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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Can you claim if someone shuts your fingers in a car door?

    When someone shuts your fingers in a car door, the pain can be unbearable. If this has occurred to you and the other person’s actions were down to negligence and not taking care, we may be able to help you get compensation. Many of us take our fingers for granted and don’t realise how valuable….

    Who is liable for an accident at a skate park?

    Skate park accidents can and will happen occasionally. If you have an accident at a skate park because the park was not kept in a safe condition, the owner could be held liable for your injuries. Who is liable for an accident at a skate park? Who is liable for an accident at a skate….

    What is the most common accident claim?

    At Accident Advice Helpline, we’ve been helping people to make claims for compensation where they weren’t to blame for over 15 years now. We deal with all areas of personal injury compensation and in that time we’ve come to gather an unrivalled expertise when it comes to personal injury claims. In that time, we have….

    Potential claims for prison workers

    Working in prisons can pose many different dangers. After all, you are working within a close vicinity of criminals; their crime could be as minor as shoplifting or as serious as murder or rape. For these reasons there are several potential claims for prison workers. Slips, trips and falls in the cells This could be….

    Potential accident claims for train drivers

    Train drivers are exposed to a number of hazards in the workplace and being a train driver is considered to be a dangerous profession. At Accident Advice Helpline, we’ve been dealing with claims for compensation in all areas of personal injury law for over 15 years now. As a result we’ve amassed an unrivalled knowledge….

    If I suffer an injury at the work Christmas party, can I claim?

    Work Christmas parties are the perfect place to unwind, dance and celebrate the holiday season. However, these occasions tend to lead to over-consumption of alcohol which can lead to such accidents as slips, trips and falls. What types of slips, trips and falls can occur at the work Christmas party? There are various causes of….

    What are the five most common claims during winter?

    The winter months can often be some of the dangerous times for accidents especially in the icy and snowy times. Here are five of the most common claims during winter. Slips, trip and falls in the ice This is a very common accident. The times when a simple slip, trip or fall injury becomes a….

    How can you tell if a company is negligent?

    Most compensation claims, whether due to accidents at work or holiday-related illness or injury, are the basis of legal negligence cases. But beyond feeling as though someone is to blame for the harm and distress you have endured, how is it possible to tell if a company is negligent and was the cause behind the….

    How can I claim if suffer a supermarket accident?

    Supermarkets are occasionally scenes of incidents resulting in personal injuries to customers or staff members. Such incidents may, for example, consist of people: Tripping and falling over obstacles like products or boxes left in aisles or protruding shelving parts Slipping on spills or wet flooring, wrappers or other litter Tripping over uneven, loose or damaged….

    Most common claims from building sites

    Building sites are highly dangerous places to be, and construction site accidents are not only fairly frequent, they are often also the cause of serious, even fatal injuries at work. Common construction site incidents The most common types of building site accidents include falls from height (scaffolding; ladders; raised parts of buildings); slips, trips and….

    Most common injury claims from holidays to Australia

    Australia is a popular holiday destination for British tourists of all ages and while many return with happy memories of an incredible trip, some are faced with the difficulty of recovering from a holiday nightmare. If you’ve been injured in travel accidents and you wish to claim compensation, Accident Advice Helpline could help to secure….

    If I get injured playing squash, is the sports centre liable?

    Squash is a fast paced sport which is popular to play on your own or with someone else. However, due to the fact it is so fast accidents can and do happen whilst playing it. One of the most common accidents that happens are slips, trips and falls. How do slips, trips or falls happen….

    Does a successful compensation claim depend on negligence?

    Negligence is often the basis for many compensation claims, from accidents at work to travel accident compensation claims. Negligence often covers claims involving personal injury, damage to property or monetary loss. In order to be able to claim for compensation of a party, you must be able to determine negligence on that party’s behalf. Duty,….

    Does it cost to make a personal injury claim?

    If you suffer an injury in an accident that is somebody else’s fault then you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. What is a compensation claim? If your accident was in the last 3 years and it was somebody else’s fault then you can claim for compensation for the injuries and damages….

    Can I claim if I’m injured on an away day with work?

    Health and Safety Executive figures show that 28 million working days are lost to illness and accidents at work each year in the UK. If you’ve been injured at work and you were not to blame, you have a right to claim personal injury compensation. Injuries at work Work accidents and illnesses are common; in….

    Most common accident claims: Personal trainer

    Accidents at work are a common occurrence, regardless of what field of employment you are in. When you sustain an injury at work, it can cause physical pain, distress and difficulties and sometimes this can be the fault of your employer. Overall, workplaces are relatively safe places to be, however, whichever industry you are work….

    Most common accident claims: Lifeguard

    All jobs come with a risk of experiencing accidents at work, however, the role of the lifeguard deals directly with danger. It is the lifeguard’s job to be vigilant at all times, attentive to dangers and accidents in the water. As well as swimming pool lifeguards, who face the risk of common daily accidents such….

    Most common accident claims: Fishermen

    Accidents at work aren’t limited to strains and sprains from manual handling and slips, trips and falls in the office corridor. Thinking outside of the box, many individuals work in sectors that may not immediately spring to mind, that present work-related accident risks, not found in common occupational fields. This finding is particularly true of….

    Most common accident claims: Private nannies

    Choosing to work as a nanny can be a rewarding and extremely satisfying career path. Involvement with children, watching them grow and aiding them in their development is a priceless experience for many. The very nature of the nanny profession is demanding, and despite its maternal demeanour, do not be fooled into thinking accidents at….

    Most common accident claims: Estate agents

    It may not come top in the rankings of dangerous careers, however, accidents at work occur in all sectors and this remains true for estate agents. The very nature of the role – dealing with the public, working outside of the office and visiting unfamiliar areas – lends itself to a number of factors which….

    Most common accident claims: Chemical engineer

    While many people view accidents at work as slips, trips and falls in the office or strains and sprains from manual handling, those working with chemicals each day face a myriad sector-specific health and safety concerns that can cause an array of occupational illness and injury. What is chemical engineering? Prospectus describes chemical engineering as….

    Most common accident claims for a musician

    Working as a musician can be one of the most satisfying career choices for an individual. Effectively investing in your passion each day puts musicians in a very fortunate position; there are very few people who are able to boast having such a suited career path. As with all jobs, however, accidents at work do….

    Most common accident claims: Musician

    Working as a musician can be one of the most satisfying career choices for an individual. Effectively investing in your passion each day, puts musicians in a very fortunate position; there are very few people who are able to boast having such a suited career path. As with all jobs, however, accidents at work do….

    Most common accident claims: Archaeology

    Archaeology is an exhilarating and fulfilling career choice. The study of human history and prehistory, uncovering old sites and artefacts frequently presents new and exciting findings and is invaluable in helping us understand our heritage. But with such expectations from your job role, duties can involve climbing heights, managing specialist equipment and using hazardous chemicals…..

    Most common accident claims: Law & politics

    When you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation for the harm you have suffered. First and foremost, regardless of the severity of the injury you have sustained, you shouldn’t feel guilty about your claim. From slips, trips and falls to road traffic accidents, a law….

    Most common accident claims: Taxi and courier services

    When it comes to accidents at work, some environments are considerably more perilous than others. For example, construction site accidents account for over one quarter of all reported injuries at work over the course of an average year. Taxi drivers and couriers also face considerably more serious dangers than the standard office workplace. Consequences of….

    Most common accident claims: Railway worker

    Railway workers are exposed to the risk of suffering injuries at work on a daily basis. Here are some of the potential risks of personal injuries. Accidents at work Some railway work injuries may be caused by train collisions with other trains or vehicles, objects or people on the tracks and/ or derailments. Derailments may,….

    Most common accident claims: Plumbers

    ContentsManual handling safety for plumbersPlumbers and other construction workers are in one of the riskiest professionsWhat should you do if you’ve been injured while working as a plumber?How much could you claim?Find out more nowPlumbers must be qualified to work in this field. They face many different challenges every day, some of which may potentially….

    Most common accident claims: Electricians

    When it comes to accidents in the work place, few people face the same level of danger and threats to safety as electricians. The mere thought of work accidents for electricians is enough to cause a wince and sharp intake of breath. Electricity is an unforgiving master and accidents involving it can cause a number….

    Most common accident claims: Postal workers

    As a law firm with years of experience in all areas of personal injury compensation including accidents at work, Accident Advice Helpline has gained an unrivalled knowledge when it comes to identifying risks to the health and safety of employees. In this article, we take a look at some of the most common accidents to….

    Most common accident claims: Receptionists

    Receptionists are more important than most people think. They arrange meetings, sort out people’s diaries, take important messages and phone calls and make sure important minutes are written up. Without receptionists, people would have a lot more to do as they would have to work twice as hard. Like all jobs, receptionists’ roles still carry….

    Most common accident claims: Leisure and fitness

    Keeping fit with regular exercise is fantastic for your health and longevity, but although leisure and fitness activities can be exceptionally fun and beneficial, they can sometimes be dangerous if the correct safety precautions aren’t taken. Broken or unmaintained equipment At a gym, you’ll find hundreds of machines, from treadmills and rowing machines, to cross….

    Most common accident claims: Forestry

    Forestry industry careers are considered to be high risk occupations, and for good reason. Worker fatalities in forestry are estimated to be approximately three times as high as fatalities in the construction industry. Work injuries and a variety of occupational illnesses are also common. Accidents at work Claims for injury compensation following accidents in the….

    Most common accident claims: Finance

    At Accident Advice Helpline, we have over 13 years’ experience in all areas of personal injury compensation including accidents at work. We have amassed an expert knowledge on potential injuries across a broad spectrum of careers. In this article we take a look at the most common accident claims in the finance sector. Stress Due….

    Most common accident claims: Education & childcare

    Accidents at work can happen everywhere, regardless of the industry you work in, and it isn’’t just those who work in a physical job that are at risk of a work-related injury. Working in education and childcare may not sound like a job that comes with risks of injury and accidents, but schools and nurseries….

    Most common accident claims: Energy & utilities

    Accident Advice Helpline is a law firm with over 13 years’ experience in all areas of personal injury compensation. We have a comprehensive and extensive knowledge of all areas of personal injury compensation including accidents at work. Our expertise has allowed us to become the foremost authority on health and safety in the workplace. In….

    Most common accident claims: Hospitality & catering

    ContentsWhat types of accidents at work happen in catering and hospitality?What causes an accident at work injury?How to prevent an accident at work in hospitality and catering?Hospitality and catering jobs can represent rewarding careers whether you are in event management or hotels. However, this industry also has its fair share of potential accident at work….

    Most common accident claims: Warehousing

    Before starting work in a warehouse there are many health and safety risks that need to be taken into consideration and explained. It is not a rarity that work accidents happen in a warehouse and extra care should be taken and training given when working in this environment. Accident Advice Helpline has thirteen years’’ experience….

    Most common accident claims: Low carbon and green industries

    While green and low carbon industries are designed to minimise the effect of industry on the environment and often also serves to improve conditions for employees, they do carry their own risks of injuries at work. Accident at work Workers installing and maintaining wind or water turbines, for example, are exposed to the same risks….

    Most common accident claims: Health and social care

    Although it may not seem like an employment sector that carries health risks, those that are employed within the health and social care sector, are indeed, at risk of encountering accidents at work and work-related injuries. Who is at risk of work accidents in the health and social care sector? Regardless of the physicality of….

    Most common accident claims: Hair and beauty

    ContentsHair and beauty accident claims: –Slips, trips and fallsHair and beauty accident claims – allergic reactionsHair and beauty accident claims: Burns and scaldingThere’’s nothing quite like pampering yourself with a lush haircut or rejuvenating treatments at a beauty spa. Equally, nothing can put a dampener on these experiences quite like a nasty personal injury, something….

    Most common accident claims: Sales and marketing

    While sales and marketing careers are not typically seen as dangerous, employees do occasionally suffer injuries at work. Slips, trips and falls By far the most commonly experienced injuries in sales and marketing environments are injuries by slipping, tripping or falling. Injuries by electrocution through defective wiring or equipment are also possible. Some workers have….

    Most common accident claims: Teaching

    While teaching is unlikely to strike anyone as a particularly dangerous occupation, teachers are still exposed to the risk of injuries at work. Accidents at work Manual handling injuries like tendon and muscle strains in teacher’s backs and shoulders, usually caused by lifting, carrying and handling objects, are among the most common work-related injuries claimed….

    Most common accident claims: Public transport industry

    In busy city centres, public transport can provide huge savings in terms of time, effort and money when compared with using a car. However, just because it is more convenient does not necessarily mean it is any safer. After all, buses and taxis can be involved in incidents on the road just as easily as….

    Most common accident claims: Construction industry

    The construction industry employs around 5% of the UK workforce, yet it accounts for 27% of fatal work injuries. If you’ve had an accident at work and it wasn’t your fault, you may wish to think about claiming compensation. What are the most common types of work accident in the construction industry? Statistics from the….

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