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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Precautions bowling alley staff need to take

    Bowling is one of the most popular leisure activities in the world, but far too many accidents still occur at alleys everywhere. There are many precautions bowling alley staff can take to reduce the risk of accidents occurring. There are also steps those using alleys can take to ensure they don’t get hurt or injure….

    Top 3 accidents at a museum

    Are you wondering how people get compensation for accidents at a museum? If so, read on. There are many ways you can become injured whilst at a museum, but three of the main accidents that might occur in one include slipping, tripping or falling because of loose objects, being hurt because of badly-maintained steps or….

    The dangers of playing swingball

    Playing swingball can be incredible fun, but it can also be dangerous. At Accident Advice Helpline, we have dealt with a significant number of swingball-related cases and can help you get compensation if you have been injured whilst playing the game and it wasn’t your fault. Perhaps you were hurt because the equipment you were using….

    Injuries caused by jumping from trampolines into foam pits

    In recent years, there’s been a massive increase in the popularity of trampolining, and trampoline parks have popped up all over the UK. Bouncing around can be great fun whether you’re young or old, but there’s no doubt that this is a hazardous hobby. If you’re planning a day out at a trampoline park, it’s….

    The importance of wearing a life vest when out at sea

    Do you know how important wearing a life vest when out at sea is? A life vest or jacket can be the difference between survival and death, so it’s vital that we don’t become complacent about safety when we are out at sea. Even if the weather is good, we should never assume that we….

    Most common injuries associated with water guns

    Summer is coming, and for many of us, this means spending hours in the garden with the kids splashing around in paddling pools and chasing after each other with water guns. When it’s sunny outside, there’s no better way to spend time with family and friends than getting into the garden and enjoying the fresh….

    Top 3 accidents at a wedding

    A wedding is supposed to be the most special day in a couple’s life. Unfortunately, sometimes this day is ruined by accidents at a wedding. The most common accidents at weddings include: Slips, trips and falls Injuries by fire Food poisoning infections Injuries by slipping, tripping or fire can happen both during wedding ceremonies and….

    How to safely protect children from garden ponds

    What are the best ways to protect children from garden ponds? How can you ensure a picturesque addition to your garden doesn’t become the cause of accidents at home? Fears over safety should never outweigh the benefits of having a pond. It’s good for the natural environment and will make your garden more interesting and….

    Dangers of flying kites on residential streets

    Flying kites on residential streets is an activity fraught with danger. Street parties and the like can be a lot of fun. They are a great way of getting the whole community together and an opportunity to get to know your neighbours. However, various safety precautions need to be taken to ensure they are not….

    Top 3 ways of keeping safe when playing swingball

    ContentsStay safe when playing swingballCompensation for garden accidentsThe summer is within touching distance, and many of us are looking forward to getting the garden games out and enjoying some quality time with friends and family. Although a bit of friendly competition can make things interesting, it is important to consider safety. You may think that….

    Top 3 injuries when bowling

    Injuries when bowling come in a surprising number of shapes and forms. At first glance, you would think that bowling is one of the safest activities around. After all, it’s often mooted as the perfect activity for all ages. However, dig a little deeper and you soon see that there are numerous potential dangers with….

    Dangers of portable barbecues indoors

    Lightweight, easy to move around and store, and typically also easier to clean than larger, more permanent barbecues, portable barbecues are the ideal solution for holidays, picnics, days at the beach or even a quick grilled sausage in your backyard. The one place they should never be used is indoors, be it a house, a….

    Fitting your house for when your parents come to stay

    When your parents come to stay with you, you will want to make sure they are both comfortable and safe. This is particularly important if their mobility is limited. Here are some of the things you can do when your parents come to stay to make your home safe for them and prevent injuries by….

    First aid kit in the house and why it’s important

    From slips, trips and falls to scalding injuries or burns; from insect bites and stings to cuts and lacerations, accidents can occur anywhere and any time. Keeping a first aid kit in the house is important to enable you to deal with any minor injuries quickly and effectively. Stocking a first aid kit in the house  To ensure….

    Safely storing harmful medication away from children

    No parent wants to think about the prospect of their children being involved in accidents. Slips, trips and falls are part and parcel of growing up, but what happens if your children get hold of harmful medication at home? Here is a guide to safely storing harmful medication to prevent accidents at home and serious illness…..

    What to do if your house has a harmful material inside

    At work, our employers take steps to reduce the risk of work-related injury and accidents at work. At home, you have to take responsibility for your own safety. If you think your house has a harmful material in it, it’’s always a good idea to seek expert advice. If you’’re unsure what to do, call in the….

    Disposing safely of harmful domestic materials

    If you work with dangerous chemicals, you’’re probably aware of protocol to prevent accidents at work when disposing of harmful materials, but what happens when you have harmful domestic materials you need to get rid of? Disposing safely of harmful domestic materials When you’’re tidying up or having a spring clean, you’’ll find that most of….

    Most common falls around the house

    Slips, trips and falls are the most common type of accident at work and the main reason people get injured at home. If you’’ve had a slip or trip in a public place, at work, or even if you’ve been involved in common falls around the house, you may be able to claim compensation. Most common falls….

    Damage to your children from watching television

    When children are young, playing out and about, we often worry that they will suffer accidents such as slips, trips and falls. Yet, it may be argued that a few grazes to the knee are preferable in relation to the damage to your children caused by staying at home and watching TV. Can TV cause damage to your….

    5 installations for the shower to prevent slips

    As we get older, it is important to take precautions to prevent slips, trips and falls, which can lead to severe injuries for the elderly. Sadly, accidents around the home do occur too, but there are measures you can take to prevent them. For example, installations for the shower help you minimise the risk of slips, where conditions are dangerous….

    How to avoid getting rats

    We are always trying to improve our living conditions, making our house homely and safe. While we may consider how to prevent typical accidents such as slips, trips and falls in the home, how to avoid getting rats isn’’t commonly considered. How to avoid getting rats While we aim to keep our homes clean and tidy, we do….

    How can you identify a faulty appliance?

    Faulty appliances can cause all sorts of damage to your home, as well as having the potential to cause personal injuries of varying severity. A faulty washing machine, for instance, may not only flood your home, but could also cause injuries by electrocution or injuries by slipping and falling. Electrical faults may also lead to fires or explosions, as could faulty….

    Dangers of keeping chickens

    If you dream of living the good life, you may be thinking about keeping chickens. Keeping chickens may seem like an idyll of rural life, but there are risks involved. If you come into contact with chickens at work, or you’’re desperate to expand your pet collection at home, here are some dangers of keeping….

    Building a wendy house in the back garden

    In the UK, permission is required when building a wendy house anywhere nearer the public pavement or road than your original home. With that considered, it is typically best to opt for building a wendy house in the back garden, and ensuring that it does not cause any obstruction for neighbours. Depending on your plans for building a….

    Are fly sprays dangerous to use in the home?

    Readily available from supermarkets, fly sprays are an effective method of getting rid of flies. While this reduces the risk of being infected by the diseases potentially carried by flies, such as salmonella, gastroenteritis, cholera and typhoid, it is without doubt wise to ask, ‘Are fly sprays dangerous to use in the home?’ Here is why. Are fly sprays….

    5 common accidents in the back yard

    Summer is here and many of us are desperate to spend as much time as possible in the back yard. If you’re planning to get out into the back yard, or you’’re eager to visit public parks and gardens, here are some tips to help you avoid common accidents in the back yard, such as….

    Why you should install a carbon monoxide alarm

    The question why it is important to install a carbon monoxide alarm is best answered by taking a look at what carbon monoxide is, where it comes from and what it is capable of, if not detected early by a carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide Produced in excess when carbon-based fuels like coal, gas, oil or wood do not….

    Why you should have a first aid kit

    Life is never predictable. Sometimes, this is a good thing, but when it comes to your health, it can be scary. Which is why it is advisable to have a first aid kit to hand. Even the most normal-seeming day can quickly become a nightmare if you’’re involved in accidents at work, a road traffic accident or….

    What’s the healthiest temperature to keep your home at?

    The healthiest temperature to keep your home at largely depends upon how old, physically well and active you are. The healthiest temperature, according to for people over the age of 65 and people with health conditions, such as lung or heart disease, or reduced mobility, for example, is a minimum of 18 degrees Celsius (64.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Those….

    Is it safe to burn candles in wooden houses?

    Contrary to popular belief, not all homes are made of bricks and mortar. If you live in a wooden lodge, or are planning on travelling and going back to basics, you may wonder if you can burn candles in wooden houses. Candles create a lovely ambience, calming and relaxing. Yet, it is important to know the dangers involved….

    Is it safe to sleep in a room with damp washing?

    ContentsThe dangers of sleeping in a room with damp washing?Asthma triggersMany of us rely on radiators and airers to dry wet clothes, but is it safe to sleep in a room with damp washing? If you’’re eager to avoid injuries at home, it’’s wise to follow advice from health and safety and medical experts. Here’’s….

    Why it’s dangerous to have bars on your house windows

    Accidents around the home occur from time to time. Slips, trips and falls are some of the more common accidents and are usually only minor in severity. Yet there are hazards around some homes that can lead to more severe injuries and even fatalities, such as bars on your house windows. The dangers of having bars on your….

    How a leaking washing machine can be fatal

    Most people would assume that their washing machine is a harmless bit of kit. However, you’’d be wrong. In some cases, washing machines can be dangerous. A leaking washing machine can result in fatal injuries. If you’’re eager to avoid injuries at home, follow these guidelines. How can a leaking washing machine be fatal? You….

    How to tell if your boiler is faulty

    Faulty boilers in an office block can increase the risk of accidents at work. All business owners should comply with the relevant health and safety guidelines to protect their workforce from work injuries and work-related  illnesses. If you have a boiler at home, it’’s also essential to make sure it’’s in good working order. If your….

    How to tell if a power plug is faulty

    It always happens at the most inconvenient of times; the power shuts off, or doesn’’t quite start at all. Maybe your device works in another socket, which can leave you wondering if the initial power plug is faulty. If your power plug is faulty, it is obviously in your interest, health and safety wise, to get to the root….

    Dangers of owning a hamster or a rodent

    Many of us are aware of potential hazards related to accidents at work, but have you ever thought about hidden dangers that may be lurking at home? For instance, did you know there are risks involved in owning a hamster or a rodent? Dangers of owning a hamster or a rodent If you own a hamster or….

    Where should your boiler be kept?

    It’’s not something we typically have to think about, but where exactly should your boiler be kept? When you have a boiler installed in your home, certified engineers usually do it safely. After all, when boiler accidents occur, they are often more severe than the typical domestic slips, trips and falls. If you have inadequate experience to install your….

    How to make sure your surfaces are kept disease free

    To minimise the risk of accidents at home, we all know the risks associated with spills and trailing wires in regards to slips, trips and falls. Yet, sometimes simply keeping your home tidy isn’’t enough. We need to ensure that our surfaces are kept disease free to prevent illness at home, and the spread of germs. Ensuring your surfaces….

    Diseases you can catch from your domestic pet

    Yes, pets can get under our feet and cause slips, trips and falls of varying severity. Yet, have you ever actually considered that there may be diseases you can catch from your domestic pet? While we all love our little additions to the family, it is important that if you do have a pet in your home that….

    Dangers of having a house that backs onto a common

    While a having a house or garden that backs onto a common may be handy in some respects, it also has its drawbacks and dangers. Drawbacks of a house that backs onto a common As the name suggests, a common is there for and open to the public. At times, this could mean that you will be affected….

    5 reasons to accompany your child to the common

    There are many reasons why you should accompany your child to the common, but the five most important ones are all concerned with your child’s health, safety and general well-being. Top 5 reasons to accompany your child to the common Here are the five most important reasons to go with your child to the common, rather than letting….

    If your child gets hurt at the common, who is at fault?

    Who is at fault if your child gets hurt at the common depends on what happens when, why and how. When a child gets hurt at the common If, for example, your child gets hurt at the common while messing about in the dark or in an inappropriate manner, any injuries they may sustain would be entirely their….

    The 5 dangers of public playgrounds

    Public playgrounds are generally associated with sunny days of laughter with the young ones. Unarguably playgrounds are an ever-popular, cost efficient way of entertaining the kids, but have you considered the dangers of public playgrounds? Slips, trips and falls are, of course, common playground accidents. Yet, as children run free, are there more severe dangers of public playgrounds to be aware….

    Your child is injured at a public playground, now what?

    Those responsible for the upkeep of a public playground have a duty of care to prevent personal injuries. If your child was injured at a public playground, you may be entitled to claim compensation if it can be proven that the responsible authority was in breach of this duty. Dangers at a public playground This may, for instance,….

    3 tell tale signs that a public park is a health risk

    Slips, trips and falls are common accidents on the green, but that doesn’’t necessarily mean to say that your public park is a health risk. Walking, running, and playing on uneven terrain is bound to cause some trips and falls, but there are some more severe hazards that can mean a public park is a health risk. When a public….

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