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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    The dangers of deep sea diving

    Deep sea diving involves dives beyond 30 metres in depth. Many people have to partake in deep sea diving as part of their jobs, including those that work in the oil and gas industries and Royal Navy divers. Deep sea divers need to wear special suits to keep them safe because of the extreme pressure….

    Most common accidents on swivel chairs

    Are you wondering how people get compensation for accidents on swivel chairs? Office furniture can be a notable cause of injuries, and if you have had a slip, trip or fall because of poorly-maintained office furniture you may be able to obtain compensation. There is no need to worry about being sacked or putting your….

    Most common injuries vets experience

    Are you wondering what the most common injuries vets experience are? Being a vet can be very dangerous, and a huge amount of injuries inflicted on vets happen when they are restraining animals. Accidents can also occur when vets are treating animals and when they are lifting objects. Some of the most common injuries vets….

    Safety tips for underwater photographers

    There are some weird and wonderful jobs out there, and few are more exotic than an underwater photographer. Photography is a fascinating job, but it can carry risks, especially if you work in extreme environments. Underwater photographers, for example, have a lot more to think about than just getting the lighting right and capturing a….

    Can you claim if you catch shingles at work?

    Do you know what to do if you catch shingles at work? Shingles involve the virus that causes chicken pox being reactivated and shouldn’t cause too much harm for most younger people. However, if certain vulnerable or elderly people get shingles, it can be fatal. Shingles can appear as rashes and blisters, so it’s vital….

    Can you claim for a military fitness training accident?

    Do you need to claim for a military fitness training accident? If so, continue reading. Claims for accidents in the military are more common than you might expect, and even though people join the forces knowing there is a chance they will be injured or even killed, this does not mean they simply have to….

    Can a circus performer claim if they are injured during a performance?

    Whether you’re a hairdresser, an accountant, a nurse, a teacher or an acrobat, you deserve to work in a safe environment. If you’ve been injured at work as a result of your employer’s negligence, you have a right to claim compensation. If you had a slip, trip or fall or you were injured during a….

    Can you claim if you suffer a burns accident at work in a bakery?

    Suffering a burns accident at work in a bakery can leave you physically damaged and emotionally distressed. Though nothing can ever eliminate the shock and pain of an accident at work, financial compensation can ease the burden. Bakery staff are at a near-constant risk of burn injuries. The food and equipment they handle are, more….

    Can vets claim if they are bitten at work?

    Are you a vet that’s been bitten at work? If so, we may be able to help you get compensation for your injuries. If you were forced to take time off work because of your injuries, you may have lost earnings and you may have had to cover costly medical bills. Compensation is designed to….

    How often does an office safety risk assessment need to be undertaken?

    While working in an office is not generally a dangerous occupation, office accidents can and do happen occasionally. To prevent accidents at the office, employers must carry out an office safety risk assessment. How often should an office safety risk assessment be undertaken? According to Health & Safety Executive guidelines, an office safety risk assessment….

    Top 3 ways of getting an electric shock

    When you go to work, you expect to come home later in the day and be able to put your feet up. Nobody wants to head out for a day at work in fear of injury. Sadly, work accidents are much more common than you may think. From slips, trips and falls to getting an….

    The dangers of working at a circus

    The circus should be a place where you can escape the real world, have fun and marvel at the talents of others. If you’ve been to the circus before, you may well be aware of the risks involved. If you’re a circus performer, the tricks you show off may involve you putting your body on….

    Top 3 stationery items which cause accidents

    If you work in an office, you probably use stationery on a daily basis without giving accidents or injuries a second thought. What could possibly go wrong when you’re using a stapler, right? It may seem unlikely that you’d get injured at the office, but using stationery can pose risks. Here are 3 stationery items….

    The dangers of working at a recycling plant

    Some jobs are more dangerous than others and there are numerous dangers of working at a recycling plant. When it comes to avoiding accidents at work, you need to be wary of a number of things. The two most important things to consider are the work environment and the nature of the job itself. Of….

    How long should you stay off work if you have shingles?

    ContentsStaying off work with shinglesGetting in touchDo you know how long to stay off work if you have shingles? Shingles involve painful skin rashes that affect one side of the body and the condition is also known as herpes zoster. Most people only experience one case of shingles in their lifetimes, though some people have….

    Top 3 injuries when working on the underground

    London Underground is one of the most famous and iconic transport services in the world and is used by people from across the world every day by workers, tourists and more. Most people who work on or use the Underground won’t ever become injured during their travels or working day but a small amount of….

    Top injuries when working on train tracks

    Railway staff working on train tracks put themselves at risk every day to help keep our transport networks ticking over. At Accident Advice Helpline, we have a great deal of experience when it comes to helping people get compensation for injuries that they have sustained whilst working on the railways, and we always do everything….

    How to manage the risks of driving for work

    Millions of people across the UK drive as part of their jobs. Some driving jobs can be particularly dangerous, but there are steps we can take to reduce the chances of accidents occurring. Let’s take a look at some of the main risks of driving for work right now. Risks of driving for work HGV….

    Top 3 injuries when using a nail gun

    Have you been injured whilst using a nail gun? If so, and the accident wasn’t your fault, there is a big chance you could be able to take legal action. Accidents with nail guns at work can occur when those responsible for your safety have failed to take safety precautions, or have handed you tools that….

    The dangers of feeling fatigued

    The dangers of feeling fatigued at work are numerous. Long working hours and badly thought-out rotas can lead to significant fatigue, which in turn can result in accidents, injuries and more. Fatigue can result from poorly-designed shift patterns which don’t give workers the time they need to rest. It can be the product of heightened….

    Precautions to take whilst using spray paint

    It’s essential that great care is taken to avoid injury when using spray paint. Spray paint can be incredibly dangerous if it is not used correctly, and spray paint aerosols fall under the highest hazard category for aerosols in general. Let’s take a look at some of the main precautions you should take when using….

    Why all offices should have a first aid kit

    Accidents happen, and usually, you suffer injuries when you least expect it. If you work in an office, you may assume that you’re immune from injury while you’re sat at your desk, but even the safest-seeming workplaces can become the scene of work accidents and injuries. You never know what’s around the corner, and this….

    Can you get injured whilst using pressure washers?

    Used to clean anything from cars, paths and other surfaces to tools, pressure washers are a common sight in service stations, other commercial settings and even people’s gardens. A combination of electricity, water under high pressure and heat does, however, mean the risk of getting injured whilst using pressure washers is significant. The dangers of….

    Precautions to take when using a coffee machine at work

    Using a coffee machine at work is the lifeblood of millions of offices up and down the country. The ability to quickly get your caffeine fix is a vital part of office routine for millions. However, for such a simple task, there are a surprising amount of hidden dangers. What are the main dangers of….

    Can you claim if you get an electric shock from an extension lead in an office?

    If you are injured by an electric shock from an extension lead in an office, you may be due work injury compensation. Suffering an electric shock at work can be both physically painful and emotionally distressing. In fact, suffering any form of accident at work can be extremely damaging to confidence and self-esteem. Not to….

    Can you claim if you have an accident in the kitchen at work?

    Suffering an accident in the kitchen at work can be painful on both a physical and emotional level. As well as any injuries you may suffer, there is also the mental torment of being injured somewhere you spend so much of your time. Employers have a legal obligation towards the safety of their employees. This….

    Can you claim if you get injured at a work party?

    A lot of people come to Accident Advice Helpline because they’ve been injured at a work party. Work parties can be incredibly fun and can have a wonderful impact on staff morale, bringing teams closer together and helping all concerned celebrate their recent achievements. However, accidents and injuries at work parties aren’t as rare as….

    The dangers of extension leads in an office

    Using extension leads in an office can be dangerous. Here is why. Dangers of extension leads in an office Unless extension leads in an office are stored and maintained properly, there is a risk of defective leads causing injuries by electrocution or fires. What’s more, if extension leads are carelessly strung across pathways, they significantly….

    Can you claim if you are burnt whilst using a coffee machine at work?

    Whether you can claim if you are burnt whilst using a coffee machine at work depends on the circumstances. Burnt whilst using a coffee machine at work You may, for instance, qualify for compensation if you were burnt whilst using a coffee machine at work because the machine was defective. You could also be entitled….

    Top 3 ways to deal with work stress

    How often do you come home from work feeling stressed? Stress is part and parcel of life for many of us, but there are times when it can take over our lives and make going to work a daunting prospect. If your job is stressing you out, here are 3 ways to deal with work….

    Safety steps to follow to ensure worker safety when climbing ladders

    Working on ladders can be dangerous and lead to injuries. Following a few simple steps helps ensure worker safety when climbing ladders. Safety steps to ensure worker safety when climbing ladders The first step in ensuring worker safety when climbing ladders are to make a few safety checks before using a ladder. This includes checking:….

    Different types of occupational respiratory diseases

    Occupational respiratory diseases are a very real threat to the health and safety of millions of workers throughout the UK. The effects of occupational respiratory diseases can be significant, long-lasting and, ultimately, fatal. This is why guarding against industrial illnesses is such an important part of safety at work in a range of jobs. It’s….

    Can you claim for tinnitus due to work?

    Have you suffered from tinnitus due to work? Then you may well be due work illness compensation.Living with tinnitus can be extremely difficult. This pain is only amplified if you know that you are suffering through no fault of your own. How can you get tinnitus due to work? Tinnitus can be caused by prolonged….

    Top 3 injuries caused by using spray paint

    ContentsWhere am I likely to suffer injuries caused by using spray paint?Injuries caused by using spray paintLong term health problemsMaking a claimInjuries caused by using spray paint can have serious consequences for your health. Spray paints are used in numerous working environments. This means they can lead to accidents at work and industrial illnesses if….

    Most common crushing accident injuries

    Crushing accidents at work can cause serious, even fatal injuries. Here are some of the most common crushing accident injuries and their causes. Common crushing accident injuries The most common causes of crushing injuries are: Contact with moving parts of machinery Collapse of or falling construction materials Crushing by moving objects or vehicles Common crushing….

    When is your boss being negligent?

    Is your boss being negligent when it comes to ensuring your safety at work? Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their staff and environment. Failure to do so can easily lead to an accident at work, which can prove to be costly in a physical sense for the employee, and a financial one for….

    Injured due to insufficient or improper training

    Many of us have to study and train to get the job of our dreams. Once you’ve landed the perfect job, the last thing you want is to be involved in an accident at work. When you go to work, you should be able to go about your business without any worries about your safety. If you’ve….

    How a crushing accident in an office may occur

    How a crushing accident in an office may happen Crushing accidents can be caused by all kinds of mishaps. You could, for example, get your fingers trapped and crushed in a slamming door. Other incidents likely to cause a crushing accident in an office may include: Slips and trips causing heavy objects (computers, shelving, etc.)….

    Different types of industrial diseases

    When it comes to dangers at work, there’s far more than just standard slips, trips and falls that pose a risk to safety. Industrial diseases are the scourge of numerous workplaces and it’s absolutely essential that employers take all steps necessary to eliminate the risks of them occurring. There is a range of different types of….

    What to do If your work environment is making you ill

    Suffering from an accident or illness at work is something that all employers have a legal obligation to guard against. The results of these obligations manifest themselves in any number of ways. There are steps to take if your work environment is making you ill. If you become unwell as a result you may be eligible for compensation…..

    What to do when protective clothing fails

    Various day-to-day activities require you to wear protective clothing. This can range from clothing worn whilst travelling to work, to safety equipment to be worn on the job. Helmets, masks, glasses, gloves and sturdy boots are all types of protective clothing. When you protective clothing fails this could result in illness, causing serious long-term injuries. With….

    Safeguarding your workers from exposure to asbestos

    Asbestos refers to naturally occurring fibrous minerals that are harmful to humans but have been known to be used in ceilings, floor tiles and cement. For example, an electrician could come into contact with asbestos while working due to the fact that was used in insulation for its resistance to fire and heat. Similarly, mechanics are….

    Who is liable if you fall down stairs at work?

    ContentsIf I fall down stairs at work, who is liable?What can I do if I fall down stairs at work?Aside from the physical pain and suffering, accidents at work can also be embarrassing and confidence-sapping. Something as seemingly innocuous as a fall down stairs at work can have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences to your health…..

    Personal injury claim for a military training accident

    Suffering an injury at work is never a pleasant experience for a number of reasons. On a physical level, it can, of course, be extremely painful and require a significant recovery period. On an emotional and more personal level, they can be confidence-shattering and somewhat embarrassing. All of this is amplified for those in the….

    Injuries due to defective military equipment

    The results of an injury suffered whilst on military service are often life-changing. Given the dangerous situations, the machinery involved and the physical nature of the job itself, an accident at work for military personnel is a completely different thing to a slip or trip in an office. Whilst serving in the military you can….

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