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How to safely use hoists and slings

When materials need to be moved from one area of a construction site to another, hoists and slings are often used to transport the load. This can be a dangerous process, especially in windy conditions or when using worn equipment. For this reason, there are certain safety procedures which must always be followed when using hoists and slings.

What are hoists and slings?

Hoists and slings are the systems which are used to support and carry materials from one area of a construction site to another. Slings are most often made either from metal chains or from strong polyester, while the hoists are used to hold these. Slings are designed for different purposes depending on the material to be carried and its weight.

Safety tips for using hoists and slings

  • Never exceed the maximum capacity of the hoisting device (you must always know what this is)
  • Never attempt to use hoists and slings at work unless you have been properly trained and have adequate supervision
  • Always be aware of the weight of the load you are attempting to hoist and its relation to the capacity of the hoist
  • Always know the working load limit of the slings in use
  • Before use, thoroughly inspect all components for damage or excessive wear
  • Be aware of wind conditions – if it is too windy do not attempt to use hoists and slings
  • Be aware of visibility – everyone on site must be able to clearly see where the hoists and slings are in relation to people and other objects
  • Be aware of any electrical lines in the area and avoid these
  • Ensure that the load is moved slowly – swing can create excess force which can then exceed the hoist or sling’s weight load capacity
  • Always add the weight of the sling and hoist and load to ensure this does not exceed the total maximum capacity of the hoisting device
  • Always wear appropriate protective gear including a hard hat and metal-capped footwear

Claim compensation for an injury caused by hoists and slings

If you have been injured in any way at work, you may be entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation. This is because your employer has a duty of care to keep you safe when at work. To find out more, contact our expert advisors at Accident Advice Helpline or consult our 30-second online eligibility test.