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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Why you should never kiss a baby with a cold sore

    Do you know why you should never kiss a baby with a cold sore? There have been many stories in the media about the dangers of kissing babies when you have a cold sore, and one baby died in 2013 when they were infected with the cold sore virus after they were kissed by their….

    Speeding on the school run

    Getting children to and from school can be very hectic and stressful, and many injuries occur during the school run each year. At Accident Advice Helpline, we have vast experience in helping people claim for accidents that have occurred due to people speeding on the school run. If you or your child have been hurt….

    The dangers of not having a TV secured around children

    Not having a TV secured around children can be incredibly dangerous. Children tend to be hugely inquisitive, and many are too young to grasp the risks they are taking when they play around television sets. When it comes to television, many parents are more concerned about the content shown on them than their physical dangers,….

    Why you should always teach kids how to call 999 in emergency

    There are many good reasons to teach kids how to call 999 in an emergency.  If your children know how to contact the emergency services when they are required, this can be the difference between life and death. If your child ever asks you about fire engines and police cars, this will give you an excellent opportunity to….

    Top tips for travelling on the underground with a pram

    The London Underground has a global reputation and is one of the most iconic networks of its type in the world. However, it can be tougher to use the Underground with a pram than you might expect. Read on if you are looking for tips about travelling on the underground with a pram. Need advice….

    Why children should not go into saunas

    Children should not go into saunas for a number of reasons. In all the places you usually find saunas – gyms, health spas, hotels – they are usually accompanied with age limits. Why children should not go into saunas – health Of course, all children develop both physically and emotionally at different rates. With two….

    How old do you need to be to use a public hot tub in the UK?

    Although there are no legal restrictions on age when it comes to public hot tubs, many companies and organisations in charge of such facilities do choose to put their own age limits on their services to prevent accidents and injuries. There are some steps you can take to help your child avoid being hurt if….

    Can you claim if you are injured on a slide in a public park?

    We at Accident Advice Helpline can help you if your child has been injured on a slide in a public park. If the accident occurred due to the equipment being faulty or not being maintained properly, there’s a good chance you will be able to get compensation. Accidents on slides can occur for many reasons…..

    The dangers of leaving small toy parts around with young children

    Leaving small toy parts around when you have young children poses all kinds of risks. Here are some of these risks. Dangers of leaving small toy parts around with young children One of the main dangers of leaving small toy parts around with young children is, of course, the risk of choking. Young children often….

    Why children should never run with a lolly in their mouth

    Lollies and lollipops can be more dangerous than you might think and it’s advisable to ensure children should never run with a lolly in their mouth. Lollies are hard candy and can cause choking, and children can be hurt by lollipop sticks if they fall with one in their mouth whilst running. Some people even….

    Why you should never leave a shaver in the reach of a child

    If there’s one parenting safety tips all dads know, it is to never leave a shaver in the reach of a child. At best, you could find everything within reach shaved. This includes their own head, any pets and anything else they can get their hands on. At worst, they could suffer a nasty, serious accident at….

    Most common accidents on the school run

    Busy roads, parked cars and tiredness can combine to turn a school run into an accident waiting to happen. Not surprisingly accidents on the school run are sadly quite common. Here are some of the most common school run accidents. Common accidents on the school run The most common accidents on the school run are….

    Potential injuries of chest of drawers falling on small children

    Chests of drawers can be very useful but they can be very dangerous if you have young children in the home. There have been many high-profile cases involving chests of drawers falling on small children. One leading furniture manufacturer and supplier was forced to recall 27 million chests of drawers in 2016 after three children were….

    The dangers of rocking chairs

    It’s vital that parents are aware of the dangers of rocking chairs. Many parents use adult rocking chairs for sitting in whilst they feed their babies. Rocking chairs can be very comfortable and serve a variety of purposes, but they can also be dangerous, especially where young children are concerned. Children have an innate desire….

    Can you claim if you’re burnt by hot drinks in a school cafeteria?

    Have you been burnt by hot drinks in a school cafeteria? If so, there’s a big chance we will be able to get compensation for you. We may also be able to help if you need to claim on behalf of your child. There’s no denying that school canteens are hectic environments, but the people….

    Who’s to blame if your child is injured at a party?

    Do you know what action you can take if your child is injured at a party? Children’s parties take place in all sorts of venues, including fast food restaurants, homes, halls and community centres. Generally, those in charge of the venue itself or organising the party have a duty of care to those attending it….

    Can you claim if your child gets bitten by a dog?

    Have you been wondering if you can take legal action if your child gets bitten by a dog? The vast majority of dogs are friendly and won’t attack unless provoked, especially if they have a responsible owner. However, bites do happen, and if your child has been bitten by a dog you may have been….

    Can you claim if your child gets injured in a school P.E. lesson?

    ContentsClaiming for your child’s P.E. injurtWhat should I do next?P.E. lessons can divide children. Some love the opportunity to burn off some steam and escape the classroom while others dread spending time in the sports hall. Whether your child loves or hates their P.E. classes, you would expect them to return home at the end….

    The correct ways for children to carry chairs in school

    In an ideal world, children would not have to carry chairs at all. As we do, however, live in a world that is far from perfect, it is essential for teachers, parents and, of course, children to learn the correct ways for children to carry chairs. Learning the correct ways for children to carry chairs….

    Why it’s compulsory water slides have a height limit

    Water slides can be a source of great fun, but they can also cause accidents and injuries. Water slides have a height limit to ensure those using them are big enough to use them safely, as those who don’t meet the limit are far more likely to be involved in accidents. If you’re a parent….

    Why you should always keep kids away from bonfires

    There are numerous reasons why it’s so important to keep kids away from bonfires. Whether you are enjoying a holiday campfire or November the 5th, safety always comes first. Why is it important to keep kids away from bonfires? Quite simply, letting a child near a bonfire is dangerously irresponsible. Children and young people tend….

    The dangers of air pollution for children

    Children are more vulnerable to air pollution than adults due to the fact they breathe in more air for every pound of body weight. Organs including their lungs carry on developing until they get to their late teenage years. Many studies have shown how organs which are still developing are more sensitive to pollutants. Children….

    Who is liable for injuries at inflatables parties?

    Bouncy castles and other giant inflatables are popular attractions for children’s parties. Unfortunately, accidents involving inflatables are quite common. Who is liable for injuries at inflatables parties depends on the circumstances. Causes of injuries at inflatables parties Many injuries at inflatables parties are caused by children bouncing off inflatables and landing hard and often awkwardly….

    Can you claim if your child is partly at fault for an accident?

    Thinking about making an accident claim but worried that, because your child is partly at fault for an accident, it won’t be successful? Call us now to find out more information. Just because a child is partly at fault for an accident doesn’t mean that an injury compensation claim is invalid. What are some claims you….

    Most common injuries caused by sparklers

    You may think that sparklers are a bit of harmless fun, but actually, they can be very dangerous. If you’ve sustained injuries caused by sparklers, you’ll understand the damage sparklers can do. Call now if your injury was the fault of someone else.. If you were injured, and you weren’t to blame, you may wish….

    Claiming for unsafe baby changing facilities which result in injury

    If you’re a parent, your child’s health and safety is your number one priority. When you’re out and about, you shouldn’t have to think about keeping your baby safe when you’re using public facilities. Any shop, supermarket or café that provides facilities for children should comply with guidelines to prevent accidents. If your baby has….

    Legal rules surrounding baby and booster seats

    The legal rules concerning baby and booster seats are very clear. If you fail to meet these rules, accidents with serious consequences can happen. The law surrounding baby and booster seats UK law states that under normal circumstances, children must: Use baby or booster seats until they are 135 cm tall or 12 years old,….

    Diseases your children can catch from pets

    In addition to making wonderful companions, pets can also be a great help in teaching kids about responsibility through feeding, cleaning, walking dogs, and so on. Unfortunately, they can also carry diseases your children can catch when in close contact with them. Diseases your children can catch from pets Diseases your children can catch from your dog, cat,….

    Are night lights dangerous?

    Night lights are small, seemingly innocent, and certainly helpful in alleviating children’s fears in the dark and lighting the way for them if they need to get up during the night, but are night lights dangerous? Night lights can pose a risk of potentially serious injuries unless in good working order and installed correctly. When are night lights….

    Stair gate for young children: Why you need one

    Ask any parent with experience of wandering tiny feet and they will tell you that you absolutely need a stair gate for young children. Many first-time parents take it as a given that you will need to install a stair gate for young children. If you are questioning whether this is an unnecessary expense, you only need to….

    Ensuring your plugs are made safe in a family home

    With a baby or a toddler in tow, you expect some accidents around the home from spills and breakages to slips, trips and falls. Although everything and anything can be a hazard, so far as children are concerned, safeguarding your youngsters against electricity and ensuring your plugs are made safe, is definitely a priority. We take a closer….

    5 foods you should never feed young children

    Life as a new parent can be extremely daunting. All the what-to-dos and what-not-to-dos involved can leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed. This is also true for advice surrounding weaning. Is there any simple guidance? Are there some foods that you should never feed young children as a rule? Forget accidents at work or injuries abroad,….

    5 fire hazards every parent should be aware of

    If you’re a parent, you’re probably more aware than anyone else that accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Health and safety measures are employed to prevent accidents at work and slips, trips and falls, but what can you do at home? Fire safety is something every parent should be aware of. Here are five….

    Remembering health and safety on the school run

    Chances are, if you are a parent, no matter how well you govern your work life, there is nothing that challenges your organisational skills quite like the morning school run. On a standard day, health and safety on the school run starts well before you leave the house; running up and downstairs in a frantic….

    How does mould in a bedroom affect breathing?

    Damp and mould can have a number of detrimental effects to your health. It is important to eliminate sources of mould in a bedroom where possible, in order to prevent respiratory problems. We spend roughly a third of our lives in our bedroom and this means that exposure to mould in the bedroom is a….

    Your child has an accident in a public playground

    When your child has an accident in a public playground, it can cause both your child and yourself immense levels of distress, as well as physical injury. Although accidents do happen, in most cases the park owner should take suitable steps to minimise the risk of incidents such as slips, trips and falls. When you….

    Busy waterways during the half-term holidays

    Half-term holidays are a great chance to get away and enjoy some fun-filled time with the family, but they are among the busiest times of the year to travel and it’s worth bearing this in mind if you plan to make a journey on the roads, rail network or waterways. If you’re eager to dodge….

    What kind of heat-related illnesses can occur?

    Slips, trips and falls in the snow and ice are somewhat common during the winter months in the UK, but as we move away from the chilly season, we are not completely free from risk of injury and illness. While the risk of slips and trips may be minimised in the summer months, there are….

    Five tips to avoid tree climbing injuries

    Children love to explore, get mucky and climb trees. With all of the health and safety precautions about today, it is easy to forget the fun that can be had going back to basics, without spending a penny. Preventing slips, trips and falls, and other tree climbing injuries, when playing doesn’t mean having to restrict youngsters….

    School accident claims

    In this day and age, claims against schools are becoming increasingly common. While it is a murky area, particularly because so many children go to school, there is a significant degree of a duty of care that schools must provide which means that there is potentially a large number of compensation claims. If a pupil’s safety….

    Can you claim if your child is injured at playschool?

    When your child is injured at playschool or nursery, it can be a very distressing experience for both youngster and parents. From slips, trips and falls, to food-related illnesses and lacerations, children are prone to accidents due to their lack of awareness and keenness to play and explore. That being said, when your child was accepted….

    Ensuring your house is childproof

    After your bundle of joy has arrived, it won’t be long before your snoozer becomes a cruiser, taking to the ground to crawl or attempt to walk. While slips, trips and falls are inevitable, it is always recommended that you childproof your home, taking precautions to protect your child from any preventable accidents in the….

    Advice for parents: Suing schools for a child’s injury

    Schools are a perfect place for learning, socialising and helping your children towards a positive future. However, like many other locations, accidents, especially slips, trips and falls, can occur on site. Sometimes it will be the children’s fault but sometimes the school may be at fault, in which case you may need to speak to….

    Stranger danger: Keeping your child well informed

    Stranger danger, a term we have all heard of, yet the risk of strangers abducting or hurting children in some horrible way is never far away. It is therefore, of utmost importance to ensure children know exactly whom they should regards as strangers and how to avoid being hurt by accident or strangers’ criminal intentions. Defining….

    How can I childproof my home to prevent accidents?

    Having a child is a big responsibility; late nights, no time to yourself and constant mess in the house. As a parent you are responsible to keep not only yourself safe but another life, so the question is, how do I childproof my home to prevent accidents such as slips, trip or falls? Make sure….

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