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How to safely remove old glass window panes

Windows come in all sorts of shapes, designs and sizes, and frame materials may consist of metal, wood, PVC or other materials. As such, it is difficult to provide generalised step-by-step instructions on how to safely remove glass window panes safely. There are, however, a few steps that can be taken to prevent injuries at work while removing or replacing window panes.

Potential accidents at work

Before going into how to prevent work injuries, it helps to know just what the risks are when removing glass panes from windows. Whether the pane is in one piece or broken, there is obviously always a risk of being cut by shards or sharp edges of glass. Use of box or dry board cutters during the process of removing putty or other sealants around the glass edge also carries a risk of workplace injuries. There is also a risk of eye injuries through tiny fragments of glass splintering away from the pane at speed. Broken glass pieces on the floor or surrounding surfaces may also cause others to be injured at work.

Preventing work accidents

In order to prevent such accidental injuries, it is necessary to take several safety precautions. The first step is to protect flooring and surrounding areas with the help of a drop cloth, dust sheet or similar material. During the process of removing the glass, workers should wear gloves made from leather or other strong material to prevent cuts to their hands. Eye protection, which may consist of safety glasses or goggles, will assist in preventing work-related eye injuries.

Removing the glass

Equipped in this manner, the worker should then take the greatest care and try to remove the pane without breaking it. Already broken panes should be removed by removing large pieces of glass first, followed by removing any left-over small pieces and fragments. Once the work is completed, it is important to carefully remove all pieces and fragments of glass from the area and dispose of them safely. This includes ensuring no fragments likely to cut the next user remain lodged in dust sheets, and so on.

Work injury compensation

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