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How to safely operate a sewing machine

When you are using a sewing machine you may not think twice about the accidents you could have, especially if it is part of your job. But there are plenty of reasons why you need to be careful whilst using one to prevent any accidents at work.

What makes a sewing machine so hazardous?

One of the first things you need to remember about a sewing machine is that they have sharp needles in them that when turned on can go pretty fast. This could cause quite a bit of damage if you were to put your finger under one. Also, you need to remember that most sewing machines these days are electric, so you need to avoid having to make a faulty product claim by ensuring it isn’t faulty.

How to avoid an accident at work with a sewing machine?

First of all make sure you are wearing suitable clothing. This may seem strange and although you don’t have to wear any specialist clothing, you want to make sure you aren’t wearing a top with long draping sleeves which could get caught up in the machine and cause an accident at work injury. Other things you need to do in order to avoid a work injury claim is to stay focussed at all times whilst the sewing machine is on. If someone starts talking to you then turn off the machine and talk to them to avoid any work accident claims. As well as this, make sure anything you are sewing is always in front of your hand and ensure that your hands are a good distance away from the needle in case the material slips. Other than that, make sure the machine is fully working, if you detect any fault with it then turn it off and instantly report this to your manager to get it looked at, in order to avoid an accident at work injury.

But, if you do find that you have an accident at work with a sewing machine or any other device, electronic or otherwise, that wasn’t your fault then you may be eligible to make a claim. Accident Advice Helpline are a law firm aimed at making the claims process as easy and stress free for their clients as possible. Speak to the Accident Advice Helpline to find out more about your possible accident claim.