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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    The dangers of not having hot water in a house

    Here in the UK, we generally tend to take having hot water readily available for granted. It is only when hot water systems fail that we realise how much we depend on having it. Not having any hot water is not only inconvenient, it is also dangerous. Here are some of the dangers of not….

    Most common causes of falling down stairs

    There are numerous common causes of falling downstairs. Whatever causes your accident on the stairs, it can be comforting and reassuring to know you may be due injury compensation. What are some of the common causes of falling down stairs? Trips and falls: Sometimes, when climbing or descending stairs, you can simply take a stumble. You….

    Top 5 causes of lorry crashes

    Car accidents have devastating effects on the lives of those involved and their families. When lorries and haulage trucks are involved in accidents the results can be even worse, often involving several motor vehicles. Given the size and power of lorries and trucks, those who they crash into often suffer traumatic and life-changing injuries. At….

    Common causes of bus accidents

    In the UK, although traffic can be horrendous, public transport generally performs to a good standard. Many people depend on the service to travel to and from places during the week. For some it’s as simple as a five-minute train ride. For others, it includes a forty-minute train ride and several buses and all this can….

    Rising number of accidents due to earphones

    When you’re walking around listening to music, you probably don’t have a care in the world. It’s easy to forget where you are when you’re singing along and the sun is shining. Music is an amazing form of escapism, but this can also have its downsides. If you’re in a world of your own, you….

    5 dangerous hazards on a public bus

    Many of us rely on a public bus service get from A to B. If you’’re travelling on a public bus, you’’ll probably complete your journey without any issues at all. However, it’’s always a good idea to be aware of potential hazards you may encounter on your travels. 5 common hazards on a public….

    5 common injuries whilst commuting on public roads

    Thousands of people endure commuting on public roads every morning and evening. If you’’re travelling to work in rush hour, the last thing you want to think about is ending up in road traffic accidents or suffering car crash injuries. Here are five common injuries to try and avoid whilst commuting on public roads and some tips….

    The safety risks posed by unkempt skate parks

    Skate parks offer young people the opportunity to practise their skateboarding skills without the risk of getting hurt in traffic or causing personal injuries to pedestrians. Even in such parks, accidental injuries are fairly common, especially when skateboarders are attempting to master new skills. In particular, injuries by falling are fairly common. The inherent risks of this sport can….

    Common injuries whilst surfing

    Surfing may look like a comparatively easy and safe water sport to participate in. In reality, however, dealing with waves and finely tuned surfing boards, as well as rocks, reefs, hard seafloors and all sorts of other risks means injuries whilst surfing are fairly common. Common injuries whilst surfing The most common injuries while surfing include: Lacerations, especially to….

    Why learning to swim is so important in the UK

    Being an island, the UK is surrounded by water. What’s more, this island is criss-crossed with a network of thousands of rivers and canals. Add lakes and reservoirs into the equation and it becomes clear that, wherever you are in the UK, it is likely that you are comparatively close to some body of water….

    Fishing hazards: The dangers when deep water fishing

    As well as its status as one of the most physically demanding professions, deep water fishing is also considered a sport, but certainly not one for the faint hearted. Known for causing regular accidents at work, we take a look at the fishing hazards associated with deep water fishing. What are the common fishing hazards….

    5 common causes of workplace injuries

    Work injuries can be the result of an array of possible causes. The five most common cause of workplace injuries, however are: slips, trips and falls manual handling accidents being struck by objects vehicle collisions, and electrical incidents 1. Cause of workplace injuries: Slipping, tripping or falling Injuries by slipping at work are, combined with….

    5 common candle accidents

    Many of us scatter candles around the house to create a homely atmosphere. Although candles can help you feel calm and relaxed, they can also be incredibly dangerous. When you head home from a busy day at work, the last thing you want to worry about is a house fire. Here are some common candle….

    5 common dangers with fireplaces

    Fireplaces can be comforting and cosy, but they can also be dangerous. Here are some of the dangers with fireplaces and what you can do to minimise the risk of personal injuries. Common dangers with fireplaces Sparks: A crackling fire may cause sparks to fly. If these sparks are allowed to land on carpeting, they….

    5 common barbecue accidents

    Summer is almost here, and this means that many of us will be looking forward to getting the barbecue out and inviting friends and family over. If you’re a fan of garden gatherings, here are some of the most common barbecue accidents to avoid and some tips to help you stay safe this summer. The….

    Air in the underground train tunnel

    Underground train tunnels are all over the world and, as a tourist, the underground or subway as it’s often referred to is a cheap and reasonably simple way to travel and explore the city. However, as helpful and as handy as they are, the air in the underground train tunnel can be dangerous to one’s….

    Five common accidents involving the household pet

    For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when hearing ‘pet’ and ‘personal injury’ in the same sentence is a dog biting someone or someone being scratched or bitten by a cat. In reality, however, the most common accidents involving the household pet are slips, trips and falls. Accidents involving the household pet….

    What are the hazards when working on a farm?

    All occupations carry the risk of accidents at work, however when you are working on a farm you face sector-specific hazards that can lead to myriad complex injuries and illnesses. Although working on a farm can be extremely rewarding, duties are laborious and place a lot of strain on your body. We take a look….

    Common accidents when walking on the street in heavy rain

    During a wet winter, you’ll likely find yourself exposed to the elements whether you’re walking to or from work or during the weekend when people like to get out and do activities. If you’re doing any of these, you must be sure to take extra care when walking on the street in heavy rain. Accidents….

    Hazards associated with fixing a leak in the roof

    When you come to the realisation that you have a leaky roof, it is a household problem that you can’t really ignore. Putting fixing a leak in the roof on a backburner can have serious implications on the condition of your home. While fixing a leak in the roof can be hazardous for the individual….

    Common accidents to occur within a pub

    Whether you work in a pub or you enjoy a drink at your local from time to time, it’s important to be aware of the risks of common accidents to occur within a pub. If you’ve been injured at a pub or you’ve been involved in accidents at work and you were not to blame,….

    Five of the most common accidents on the train

    Thousands of people travel by train every day in the UK; whether you’re commuting to work, travelling to see friends or family or venturing out into the great outdoors, here are some common accidents on the train, such as slips, trips and falls, to try and avoid: Five of the most common accidents on the….

    Suffering an injury whilst working in a dusty environment

    Certain workplaces and working environments carry a greater risk of accidents at work and work-related illness than others. If you work in a dusty environment and you suffer from work illness or sustain work-related injuries, it may be worth seeking expert advice to find out if you could claim work accident compensation. What are the….

    What are the most common snow-related accidents?

    In the UK we don’t have snow that often but when we do the country seems to come to a standstill. Public transport stops, airports shut and so do schools. Snow is the perfect excuse for a day off for adults and children alike. However, like all weather conditions there are certain accidents related to….

    What are the most common accidents in the garden?

    It’s common to feel perfectly safe when you’re at home, isn’t it? We all feel safe, comfortable and relaxed in our own surroundings. But did you know it’s more likely that you’d suffer an accident at home than anywhere else? Around 6,000 people die each year due to an accident at home. While injuries are….

    The most common accidents at the theatre

    A night out at the theatre is enjoyed by thousands of people each year. In fact, London theatres alone enjoyed receiving 14,742,588 visitors in 2015. This is a booming industry, and those who run theatres around the country realise they are responsible for ensuring the health and well-being of all those who attend. The Health….

    The most common injuries that happen whilst doing yoga

    Even doing yoga can expose you to risks of sustaining personal injuries of varying severity. Common injuries when doing yoga The most common injuries when doing yoga are injuries by slips, trips and falls. Slip, trip and fall injuries can, depending on circumstances, range from cuts or bruises to sprains or broken limbs and even back, neck or….

    The most common cause of accidents in the workplace

    According to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive, more than 27 million working days are lost each year in the UK as a result of work-related illness and injuries caused by accidents at work. If you’ve been injured at work and you were not at fault, Accident Advice Helpline could help you to claim….

    The most common accidents in London’s Soho district

    Soho is at the heart of London’s thriving and eclectic night scene. While it is such a popular area for a good night on the town, it is unsurprising that there are a number of common accidents in London’s Soho. Slips, trips & falls Slipping and tripping are among the most common cause of accidents….

    The most common slips, trips and falls

    Slips, trips and falls are common injuries therefore a common cause of compensation claims. There are so many different types of slip, trip and fall injuries so here are a few of the most common. Trip injuries from pavements and kerbs This is one of the most common slips, trips and falls claims as there….

    Five most common golfing accidents

    From slips, trips and falls to bumps, bruises and strains, when we participate in sporting activities, we do so knowing that there are potential health and safety risks involved when undertaking the pursuit. That being said, specific sports are known to be associated with typical injuries and/or illnesses, and an awareness of these hazards, such….

    Most common accidents on holiday abroad

    Going on holiday abroad is a popular choice which isn’t surprising when UK weather is so unpredictable and often quite wet. However, just like here, accidents do still occur overseas. What are the most common accidents on holiday abroad? Considering the amount of countries there are it is difficult to state the most common travel….

    Most common accidents when attending the greyhounds

    Regarded as a cruel sport by many, greyhound racing typically presents more of a risk of potentially serious injury to the hounds than it does to those attending the greyhounds as handlers or spectators. There are, however, some risks those planning on handling greyhounds or attending a race should be aware of. Risks of attending….

    Accidents in Great Yarmouth

    Great Yarmouth is a popular destination for tourists. In the summer it can be a very busy area and with increasing numbers the risk of accidents such as a slip, trip or fall increases. What types of accidents could occur in Great Yarmouth? Many accidents are caused by slips, trips and falls and this is no….

    Is it dangerous to operate a coal barbecue indoors?

    Summer has arrived and it’s barbecue season. If you’re planning to get the family round, you’re hosting a garden party or you’re preparing for a barbecue at work, here are some safety tips to protect you and your guests or customers and prevent accidents at work. Is it dangerous to operate a coal barbecue inside?….

    Sustaining an injury after unauthorised use of a power tool

    Accidents at work vary in type and severity. From simple slips, trips and falls on wet flooring to falls from heights in construction and severe injuries from industrial machines or motors. Minimising the risk of accidents at work To minimise the risk of accidents at work, it is important that all employees undergo a comprehensive….

    Moving house

    If you’re moving house, you’ve probably got enough on your plate without worrying about slips, trips and falls and electric shocks, but there are risks involved in the moving process and it’s best to be wary of potential hazards. Here are some tips for avoiding electrical injuries and accidents in the home when you’re moving….

    Most common excuses in car-pedestrian accidents: “I was on a pedestrian crossing”

    Road traffic accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians can end up with nasty injuries since the person not in the car is not protected. Even when the pedestrian is using a designated pedestrian crossing area they should still be aware of any vehicles in the vicinity since they are not immune from car accidents just because….

    Five far-fetched but possible train station accidents

    According to Network Rail, three million people in the UK use the train on any given day. Many people commute by train, while others use train services to get around the country, see the sights and visit friends and relatives. While train station accidents are fairly uncommon, your local train station may be harbouring some….

    Five ways to prevent equestrian-related accidents

    Equestrian-related accidents, along with motoring accidents and slips, trips and falls, account for the world’s highest rates of accidental injuries. Common equestrian-related accidents Often the result of being thrown or falling of a horse, horse-riding injuries are common among inexperienced riders and people riding for the first time. Riders’ injuries can be very serious, and may include:….

    Five potential cruise holiday accidents

    Cruise holidays are usually considered as a luxury, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and for many people taking exotic cruises, they are just that. Others, however, have their cruises ruined by slips, trips and falls and various other cruise holiday accidents. Cruise holiday accidents Here are the five biggest threats likely to ruin a dream holiday: The biggest risk passengers….

    Five potential safari holiday accidents

    Going on a safari holiday can be an exhilarating, once in a lifetime experience, but it can also lead to safari holiday accidents, if you aren’t careful. Safari holiday accidents Here are five of the biggest threats of a potential accident claim from a safari holiday. Animal attacks leading to a travel claim: When you are on….

    Five far-fetched but possible nightclub accidents

    At Accident Advice Helpline, we’ve helped many people who’ve suffered an injury in circumstances that are perhaps best described as slightly unusual. We are, however, a leading UK law firm and, when to comes to all areas of personal injury compensation, and we understand that sometimes accidents can bizarre accidents do happen that might seem completely….

    Five far-fetched but possible cruise ship accidents

    Occasionally, things aboard cruise ships can go wrong and dream holidays turn sour. More often than not, personal injuries aboard cruise ships are the result of slips, trips and falls. Passengers have also been known to be injured by fires, explosions or falling overboard, but these are not the only cruise ship accidents possible. Five….

    Most common HGV accidents: High winds

    Compared to car collisions, HGV accidents can be far more serious due to the weight and size of the vehicles involved. The number of blind spots and the size of vehicle can make it easy for a road traffic accident to occur under certain circumstances, not to mention external and unpredictable risk factors, such as high winds…..

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