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How to safely operate a floor scrubber

Floor scrubbers are generally used for commercial cleaning and many offices and retail stores rely on this type of equipment for cleaning larger areas. As with any type of specialist equipment, it is important that the operator is fully trained in the use of the floor scrubber. Not only do they need to know how to operate it safely, they should also be aware of things like how much water needs to be added to the scrubber, and how much detergent to use, if necessary. Safety concerns such as displaying a wet floor warning sign should also form part of this training.

Accidents caused by floor scrubbers

Accidents at work can and do happen, and slips and trips can often be caused by wet floors. Wet floor signs should always be displayed when cleaning is taking place and afterwards whilst floors are drying. Ideally, cleaning should take place outside of normal working hours. Electrocution is also a risk if the equipment is old or has not been properly maintained.

Safe operation of the floor scrubber

When using a floor scrubber at work, the equipment should always be thoroughly checked and maintained in good working order – any faults or worn parts should be reported to management for immediate repair. The operator should use detergent when cleaning greasy or oily floors, and the correct concentration of detergent is vital. There are different types of floor scrubbers which can be used in different environments, such as single scrubber machines, where water is thrown out of one side – these machines usually have an asymmetric squeegee. Whichever type of floor scrubber you are working with, the squeegee must always be well maintained, as this is what removes the water from the floor. The equipment should also be regularly checked for leaks, as this could cause a water trail that could be hazardous to other workers, who may slip and fall on the wet floor. It is important to be aware of your surroundings when using a floor scrubber; don’t reach underneath or around the machine when it is in use to clear things off the floor – it should only be used on floors which are already clear.

Accident Advice Helpline

If you have been injured whilst using equipment such as a floor scrubber at work, you could be eligible to claim for accident at work compensation. It’s important to see advice from a personal injury lawyer, so contact Accident Advice Helpline for immediate advice and assistance with your claim.