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How to safely operate a jigsaw

Have you had an accident at work? Have you been injured as a result of using power tools at work? If so, you could claim compensation. Call Accident Advice Helpline to find out more about work accident compensation and how it could help you to recover from loss of earnings and unexpected medical costs.

What causes work accidents?

There are many factors and hazards, which may cause work-related injuries, from uneven flooring and slippery floors, to heights, obstructions and using heavy machinery. In the 12 month period leading up to April 2012, more than 27 million working days were lost in Great Britain as a direct result of people taking time off for work-related illness, according to the Health and Safety Executive.

Some workplaces are more hazardous than others; if your job involves heavy lifting and handling, you work in a factory or on a farm, or you come into contact with powerful machines and tools on a regular basis, you may be at risk of a work accident.

Preventing work-related injuries: How to safely operate a jigsaw

A jigsaw is the jack of all trades in the world of tools and it is used on a regular basis by carpenters and construction workers. Jigsaws are used to cut through different materials and create a range of shapes; they can be used on several types of wood, metal and tiles.

When using a jigsaw, it is important to wear suitable clothing and use protective equipment, including a mask or visor, long sleeved tops and bottoms, ear plugs or defenders and sturdy boots. Always ensure that you secure or remove any loose clothing or jewellery and tie long hair back.

It’s essential to ensure that you use the right blade for the task in hand; there are different blades, which are designed for various materials. Never operate tools or machinery under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Take care when you are cutting using a jigsaw; avoid pushing the saw, move it through the material gently and start cutting once the blade has got up to full speed. Never touch the blade when it is in motion and keep an eye on the proximity of your fingers to the blade at all times.

If you suffer an injury at work, report the accident to your supervisor or manager and seek medical attention; all accidents should be recorded.