part of….

    What are the most bizarre supermarket accidents?

    Accident Advice Helpline has been dealing with personal injury claims for over 15 years now. In that time we’ve helped many people get the compensation they deserve, from slips, trips & falls to road traffic accidents. Any accident can be a traumatic and scarring experience and it is important to note that all claims are….

    Who’s liable if you suffer an injury in the supermarket?

    Having an accident in the supermarket can be a traumatic experience. Often the victims of accidents suffer as many psychological injuries as they do physical injuries and this is can be exacerbated by an accident occurring in a place that we visit on a weekly basis. The question remains, if you suffer an injury in….

    Survivor guide: Black Friday sales

    Most of us would admit to loving a bargain and the Black Friday sales has become something of a phenomenon. Arriving in the UK from America, last year’s scenes of crowds gathering to grab cut-price products at department stores and supermarkets in the run-up to Christmas made the national news and the front pages of all….

    Survivor guide: The ‘Cyber Monday’ sales

    Cyber Monday sales happens every December just after America’s Thanksgiving weekend. This event started in America but has since become popular in other countries. Whilst it is a safer event than those that happen in store as you do not have to shove or push your way through the crowds there are still certain things….

    Five most common retail accidents

    ContentsWhere to go for helpGoing shopping rarely strikes anyone as a potentially dangerous activity. Shop accidents are, however, surprisingly common. The most common retail accidents leading to shoppers or shop employees sustaining personal injuries are centred on incidents involving slips, trips and falls. Spills Injuries by slipping on spills are fairly common. Shop owners are….

    Five most common injuries when leaving a night spot

    ContentsInjuries that could occur when leaving a night spotMaking a compensation claim for a nightclub accidentEvery Friday night, thousands of people flock to bars and clubs to let their hair down, enjoy a drink and catch up with friends after a long week at work. While clubbing can be great fun, club accidents are fairly….

    Survivor guide: A night out in Birmingham

    Birmingham is one of the UK’s biggest cities and as a result has its level of danger from mugging or robbery. If you are going to drink on your night out in Birmingham then it is worth being extra careful, as being drunk or dealing with drunken people can increase the likelihood of injuries from….

    Staying safe on a night out in Newcastle

    Definitely dubbed as one of the party capitals of the UK, Newcastle will no doubt be the base for some spectacular night-out shenanigans. But beyond the standard slips, trips and falls that seemingly come hand-in-hand with a night out on the tiles, it is always good to have a general idea of whether or not….

    Staying safe on a night out in Cardiff

    Cardiff is one of the safer cities in the United Kingdom but after a few drinks things can get a little out of hand anywhere so it is worth watching out and being prepared in advance. If you suffer an injury as the result of an accident on a night out in Cardiff, that you….

    Survivor guide: A night out in Soho

    Soho is a great place for a night out. Filled with clubs, bars and restaurants it is always lively in the evenings. However, as this area is renowned for its buzzing atmosphere, due to the sheer amount of people there is a risk of accidents occurring. One of the most common types of accidents are….

    Preventing public accidents: reading on the sidewalk

    In Summer, there is nothing quite as lovely as strolling in the sun with a new paperback but it’s important to remember to stay safe when walking on the sidewalks, to prevent public accidents. Slips, trips and falls are some of the most common public accidents, especially so near to our homes. In the belief that we….

    Navigating pothole-laden footpaths

    Continual cuts in government spending mean many local councils simply do not have the necessary funds to keep roads and footpaths in good order. For drivers and pedestrians, this means having to navigate stretches of road and pavements full of potholes and other trip hazards. The risks involved For pedestrians, especially those of advanced age….

    If you injure yourself leaving a night spot, can you claim?

    It is a common belief that if you are involved in an accident after a few too many alcoholic beverages, and injure yourself leaving a night spot, you will be unable to claim compensation for your public accident. Slips, trips and falls on nights out are extremely common, and it is a misconception that your level….

    Avoiding injury: Commercial waste on the pavement

    If you’ve been injured in a public place, perhaps you’ve suffered a slip, trip or fall due to waste on the pavement? You could have a case for personal injury compensation. Avoiding injury due to waste on the pavement If you’re going out for a day of retail therapy, you’re rushing around town trying to get to work on time….

    Survivor guide: Shopping on Regent Street, London

    Shopping in London can be an enjoyable activity. With the array of shops there is always a place you haven’t visited or a new place to check out. However, London is a very busy city and accidents can happen, in particular on busy avenues such as Regent Street. One of the most common accidents to….

    Is ‘Black Friday’ a genuine risk to public health

    Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving where the shops hold massive sales. This tradition started in America but has now spread to the UK amongst many other countries. It is known in America as the busiest shopping day of the year and for many it is a day they can do their Christmas shopping…..

    Survivor guide: Shopping on Carnaby Street, London

    London is a great place for shopping. There are so many different markets and shopping centres from Camden market to Westfield. However, one of the most popular shopping locations in London is Carnaby Street. Located in the West End, it is great for fashion lovers and shopping addicts alike. As this is such a popular….

    Common shopping mall injuries

    A shopping mall is full of potential accident risks meaning there are certain common shopping mall injuries that are more likely to occur whilst out and about. One of the most common accidents to occur in a mall is slips, trips or falls. How do slips, trips and falls occur in a shopping mall? There….

    What is your supermarket store manager liable for?

    There are many ways to be injured in a supermarket but if you want to make a claim for a slip, trip or fall or other accident it is helpful to know what makes a supermarket store manager liable. If you have been injured then consider contacting Accident Advice Helpline for no win, no fee***….

    If I suffer a supermarket accident, who is to blame?

    Many people are unsure where the fault lies in the event of an accident such as a slip, trip or fall. At Accident Advice Helpline, we aim to make the claim process as transparent and straightforward as possible. That’s why we publish these handy articles, to inform the public as to just how the claim….

    Ensuring safety leaving a night spot

    Whether you are leaving a nightclub, restaurant or the cinema at night you need to be more cautious to avoid getting injured from a slip, trip or fall or worse, being attacked, ensuring your safety leaving a night spot. Why are you more likely to have a slip, trip or fall or worse at night? Visibility….

    Staying safe when walking on cobbles

    Cobbles are part and parcel of quintessential English village life. Although they have an undeniably charming aesthetic and they look twee, they can be hazardous. If you’re planning a staycation this summer or you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with quaint cobbled streets, here are some tips to help you navigate treacherous terrain and prevent….

    Five far-fetched but possible train station accidents

    According to Network Rail, three million people in the UK use the train on any given day. Many people commute by train, while others use train services to get around the country, see the sights and visit friends and relatives. While train station accidents are fairly uncommon, your local train station may be harbouring some….

    Five far-fetched but possible DIY store accidents

    DIY stores are like an Aladdin’s cave for those of us who are looking to redecorate or redesign their homes. From a new coat of paint for the living room, to those book shelves you’ve been meaning to put up in the bedroom, they have all the gadgets and gizmos need to turn a house into….

    Five far-fetched but possible dog walking accidents

    One of the activities you would not typically associate with injury is dog walking. But, like most activities there is a risk of experiencing dog walking accidents when you are parading with your pooch. Here are 5 possible yet far-fetched potential dog walking accidents. Five potential dog walking accidents Fall injury: If the dog you are walking is strong….

    DIY store accidents: Poorly stored stock

    DIY stores enable us to customise our homes by redecorating and redesigning our living space, whether it’s varnishing a set of shelves or repainting a living room. Have you suffered a DIY store injury that was not your fault? Unfortunately, some people can become victims of accidents and trips and falls at DIY stores when….

    Five DIY store products that could cause a slip, trip or fall

    DIY store products may be very convenient, but they can also be hazardous for customers and workers when health and safety regulations are not followed. Products that are more likely to result in a slip, trip or fall include: Sharp items Products with sharp edges can increase the risk of a slip or fall and….

    DIY store accidents: Discarded wood and other shop floor products

    DIY stores are convenient venues for buying important items like garden tools, new shelving or a new set of carpets for your living space. Better still, with many DIY businesses operating e-commerce websites and home delivery services, many of us don’t even have to visit a DIY store. Everything we want can be delivered straight….

    DIY store accidents: Plant pot trips

    Most of us need to take a trip to a DIY store at least occasionally, whether it’s to buy some new paint or to find a new lawnmower for the garden. Like all retail environments, there is a risk of accidents and injuries, whether it’s suffering a slip or trip on a wet floor or….

    DIY store accidents: Overloaded trolleys

    DIY stores are extremely convenient when you need something specific like a particular colour of paint, a new tool kit or a new chandelier. However, as we all know, trolleys can either be a tremendous source of convenience or tremendously inconvenient. A wonky trolley can wreak havoc on your shopping You should be careful not….

    DIY store accidents: Cuts from timber

    If you have experienced a deep cut from timber and it was not your fault, you could be eligible to get compensation. You can also make a claim if you have been the victim of accidents in other environments, whether you’re seeking compensation for accidents at work or compensation for a road traffic accident claim…..

    DIY store accidents: Exposure to toxic materials

    Being exposed to hazardous materials can be especially dangerous for people with asthma or other associated conditions. Whether you’ve been involved in accidents at work or have experienced medical problems as a result of being exposed to toxic materials in other settings, contact Accident Advice Helpline. Toxic substances can pose a serious risk to your….

    DIY store accidents: Lifting injuries

    While there is always a risk of injury with lifting heavy items, there may be situations in which you experience an accident that was not your fault. If so, you should contact Accident Advice Helpline, an acclaimed injury law firm that has been serving customers across the UK since the year 2000. Accident Advice Helpline….

    DIY store accidents: cuts from exposed blades

    DIY stores provide people with ample freedom to be creative and beautify their homes. There is no limit to how much or how little you can get, whether it’s purchasing paint to redecorate your entire interior or just getting some replacement screws for a small shelf. However, from time to time, accidents such as slips,….

    DIY store accidents: Spilled paint and other liquids

    Many people visit DIY stores for various reasons. Redecorating a living room, refurbishing an entire house, or simply repainting a hallway in a new colour, often require a trip to a local DIY store. Spilled substances can be particularly hazardous for customers and businesses alike. Spilled substances – a messy business If you’ve suffered a….

    What items should restaurant workers keep out of the way of customers?

    Restaurants are a great place to eat, socialise and celebrate special occasions. What we don’t always realise is how much work restaurant workers do in order for us to have a good night out. Restaurants can be a dangerous place if health and safety rules are not adhered to. In order to avoid not only….

    How to safely negotiate Bristol Airport

    Bristol Airport, although one of the smaller airports in the UK can still be very busy. Here is our survival guide to safely negotiating round the airport without having any accidents, especially slips, trips and falls. How are slips, trips and falls caused in Bristol airport? There are many ways that slips, trips and falls….

    Am I more likely to experience a supermarket accident in some aisles than others?

    Supermarket accidents typically consist of slips or trips. It is fairly safe to say that the risk of suffering a slip injury is higher in some aisles than others, while tripping accidents can essentially happen in any given aisle at any given time. Here is why this is so. Slips in supermarkets More often than….

    Are burns the only accident I’m likely to experience in a restaurant?

    Restaurant accidents are by no means limited to incidents causing staff or customers to suffer burn injuries. Scalding injuries, injuries by slips or trips; food poisoning outbreaks and injuries by electrocution or cutting are all possible within the dining rooms and kitchens of restaurants, although the latter two are mainly suffered by employees, rather than….

    The potential perils of working in a supermarket car park

    Do you work in a supermarket car park? Is your job to collect trolleys, keep the car park safe and clean for customers? Is it up to you to check that all customers are abiding by the car park regulations? If so, you may find it useful to discover these potential perils that every supermarket….

    How can inadequate signage cause damage at a restaurant?

    Regardless of where it is, inadequate signage can cause a whole host of damage and problems, including at a restaurant. Here’s how inadequate signage can cause accidents for customers and staff and what you can do if you have recently and unfortunately fallen victim to a fall accident because of the lack of a sign…..

    What items can fall and cause damage in a restaurant?

    Restaurants and restaurant kitchens are by their very nature packed with objects that could fall and cause damage and/or personal injuries to customers or employees. The list of possible items that could fall includes, naming just some of many: Cutlery Cups, saucers, plates and other crockery Bottles and glasses Pots and pans Food or food….

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