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How to safely operate a hacksaw

A hacksaw has a fine-toothed blade which is held tight in a metal frame to keep it in place. This means that it is easier to cut an item as the blade does not move too much and it also makes the blade easy to replace when blunt. It is mainly used to cut such materials as plastic and metals.

However, with any saw or tool used at work, if not used properly it can cause a nasty accident at work.

How can a hacksaw cause an injury at work?

The blade on the saw is very sharp which means it would not have any problems cutting through skin and causing a nasty work injury. You could also have an accident at work if you were to breathe in the dust caused by sawing. These are only a few of many potential accidents at work you could have with a hacksaw.

Operate a hacksaw with care

The key thing to remember when using a hacksaw is to always concentrate on what you are cutting and don’t take you eye off it. If you take your eye off what you are sawing even for a moment then this could cause a nasty work injury. Also, avoid letting the saw slip as this can also cause a bad accident at work. You can prevent a saw slip becoming a nasty work injury by sawing away from your body so the saw would be unlikely to come into touch with your body if it did slip.

As well as this, make sure your saw is not blunt as this can make it harder to cut and also cause work injuries as it would require you to put more pressure on the blade which makes a saw slip more likely or could even cause the blade to snap.

Finally, when sawing make sure you wear the right protective clothing such as goggles and/or mask to prevent dust from getting in your eyes, nose or mouth and causing yet another work injury.

Almost all jobs, whether they involve sawing or sitting at a desk, have the potential for accidents at work. If you have one, whether it was at your workplace or anywhere else, you may be able to make a claim.

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