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    Esther Rantzen

    How long should you stay off work if you have shingles?

    ContentsStaying off work with shinglesGetting in touchDo you know how long to stay off work if you have shingles? Shingles involve painful skin rashes that affect one side of the body and the condition is also known as herpes zoster. Most people only experience one case of shingles in their lifetimes, though some people have….

    Top 3 injuries caused by using spray paint

    ContentsWhere am I likely to suffer injuries caused by using spray paint?Injuries caused by using spray paintLong term health problemsMaking a claimInjuries caused by using spray paint can have serious consequences for your health. Spray paints are used in numerous working environments. This means they can lead to accidents at work and industrial illnesses if….

    Who is liable if you fall down stairs at work?

    ContentsIf I fall down stairs at work, who is liable?What can I do if I fall down stairs at work?Aside from the physical pain and suffering, accidents at work can also be embarrassing and confidence-sapping. Something as seemingly innocuous as a fall down stairs at work can have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences to your health…..

    What different types of fire are there?

    Health and Safety Executive information states that according to British Standard BS EN:2 1992, different types of fire are classified into four categories, namely: Class A: Ordinary combustibles including, for instance, wood, textiles and paper; some plastics, rubber and other carbon based organic compounds Class B: Flammable liquids and liquefiable solids including, for example, petrol,….

    Employer liability: injuries suffered on your lunch break

    ContentsWhen your employer is not liable for injuries suffered on your lunch breakWhen your employer is liable for an injury you suffered on your lunch breakCompensationAccident Advice HelplineWhether your employer is liable for an injury suffered on your lunch break depends on where, how and why your lunch break-accident occurred. When your employer is not liable for injuries….

    How to safely use a stapler

    ContentsGetting to grips with how to safely use a staplerWhat happens if you don’’t safely use a staplerClaiming compensation for accidents at workGetting in touch with Accident Advice HelplineAccidents at work occur across every sector, in every profession. When you work in an office role doing the nine to five each day, you would be forgiven for….

    5 reasons filing cabinets are a health and safety risk

    Contents5 health and safety risks of filing cabinetsClaiming compensation for accidents at workHow Accident Advice Helpline can help youDespite the predominant use of computers in today’’s offices, we haven’’t been able to say goodbye to the paper trail quite yet. These documents are usually stored in filing cabinets that, despite their efficiency and popularity in offices, are actually extremely….

    Why your workplace should always have a first aid kit

    While it is any employer’s first priority to prevent accidents at work in the first place, all workplaces should always have a first aid kit and adequately trained first aid personnel on the premises. Here is why this is so important. Why you should always have a first aid kit Accidents are, by definition, unfortunate incidents….

    Who’s liable if you injure yourself because of a collapsed chair at work?

    ContentsCollapsed chair scenario oneCollapsing chair scenario twoCollapsed chair scenario threeChair collapsed scenario fourBlurred linesAccident Advice HelplineAs a rule, employers’ responsibility to protect workers against accidents at work means if someone is injured at work, they are liable. There are, however, times when your employer may not be liable. You could, for instance, be at fault yourself, or a colleague’s….

    Being injured as a visitor on a construction site

    Construction sites are dangerous places to be, not just for those working on them, but also for visitors. As well as employee-related accidents, when you run a construction site, you need to be mindful of those who could be potentially injured as a visitor. The risk of being injured as a visitor Those visiting your….

    Common restaurant accidents

    ContentsRestaurant accidentsManual HandlingContact dermatitisCommon causes of restaurant accidentsRestaurant kitchen mishapsExercise your rightBustling with activity, restaurant kitchens are packed with potential hazards which could cause restaurant accidents. As a result, accidents at work in kitchens are, sadly, fairly common. Restaurant accidents According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), slips and trips are still the sole most commonplace cause of major….

    The danger of spray paint fumes

    ContentsWhat are the dangers of inhaling spray paint fumes?Safety considerations when working around spray paint fumesI’’ve been injured at work. Can I make a compensation claim?If you work in painting or decorating, there are lots of potential hazards you should avoid. One of these is spray paint fumes. If you inhale spray paint fumes, you should seek medical assistance. The last thing….

    Dangers of a Stanley knife

    ContentsStanley knife dangersOther Stanley knife risksPreventing Stanley knife injuriesIn case of mishapsLightweight, easy to use and carry, the Stanley knife is a multi-purpose cutting tool that is routinely used as a utility knife in construction and DIY projects, factories and warehouses everywhere. Unfortunately, it is also responsible for a great deal of workplace injuries. Stanley knife dangers Careless….

    Damage from inhaling paint fumes

    ContentsWhat happens when you inhale paint fumes?How to prevent health problems at workCan I make a claim for a work accident?If you work in painting and decorating or home renovation, you may run the risk of work-related illnesses caused by inhaling paint fumes. If you’’ve been involved in accidents at work or you’’ve developed an illness as a result of your….

    The five most common accidents on a building site

    ContentsFalls from heightLifting and handling injuriesSlips, trips, and fallsBeing struck by an objectManual handling injuriesHealth and safety on a building siteBeen injured in one of these common accidents on a building site?Did you know the construction industry is one of the more dangerous ones you could work in? According to one report, it is the second….

    Dangerous careers: Zookeeper

    ContentsThe dangers that a zookeeper facesWho is responsible for a zookeeper’s accident at work?Accident Advice HelplineIt seems to be an uncommon profession yet there are plenty of workers out there who are employed within the sector. However, it is the specific role of zookeeper that presents particular hazards that put employees at risk of sustaining….

    Common accidents to occur within a pub

    ContentsWhat are the most common accidents to occur within a pub?What can I do if I’ve been injured at work in a pub?Whether you work in a pub or you enjoy a drink at your local from time to time, it’s important to be aware of the risks of common accidents to occur within a….

    The most bizarre accidents to happen in the kitchen

    ContentsBizarre accidents in the kitchenCommercial kitchensWhen cooking goes wrongFreak accidents can happen anywhere, but kitchens certainly seem to have their fair share of strange incidents. Bizarre accidents in the kitchen A compilation of the most bizarre accidents to happen in the kitchen must surely include the following: A Scottish mother slipped in her kitchen and….

    What are the long-term effects of RSI?

    ContentsRSI symptomsEarly stage RSIUntreated RSILong-term effects of RSIEmployers and RSIBreach of dutyRSI (repetitive strain injury) is an umbrella term for conditions causing pain in muscles, tendons and nerves.  Caused by overuse, repetitive movements or prolonged exposure to excessive vibration, RSI is also often referred to as work-related ULDs (upper limb disorders). The long-term effects of….

    Are there any risks of injury whilst changing a light bulb

    ContentsWhat are the risks of injury whilst changing a light bulb?Do I have a claim?People often joke about the simplicity of changing a light bulb, but this seemingly menial task can actually carry a risk of serious injury. If you’ve been involved in accidents at work or you’ve been exposed to risks of injury whilst….

    Injured during a company fire drill

    When it comes to fire safety, there really is no way employers should be cutting corners. There are comprehensive guidelines available to employers on how to improve fire safety in the workplace to minimise the risk of fire-related accidents at work. With that in mind, if you are injured during a company fire drill, and….

    What constitutes a hazard?

    What constitutes a hazard in any given specific area of life (work, leisure, home, etc.) may vary slightly, but speaking as a whole, a hazard is basically any kind of situation or practice with the potential to expose one or more individuals to health risks or cause them mental or bodily harm. What constitutes a….

    The dangers of using a chainsaw

    Whether you are indulging in a spot of DIY at home, carrying out house and garden improvements, or it is part of your daily job role, working with and using a chainsaw presents numerous health and safety risks, which can lead to equipment-specific injuries of varying severity. When operating such machinery, it is imperative to….

    Most dangerous kitchen items: Food processor

    Working in a kitchen can be extremely hazardous, and accidents at work in kitchens are comparatively common. Food processors One kitchen gadget often responsible for work accidents is the food processor. The risks here are injury by electrocution if the appliance is not well maintained or used too close to water or with wet hands…..

    How to avoid burn injuries when cooking with oil

    Whether you’re cooking a family meal at home or you’re preparing to serve hundreds of guests lunch at a bar or restaurant, it’s important to bear health and safety measures in mind to prevent burn injuries and reduce the risk of accidents at work. How to avoid burn injuries when cooking with oil Cooking is….

    Hazards in the workplace: overloaded sockets

    ContentsProblems caused by overloaded socketsOverloading sockets: Preventing electrical firesIs your employer responsible for your accident at work?Accident Advice HelplineWhen you consider accidents at work, it is likely that slips and falls come to mind, or industrial-related injuries caused by heavy-duty machinery. Yet, sometimes some of the simplest of hazards in the workplace can cause work-related….

    Can I claim for emotional suffering and pain?

    Emotional suffering and pain can be a major consequence of the injury sustained from such incidents as an accident at work. This type of pain can linger long after the physical injuries have recovered and can severely affect your life. So can compensation be sought for emotional suffering? The simple answer is yes it can….

    Can I claim against a company that no longer exists?

    ContentsHow long might it take to develop an illness following asbestos exposure?Is it possible to claim anything in compensation?The Employers’ Liability Tracing Office (ELTO)What about other industrial illnesses and claims?Learn more about how we can help youWe’ve all heard about accidents in the workplace, but it’s possible to become ill through the work you do….

    Injuries due to lack of Personal Protective Equipment

    ContentsThe importance of risk assessmentsCan basic checks be made to reduce the odds of illness and injury?Ill or injured as a result of your job?Speak to one of our advisors todayPersonal Protective Equipment is sometimes abbreviated to PPE. It’s a catch-all term that relates to many types of clothing and equipment designed to protect you….

    How can serious electric shocks result in blindness?

    ContentsWhat kinds of injuries may result from an electric shock?Burns from electric shocksWhen electric shocks result in blindnessCoping with the outcome of an electric shockWhat to do when electric shocks result in blindnessDid you know there is a chance electric shocks result in blindness? Many people know electric shocks can be dangerous and potentially fatal…..

    Asthma at work: The Equality Act 2010

    The Equality Act 2010 is an act that protects individuals with a disability, whether it is physical or mental. A disability is classed as a condition which is ongoing and has affected you for over a year and it could be a big part of your accident claim. Why would the Equality Act affect my accident….

    Are employers liable for an injury if I work from home?

    Technology has made it possible for increasing numbers of people to work from home. Unfortunately, this can cause confusion if you sustain a work related injury at home. The basics In essence, whether your employer’s liability insurance covers your work accident or not depends on the type of contract, implied, spoken or written, you have….

    Five accidents that can cause industrial blindness

    ContentsChemicals splashed in the eyesHead injuriesHeat or light damageForeign objects in the eyesBurnsHow much compensation is typically paid in cases like these?Claiming for accidents that can cause industrial blindnessAccidents that can cause industrial blindness are devastating, both to the victim and to their families and loved ones. Losing your sight over time is bad enough,….

    Repetitive strain injury gadgets: Computer Injury Prevention program

    Repetitive strain injury is one of the most commonly reported accidents at work and is a term which has been heard by many people in the course of their employment. Repetitive strain injuries occur when excessive pressure is placed upon the same muscle groups for a continued period of time, often as the result of….

    Injury claim jargon buster: What does quantum mean?

    The last thing you need when you’re trying to make a claim for an accident at work or a car crash is a load of pages filled with jargon to get your head around. Legal language can be confusing and seem a little strange if you’re not used to it, but there’s no need to….

    Types of repetitive strain injury: Ganglion

    ContentsIs ganglion a type of repetitive strain injury?Are ganglion cysts dangerous and how are these repetitive strain injuries treated?A ganglion cyst is a lump that can form under the skin which is made up of a thick fluid-like matter called synovial fluid which is used to cushion and protect joints and tendons. A ganglion cyst….

    Symptoms of vibration white finger: Finger tingling and pain

    Vibration white finger is the perhaps more commonly known name for hand-arm vibration syndrome. It is a debilitating condition that affects workers in many sectors, but in particular those in construction or manufacturing industries. The condition arises as the result of overexposure to high levels of vibration, usually from an item of equipment used in….

    Why do delayed reactions with whiplash symptoms occur?

    ContentsWhat is whiplash?What symptoms might arise if you do develop whiplash?Why might you get delayed reactions with whiplash?Can you make a claim for compensation following a car accident?If you have ever been in a road accident, you’ll know how quickly they can occur and how quickly the impact can happen, too. The impact leads to….

    5 slip and trip hazards at a summer music festival

    Summer music festivals are extremely popular and usually attended by large crowds. Typically involving an array of temporary structures, camping areas and a great deal of movement all over the site during times of low light levels, such festivals rarely go by without a number of personal injuries, most of which are caused by slips,….

    Five slip and trip hazards at the cinema

    A night out at the cinema, whether it’s for a first date, a romantic evening or a family outing to enjoy the latest blockbuster, is almost as strong an English tradition as fish and chips and disappointing World Cups. For such a common occurrence, it may come as a surprise just how many hazards and….

    5 slip and trip hazards at the airport

    Airports are always busy, both arrivals and departures. Whether you go to one of the big London airports or one of the smaller airports around the world there are always potential hazards which could lead to a slip, trip or fall. Here are our 5 slip and trip hazards at the airport. Trip injury over….

    Five slip and trip hazards at the bowling alley

    There isn’t much that beats a night of bowling with your friends — grabbing some food and ordering some drinks before dividing into teams is great for striking up a bit of healthy competition and a lot of fun. However, the bowling alley can be a dangerous place for slips, trips and falls. Being aware of what….

    5 slip and trip hazards at your nearest shopping mall

    ContentsSpilt drinks and foodBoxes and items left on the floorDisplays in the middle of the floorPushchairs and buggies left unattendedRepairs not carried outShopping malls can be busy places even on weekdays. Due to the crowds and the amount of different shops a mall can be surrounded in slip and trip hazards. Here are 5 potential….

    Construction site accidents: Eye injuries

    Construction sites are often the scene of work accidents causing eye injuries. Such injuries can range from irritations and mild inflammations to temporary or permanent loss of sight, even loss of an eye altogether. Construction site eye injuries The most common causes of eye injuries on construction sites are flying objects. These may consist of….

    Repetitive Strain Injury: Cooks

    It may seem like the least of your worries when working in a kitchen, however, a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) can be one of the most painful of the minor work-related injuries. Accidents at work, including those in the kitchen, vary in severity. Although cooks work with knives, industrial equipment and other potentially life-threatening objects,….

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