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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Why you should always wear gloves when applying first aid

    ContentsWhy you need to wear gloves when applying first aidWhy is first aid at work so important?You should always wear gloves when applying first aid. To help deal with accidents and injuries at work, most offices have a number of nominated first aiders. These members of staff will be sent on first aid training to learn….

    How long should you stay off work if you have chickenpox?

    ContentsShould you stay off work if you have chickenpox?The main symptoms of chickenpox in adults include:Making a work-related claimDo you need to stay off work if you have chickenpox? And how long should you stay off for? When you think of illnesses in the workplace, chickenpox doesn’t immediately spring to mind. Most of us suffered….

    Dangers of wearing the wrong eye prescription

    ContentsWhat are the dangers of wearing the wrong eye prescription?Can I claim compensation if I’ve been given the wrong glasses?If you can’t see perfectly, it’s common to wear glasses or contact lenses to help you read and see people and objects clearly. When you visit an optician, they will make recommendations based on your prescription…..

    Employer liability: injuries suffered on your lunch break

    ContentsWhen your employer is not liable for injuries suffered on your lunch breakWhen your employer is liable for an injury you suffered on your lunch breakCompensationAccident Advice HelplineWhether your employer is liable for an injury suffered on your lunch break depends on where, how and why your lunch break-accident occurred. When your employer is not liable for injuries….

    How is a private road defined?

    ContentsWhat is a private road?Is it possible to claim compensation?Accident Advice HelplineIf you’’ve been injured in a public place, you may be thinking about claiming public liability compensation, but what happens when you suffer slips, trips and falls on a private road? Who is liable for an accident on a private road? How is a private….

    Treating scabies

    ContentsWhat is scabies?How do I treat scabies?Can I claim compensation for scabies?When we jet off to sunnier climes, we sometimes consider the chance of experiencing an upset stomach or a little bit of sunburn. Yet, there are other travel-related ailments, such as scabies, which could be the cause of a travel accident compensation claim. What is….

    Who’s liable if you injure yourself because of a collapsed chair at work?

    ContentsCollapsed chair scenario oneCollapsing chair scenario twoCollapsed chair scenario threeChair collapsed scenario fourBlurred linesAccident Advice HelplineAs a rule, employers’ responsibility to protect workers against accidents at work means if someone is injured at work, they are liable. There are, however, times when your employer may not be liable. You could, for instance, be at fault yourself, or a colleague’s….

    True or false? Saying sorry after a car accident can make you liable

    ContentsCan saying sorry after a car accident make me liable?What should I do if I’’ve been injured in a crash?Help from Accident Advice HelplineEvery year, thousands of people in the UK are involved in road traffic accidents. If you’’ve been injured by another driver, you may wish to claim compensation. If you do want to….

    Being injured as a visitor on a construction site

    Construction sites are dangerous places to be, not just for those working on them, but also for visitors. As well as employee-related accidents, when you run a construction site, you need to be mindful of those who could be potentially injured as a visitor. The risk of being injured as a visitor Those visiting your….

    If you choke on a fish bone whilst eating fish & chips, are they liable?

    ContentsCase of no liability if you choke on a fish boneWhen someone may be liableReasonable careOther incidentsNon-preventable incidentsPreventable incidentsGetting helpWhether a fish and chip shop or restaurant can be held liable if you choke on a fish bone depends on whether you could reasonably be expected to encounter a fish bone in your food. Case of no liability….

    If a handyman injures themselves on your property, are you liable?

    ContentsAre you liable if a handyman injures themselves?The claims process for handyman injuriesAccident Advice HelplineSlips, trips and falls around the home are relatively standard domestic accidents. With this in mind, if you employ a contractor to carry out work on your home, and a handyman injures themselves while working on your property, can you be held liable? Are you….

    What evidence do you need to prove psychological injury?

    Before going into what evidence is required to prove psychological injury, it is perhaps best to take a look at what it actually is. What is psychological injury? Psychological harm or injury is essentially a phrase describing a variety of psychiatric illnesses people may develop as the result of witnessing or being involved in traumatic incidents, like particularly….

    Who’s liable if you hurt yourself in the gym shower?

    Who is liable for injuries in a gym shower depends on the circumstances surrounding the personal injury. Self-inflicted gym shower incidents If, for example, you were to sustain an injury by slipping on wet flooring in a shower, it could be argued that showers are by their very nature wet places and you should therefore have:      ….

    Who’s liable for damage caused by burst water mains?

    If you’’ve experienced a water leak at home as a result of burst water mains, you may be wondering who is responsible for repairs and liable for damage. If you’’ve had a slip, trip or fall, it’’s often relatively simple to work out who is liable. In cases of damage at home involving burst water mains, it can be trickier…..

    True or false? As a pedestrian, you’re never at fault in a car accident

    ContentsPedestrians at fault in a car accident: Sudden appearancesPedestrians fault in a car accident: Lack of attentionEstablishing fault in a car accidentMaking claimsThe statement ‘a pedestrian is never at fault in a car accident’ is not true. While drivers do have a duty of care to drive in a manner that does not endanger other road users,….

    If you suffer an injury at the work Christmas party, who is at fault?

    ContentsWhere do you stand legally after an accident at a work Christmas party?Examples of potential accidents that might happen at a work Christmas partyContact Accident Advice Helpline now to find out if you can claimMost of us look forward to the festive season, but this doesn’t apply in every situation. For example, one survey discovered….

    Can you claim if your car is broken into?

    ContentsThings to consider when your car is broken intoMaking a claim for compensation if your car is broken intoHow to prevent your own car from being targetedCould you claim personal injury compensation if your car is broken into?Find out where you stand and whether a claim is possible todayWhen your car is broken into, it….

    The most dangerous areas to live in London

    London is home to more than 8 million people. Like all major cities, some boroughs are more dangerous than others, with higher levels of crime and an increased risk of being involved in dangerous scenarios, such as assault, robbery, rape and knife crime. Accidents, from road traffic accidents to violent crime, can happen anywhere in….

    The most common injuries when roller skating

    Contents5 of the most common injuries when roller skatingPlacing blame for common injuries when roller skatingGetting in touch with Accident Advice HelplineRoller skating experienced its first popularity boom in the late 80s, and has since hopped in and out of vogue among children and young adults alike throughout the years. But with all good things….

    Common accidents to occur within a pub

    ContentsWhat are the most common accidents to occur within a pub?What can I do if I’ve been injured at work in a pub?Whether you work in a pub or you enjoy a drink at your local from time to time, it’s important to be aware of the risks of common accidents to occur within a….

    Is an Aga safe to have?

    ContentsToo hot to touchNatural gasDefective AgaWhen first introduced to Britain in 1929, Aga cookers were a kitchen revolution. Designed by the Swedish Nobel laureate Gustaf Dalén, Agas work on the principle that the cast iron stove stores heat from a continuously burning source and the accumulated heat aids in the cooking process, creating a slow-cooker…..

    What are the most common accidents in the garden?

    ContentsAvoiding the chances of being electrocutedAre chemicals involved in the most common accidents in the garden?Slips, trips and falls are among the most common accidents in the gardenCan you claim compensation for common accidents in the gardenFind out more nowIt’s common to feel perfectly safe when you’re at home, isn’t it? We all feel safe,….

    The most common accidents at the theatre

    ContentsWould trips and falls be among the most common accidents at the theatre?The importance of proper lighting in a theatreDo you work at a theatre?Have you been injured while at the theatre?A night out at the theatre is enjoyed by thousands of people each year. In fact, London theatres alone enjoyed receiving 14,742,588 visitors in….

    Can you leave a fire burning overnight?

    ContentsWould it be safe to leave a fire burning overnight?What about electric fires?Preventing fatalities and injuries from occurringThousands of people receive burn injuries each yearIn the winter, the temperature can easily drop well below freezing at night. It often struggles to get much above that during the day in a cold snap, too. If you….

    What are the long-term effects of RSI?

    ContentsRSI symptomsEarly stage RSIUntreated RSILong-term effects of RSIEmployers and RSIBreach of dutyRSI (repetitive strain injury) is an umbrella term for conditions causing pain in muscles, tendons and nerves.  Caused by overuse, repetitive movements or prolonged exposure to excessive vibration, RSI is also often referred to as work-related ULDs (upper limb disorders). The long-term effects of….

    The most dangerous suburbs in Glasgow

    Like all cities, Glasgow has some suburbs which are more dangerous than others. Statistically, you are more likely to encounter crime in some areas, but it is wise to be alert wherever you are, as accidents can happen at any time. Whether you’re driving in Glasgow city centre and you’re eager to avoid road traffic….

    Survivor Guide: Brixton

    From Brixton Village, Market Row and Brockwell Park to the Ritzy Cinema, historic and religious sites, as well as pubs, clubs and restaurants, Brixton has it all. Add to this an event calendar packed with stand-up comedy shows, circuses and a plethora of concerts and it becomes clear why this South London district is such….

    Unsafe areas to walk around in London at night time

    London is by and large a relatively safe city. For a major world city, London has a comparably low crime rate and statistics published by the Met show that violent crime is on the wane in London. This is due in part to the stellar work of the police services who ensure the safety of….

    Factors to be aware of when driving in unfamiliar areas

    Driving in unfamiliar areas is something most drivers will do at some point. Some will stick to the same local area for much of their driving life, while others will visit new areas virtually every day – often as part of their work. According to the British Safety Council, over 25% of all accidents on….

    Are there any risks of injury whilst changing a light bulb

    ContentsWhat are the risks of injury whilst changing a light bulb?Do I have a claim?People often joke about the simplicity of changing a light bulb, but this seemingly menial task can actually carry a risk of serious injury. If you’ve been involved in accidents at work or you’ve been exposed to risks of injury whilst….

    The most common injuries seen in A and E departments

    ContentsSlips, trips and fallsAlcohol-related injuriesBreaks and sprainsMake a claimIf you walk into any A and E department you are likely to be greeted by a hive of activity. These areas always seem to be busy with a variety of different injuries and ailments. However, what are the most common injuries seen in A and E….

    What is the most dangerous suburb in Liverpool?

    ContentsEven the most dangerous suburb in Liverpool appears safer than other citiesAccident or assaultLearn moreIt has not been possible to find crime figures for each and every one of Liverpool’s suburbs, making it difficult to pinpoint the most dangerous suburb in Liverpool. Merseyside Police figures for crimes reported in September 2015 do, however, show that….

    Injured during a company fire drill

    When it comes to fire safety, there really is no way employers should be cutting corners. There are comprehensive guidelines available to employers on how to improve fire safety in the workplace to minimise the risk of fire-related accidents at work. With that in mind, if you are injured during a company fire drill, and….

    Five most common golfing accidents

    From slips, trips and falls to bumps, bruises and strains, when we participate in sporting activities, we do so knowing that there are potential health and safety risks involved when undertaking the pursuit. That being said, specific sports are known to be associated with typical injuries and/or illnesses, and an awareness of these hazards, such….

    Are there any dangers of leaving central heating on overnight?

    ContentsDoes leaving central heating on mean higher bills?Do you live in a rented property?Are you at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning by leaving the central heating on?Leaving central heating on should be safeWould you like free initial advice?Have you ever tried leaving central heating on during the night? When the weather is cold, we are….

    Most dangerous counties in England for road accidents

    ContentsEngland’s most dangerous counties for drivingClaiming compensation for a road traffic collisionAccident Advice Helpline has been operating right across the UK in all areas of personal injury compensation for over 15 years now. In that time, we have dealt with many victims of traffic accidents and have come to identify the most dangerous counties in….

    Hazards when attending a football game

    Football games for many are a chance to see your favourite team and cheer them on. It is an opportunity to support your team whether at home or away. However, like all events, there are potential hazards when attending a football game. One of the main types of potential accidents are slips, trip or falls and….

    What constitutes a hazard?

    What constitutes a hazard in any given specific area of life (work, leisure, home, etc.) may vary slightly, but speaking as a whole, a hazard is basically any kind of situation or practice with the potential to expose one or more individuals to health risks or cause them mental or bodily harm. What constitutes a….

    The dangers of having a real Christmas tree

    Buying an artificial Christmas tree is a continuously growing trend among Britons. There are a number of advantages to having an artificial Christmas tree over having a real Christmas tree, not least the economic benefits of reusing an artificial tree. However, despite the advantages of having an artificial Christmas tree, many people still incline towards….

    The most common injuries during autumn

    While we often consider winter and summer as accident-rife seasons due to extremes in weather conditions, injuries during autumn aren’t uncommon and are caused by myriad incidents. Common injuries during autumn While slips, trips and falls on ice is a typical winter hazard, and sunstroke and sunburn are rife during the warmer months of the….

    Is it safe to keep a pedestal fan going for 24 hours?

    ContentsWhat is a pedestal fan?Are pedestal fans safe to use for long periods?Should you rely solely on a pedestal fan to stay cool?Working in hot weatherHave you been injured by a pedestal fan?Making a claimWhen the weather is warm – or even hot, although it doesn’t seem to happen often in the UK – a….

    London’s most dangerous areas: Newham

    ContentsWhere is Newham?Accidents on the roadsStaying safe while you are out and aboutCan you claim?In 2015, Newham was estimated to have a population of around 332,800 people. The Greater London Authority determined this to rise to around 338,600 people. The area was once known as one of the most deprived areas in England, but it….

    The dangers of using a chainsaw

    Whether you are indulging in a spot of DIY at home, carrying out house and garden improvements, or it is part of your daily job role, working with and using a chainsaw presents numerous health and safety risks, which can lead to equipment-specific injuries of varying severity. When operating such machinery, it is imperative to….

    Most dangerous kitchen items: Food processor

    Working in a kitchen can be extremely hazardous, and accidents at work in kitchens are comparatively common. Food processors One kitchen gadget often responsible for work accidents is the food processor. The risks here are injury by electrocution if the appliance is not well maintained or used too close to water or with wet hands…..

    Safely using an iron

    ContentsHow accidents occur whilst ironingHow to stay safe whilst ironing?Ironing is one of those tasks that although you do not have to do all the time, the pile of washing needing to be ironed soon grows and its time to get the iron out. However, due to the temperature this appliance reaches accidents can and….

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